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God on the Run

IMG_0036 (1)A Christmas weekend marked by unseasonably violent weather and the emotions of caring for the needs of loved ones reflect, as Regina and Steve wrote yesterday, a realism we cannot escape.

The embodying of the God of the universe in the flesh of a baby can sound so much like a child’s story—vaguely related to the lives we live. Yet is anything we face more realistic?

The picture hanging next to my reading chair at home has been in my wife’s family for a long time. It’s religious glass art, and not the kind I’m naturally drawn to. Yet I’ve always been intrigued by its subject and the fact that someone in our family bought or acquired it for a reason.

A protective angel hovers in the background. Joseph rests a long handled axe on his shoulder— leading the donkey that is carrying Mary and her young son. At the bottom in bold, capitalized black and silver flecked letters it says FLIGHT INTO EGYPT.

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38 Responses to “God on the Run”

  1. poohpity says:

    When I first started this journey with the Lord I thought everyday would be filled with roses and everything was going to be easier. It was different trials and struggles with the only thing making it easier was not depending on myself and everyone around me but struggles, trails and sorrows were still there nonetheless. In fact some of them became worse like rejection because of my faith. However reading God’s word I knew that it was not just me but everyone throughout history that has to go through life with all it toils, thorns and snares but knowing as in the picture that God is here and surrounded by angels makes things so much better.

    I can not even now imagine how anyone goes through this life without God’s help. Seeing His hand and heart in each circumstance I am sure I would have ended my life by now however having the ability to just call out His name when I do not even know what to pray or how to pray brings a peace and rest knowing that everything will be alright, not perfect but alright.

  • SFDBWV says:

    I have all of my life appreciated art in its many forms. I have considered it a carry-over from our being created in God’s image and our feeble attempt to be creative like Him.

    In this picture Mart has offered this morning I can see the artist’s view and attempt to capture his/her emotion of the scene and momentous occasion.

    There is a donkey carrying Jesus to safety, yet in another story one brings him to his death. The young Mary cradling Him and caring for Him as he looks up at her. Yet too soon He would look down at her from the cross and in an effort to see to her care give the task over to His friend John. Joseph with the axe over his shoulder ready to do the work that lay ahead in order for him to care for his charge and young family as the angel oversees and protects them as they journey into the unknown.

    This morning I went out a little late to feed my critters and was reminded at how much better an artist God is than man as the first lights of the morning colored the few clouds in the eastern sky a strange combination of yellow, orange, pink and purple, almost seen by me as a new kind of color.

    In another story at another time I have seen how God has sent me to my own personal “Egypt” as He prepared events for my return.

    I think all of us have that experience and in the story of Jesus, it may be a precursor to His triumphant return.

    53 and partly cloudy.