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What has God Said?

DSC01526 (1)Thanks to all who jumped into the conversation, “Under Fire”. Seems like we are all rightly sensitive to the original “has God said?” challenge of our enemy.

Yet, we now face a different set of problems. Today, when it comes to interpreting and applying Scripture, if we don’t say, or at least wonder, “has God– really said or meant that for us?” we are going to hand over our minds to whoever is using the Bible for our help or harm.

We need to find a way to hear “the word of God” while at the same time learning to avoid endless, fragmenting, divisive, arguments about the Bible.

So what would you think of something as basic as this as a starting point?

The Bible is so important because… it gives inspired witness to the power of God to speak the universe into existence and then…tells the hi(s)tory of how our Creator and God has come to us in Jesus… what he has done for us… and our need of him.

Standing on that ground, together, we discover that when the inspired Scriptures refer to the word of God they may be referring to:

(a) A direct quote of God (Gen 1:1-3; 1Sam 9:27)

(b) The life-sustaining provisions that God speaks into our lives (Matt 4:4) (Deut 8:3)

(c) An intentionally spoken word from God that goes from his mouth to bring about his good purposes (Isa 55:7-13)

(d) The good news of or about Christ (Col 1:5-6; 3:16) or

(e) A direct reference to Christ who is himself the ultimate Word of God (John 1:1-3) and to whom all lesser words give witness (Matt 5:17-18).

With that background let’s have the courage to ask, what is God really saying to us when Paul writes that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (or word of Christ) (Rom 10:17)? Is he requiring us to rightly interpret any one specific written text— or rather to hear what the whole story of Scripture ends up giving witness to—that the word that saves us—is the (message) of the Gospel of Christ?

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142 Responses to “What has God Said?”

  1. foreverblessed says:

    About interpreting the bible, I believe it is about me having a relation with Jesus, and as that relation is deepening, my ears hear more and more.
    And it is my walk with Jesus, and where I am. Someone else might be somewhere else, and does hear different things. Like I hear the word saying to me that I am a King’s daughter (In the former topic I just commented on that, and on Judas too).
    But someone else doesn’t hear that, and that is fine.
    Like I never would have believed that God is madly in love with us, only thinking like that would make me disturbed. But now I do believe that God is, and that our being in love is a mild reflection of His love. That it is mature, but also very expressive, like as in being in love, He can never have His eyes of from us, He needs to keep looking, just as when you are in love, you have to look in the eyes, you have to be around that person, and so it is with God and us. He just has to keep looking out of dear fondness. And is that in the bible? If you do not have such a close relation with Jesus, you do not see that, you do not hear that.
    So is the word of Christ: He that has an ear let him hear.

  • poohpity says:

    forever, I misunderstood that it was Judas that you were speaking of in the last topic and not Jude. Yes just as the devil used Peter to deter Jesus from doing God’s will he also came upon Judas to turn Jesus over the priests. (John 13:2, 27) But I still do not understand the nasty comments no more so than any of the other disciples as they walked with Jesus. They seemed to fight over (John and James) who would sit at Jesus’ right hand in the kingdom and many other petty things before they were filled with the Spirit.

    It does seem that it is a whole story line in the bible and yes we can misuse what God has said or is saying to justify our own worldly thinking or wrong assumptions about God. It seems to give us a glimpse of God’s character, power and authority over ALL things while providing us with a mirror to reflect who we are and tools to use against the spiritual forces of darkness in this world. Not a hammer to beat others up but as a means of hope to draw people to know our loving, merciful, gracious God.