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What is Biblical?

P1010427_edited-1_SnapseedWhen God became a man to mirror in flesh the exact likeness of his Spirit, there was one kind of person who loved him, and another that ended up demanding his death.

What do we know about the people who loved him and what/Who was the Word that they became known for?

Who hated him, and what was their relationship to the Scriptures?

I’m asking because, while I think the answers to these questions form the heart of the Bible— they aren’t always what those of us who want to be biblical are focused on.


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16 Responses to “What is Biblical?”

  1. poohpity says:

    The people(me) who loved Him were those who were cast outs or cast aways which were the very ones He befriended. Not those who followed all the rules, because there honestly aren’t any but they thought they did plus adding many more so as to burden the very people that God wanted a relationship with. That Word who became flesh was Jesus. He showed me even though I did not deserve it how much God cares for me and that love is what brought me to Him. The word we became known as was followers of the Way or Christ followers in other words Christians.

    The ones who hated Him were the very one’s that were given the job to let people know that there was a God and to turn to Him but, and there was a but, they used those scriptures plus added their own to rule over people, to seek praise for themselves, to elevate themselves above the masses, having pride in what they knew, quick to tell others what sinners they were while neglecting the condition of their own hearts.

    The Bible it seems to me is a means to get to know this God that has gone to such great lengths over centuries to pursue us, let us know He exists and wants us to come to Him not just come to Him but really get to know Him. The Bible is not a weapon to use against people like the religious people in Jesus’ time did and still do today. It is to me the Book about my God, the One who forgave me, loved me, shows me such mercy and grace, speaks to me through, teaches me about Him and guides me through life.

  • oneg2dblu says:

    Mart… I will make an attempt to add something of biblical context here.

    What is biblical, or what isn’t biblical, might be even a more challenging question.


    What is only human nature and what is really divinely inspired and divinely spiritual in nature?


    What is God’s Word, and what is man’a version of God’s Word?

    But, that would be my questions, and these are my answers.

    People are only the vehicle, created in His Image, and used by God to model for others, to write his words, and take his message to the ends of the earth, and hopefully, help other people by doing so.

    Either by God’s example, or by God using humans as an example.

    But, people are only people, and only God can change them, from people headed for eternal destruction, to a people headed for Eternal Paradise with Him.

    To me, the bible tells that whole story quite effectively, and the people in it help give it that human condition.

    We the people are that human condition that only God can change.

    So, to me, the bible story uses people to help God to bring His Word to light?