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Medium - 1Words spoken or written have a backstory. So does everyone and everything.

Without some understanding of what caused an event, or where a person has come from, it’s hard to make much sense of anything or anybody.

That’s not to imply that anyone can collect all of the data, DNA, or background information that we need to answer all of our questions. As finite mortals Medium - 1 (1)we have to live much of our lives in the silence and humility of what God only knows.

Part of wisdom therefore is knowing who to trust and how to live and love in the balance of what can and cannot be known about the people, events, and shared stories of our lives.

Medium - 1 (2)_SnapseedI’ve read a couple of books recently that emphasize the importance of backstory in explaining why the best news the world has ever heard so often sounds like bad news. But let’s leave that for later.

Am guessing that two words and the thought that everything and everyone has a story are worth talking about. As for the pictures, I saw the above in the parking lot of a collision repair shop on my way from work on Friday, and decided to come back yesterday to help get out the message

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86 Responses to “Backstory”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Mart, it is 32 degrees here with light frost, a perfect October morning.

    I am blessed to live in a small town with people I have known for generations, which gives me a little edge in more about what makes them “tick”.

    In some cases all I have to do is think about their grandparents to know why they behave the way they do. Also knowing about their triumphs and tragedies I know some of what makes one a saint and another not so good.

    It is in the tragedies that I know of people where the real enlightenment comes in their behavior.

    It is not so easy with new people, as I haven’t yet known what broke them or molded them to the place that they are in their life.

    It is here that before I can truly know someone, I have to be friends and close enough friends that we share the stories of our lives with each other, openly and honestly, all the good and all the ugly. Only then can either of us know the “backstory” of why we are and who we are.

    In my initial, and to a degree my continuing, comments here I have shared a lot about my life in an attempt to help explain why I feel about some subjects as I do and where I am on different subjects.

    In this way from me it is more of a personal response than just a technical one.

    There are of course some things that need to stay private, but there is nothing private from God and so only God is really ever going to know the full and entire “backstory” in its purest sense.

    The best then we should do is recognize that there is more to a person than we see at face value and give them the benefit of knowing that before we make a judgement at any level in our assessment of them.

    In my particular case I always expect the best of someone and always disappointed when shown otherwise. However only through learning their “backstory” can my disappointment be turned to compassionate understanding; one way to learn that is to befriend them, another is to be told their story.

    I prefer the friendship route, but some people shun friendships from their past pain of intimacy, theirs are harder to help, but not give up on.


  • poohpity says:

    One of the very first things I wrote in my bible that my Pastor taught was “Be kind because you never know what battle someone is facing” I would imagine it could also say, or that they have gone through or will go through.

    I also learned that the uglier a person acts and pushes people away those are the one’s who usually need someone the most, not that everyone doesn’t need somebody.

    Writing on the internet or texting seems to take the humanity out some what. You know like that is a real person behind the words and can cause fatalities not only by car crashes but in peoples heart’s, mind’s and soul’s.