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The Person Who Changed My Life

DSCF0705Caught a bit of a CNN feature last night called “The Person Who Changed My Life”. It had been advertised for some time on the network as “CNN’s most well-known faces introduce us to the people who had a profound impact on the course of their lives.”

The idea intrigued me, in part, because of what I consider the difficulty of answering the question. In one sense we all have countless persons who in one way or another have changed the way we see our world. So if challenged to pick one, how would we make the decision?

As it turns out, the CNN personalities chose a range of persons who they credit for helping to shape their personal, professional, and spiritual lives—someone who believed in them, challenged them, told them what they didn’t want to hear, or showed them what they needed to see about themselves or others.

I’m still thinking about how I might answer it. In one sense, I feel guilty for even opening the playing field to anyone other than the same One who forever changed the lives of Peter, Mary of Magdala, and Matthew. No one intrigues, inspires, or mystifies me more than the only One who never saw anyone he couldn’t love, challenge, and call to higher ground.

But he is also the one who deserves to be thanked for everyone who has helped and shaped us in ways for which we are grateful.

Am wondering how we as a group of friends might answer the question, who has changed our lives, and why? Who, beyond our Lord, outside of ourselves, and—maybe it would be best to say—without naming— comes to mind as someone we would say has left something of themselves in us in a way has has helped to shape our outlook on life.

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92 Responses to “The Person Who Changed My Life”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Mart and all; still reeling from the storm and sore from too much shoveling, but wanted to take a few minutes and join in the BTA community.

    As Mart has said the question of who outside of God and perhaps ourselves has had the most impact in my life is one to think about for a while.

    My first thoughts are that all across my life each and every good and bad person I have encountered has helped shape me into who I am right now, as right now can change in the next few minutes, hours or days.

    Most of us I think are like sponges taking in the good things we like about others as well as avoiding the bad things we see in bad behavior.

    The people who have encouraged us positively as well as those who have discouraged us negatively both have helped us become who we are.

    It will be difficult to name just one, I think, but we will see as the subject grows I may be able to do better.

    Would also like to say that circumstances also shape us and one of God’s most used tools.

    02 degrees partly cloudy skies and 26 inches of snow still on the ground. Spent all of yesterday clearing streets, alleys and parking areas, a little fine tuning today.


  • poohpity says:

    When I first read this the very one has to really be three, my children with the youngest probably being the icing on the cake. They caused the desire to stir within me to want to be a better person for their well being. I saw who I was as reflected in them. I had no idea how to be a parent I just wanted to be sure they always felt wanted and loved no matter what their behavior was. We sort of grew up together learning and experiencing life with wonder, questions and discoveries. One of the greatest responsibilities a person can have teaching them to be able to function through life dependent on God and interdependent on others while separating from me as their go to. So those are my tops.