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“Oh how I love your Law!” Psa 119:97

The New Testament offers us citizenship in a monarchy where the King serves— and calls his servants friends.

The idea isn’t completely  new. It’s a story that begins to unfold in the drama of Eden— but is soon lost in the confusion of a world where muscular strength and social authority are used to build kingdoms of self-serving laws, enforcement, and dynasties.

The result of the rebellion is that descriptions of ourselves and our God become increasingly difficult to understand until our image of God (and ourselves) suddenly reverts to what seems upside down and inside out—in Jesus.

Am hoping it might help us to spend some time reviewing together some of the common ground of our faith to see once again that an upside down and inside out understanding of the Father in Jesus— and Jesus in us— is deeply rooted in a story often misread.

For example, even when we say that the New Testament offers us a relationship with God that is born— and grows— not in law— but in and by grace, I think it’s easy to lose sight of how deeply grounded that good news is. So let’s consider together what the Old Testament means by:

The Law (Hebrew—Torah): All of the story and teaching entrusted to Moses—not just the commandments of Sinai.

Using the English word “law,” to represent the 5 Books of Moses (Heb. Torah) can be misleading. When we read Law/Torah simply as legal code, it can lead us to see the writings of Moses as a rulebook instead of as the beginning of our story and God’s plan to mercifully restore us to himself.

This helps to explain how David (with a Hebrew perspective) can refer to the joy and peace of those who love “the law” of God (Psa 119:165), while Paul— looking through a New Testament window— writes, “No one can ever be made right with God by doing what the law commands. The law shows us how sinful we are” (Rom 3:20).

Note: To see an example of the rule-like dimension within the bigger Hebrew perspective of Torah, see Psalm 119:174-176 where David ends his celebration of the Law (Torah) saying, “I have wandered away like a lost sheep; come and find me, for I have not forgotten your commands.” (Here the last word “commands” is the hebrew “mitzvah”—a word that refers more narrowly to the “laws/rules” of God (that we are no longer “under”).

So, when we see David someday, will we still want to ask, “David, when you wrote, ‘Oh how I love your law’, what were you thinking?” Or will we be more interested in asking him to sing some of the songs that have long since lost their rhythm and melody?  :-)

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83 Responses to “Torah”

  1. foreverblessed says:

    What was David thinking, when he wrote
    “O, how I love I Thy Law”

    Many of you know that I have been raised in a christian church, that besides seeing Jesus’ Cross for our salvation, did not see that the Laws of the Torah were done away with.
    Besides the 10 commandments, that church kept many laws of the Torah, like the Sabbath from sunset to sunset, and all the food laws: No porc, etc.
    Not the sacrifices, as it is very clear from the New Testament that Jesus’ Cross fullfilled them.
    Neither circumcission, as Paul very clearly writes that the circmcission is done in the heart.
    (And neither the new moons every month)

    Then, 20 years ago, the church saw that the literal Sabbath is fullfilled in Jesus, that we Live in faith in His Rest. That that Rest is: stop working your own works, but rather live in faith, and let the Holy Spirit work in you, that is: being patient, being kind, mercifull, longsuffering, Gal 5:22-23

    So, I could not read Psalm 119:1-176
    Oh, how I love I Thy Law

    Because that Law, the Torah, had kept me astray, did not lead me to the living in Grace.

    I put that on the shelf, and started to ask God directly: Sorry God, I misinterpreted Your Bible. I misjudged. But now, lead Thou me into the Truth: What is it to live in Grace? What is it to live in faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ?

    And, there started my journey.
    The first thing was, that God came to me, in geeat Comfort. I was greatly comforted.
    Especially when I left the church of my youth. As we were a tight community, keeping the Feast of tabernacle for 8 days in the fall. Like a long holyday, with daily gatherings, and eating together. We even kept the second tithes, so the be able to pay for the Festivals in Springtime and in the Fall,

    So to leave that community was hard. They still were preaching the law, and the 10 commandments, so as not to loose the people who wanted to keep the 7th day, and all the Festivals.

    So there I was, and Psalm 119 was staring me in the face.
    It was often hard to read the bible, so I do very much understand Jeff, who says she cannot read it. So was I, I could only read what real graceful christians wrote about the bible. For as when I would read scriptures like Psalm 119:1-176, I was wiped away- see, we have to keep the Laws anyhow!?

    I have been given an answer, but I got to go.
    The answer that God has given me, lies in the meaning of Psalm 111-118, and especially in Psalm 118.

    But in the mean time, this works for me: You can keep a literal day, from sunset to sunset, that is OK, but in the same time, keeping a literal day is something physical, and so is eating certain foods, it does not do anything to restrain your sinful nature, it has no power over our sensual life

    “but they lack any value in restraining sensual indulgance”
    Col 2:23 (NIV)

    What has that power: The Life of Jesus Christ IN us Col 1:27,3:1-3 (NIV)

  2. foreverblessed says:

    Psalm 119:97-103 (NIV)

  3. bubbles says:

    Happy first day of Autumn!

  4. remarutho says:

    Good Morning BTA Friends —

    Yes, happy first day of Autumn, Bubbles and all! In the northern hemisphere anyhow.

    Recalling the strong traditions of the Hebrews, we will see the festival of Rosh Hashanah about ten days from now, I believe (New Year in the Jewish calendar, Oct 3rd and 4th).

    I am especially happy to see your last question, Mart, about being eager in the coming kingdom to ask David to sing some songs we’ve never heard played. We have the words of the psalms. We can only guess at the tunes. What a joy to have a heavenly sing-along — learning to sing those psalms!

    When Saul became Paul, he realized, “…by works of the law no human being will be justified in his (God’s) sight, since through the law comes knowledge of sin.” (Rom 3:20)

    It is surely true at some level that Torah (“instruction”) is a disposable kit for re-entering the garden where humanity was first born. Jesus-followers may recall the shaping force of the Law — but are called to walk by faith — and perform works of grace.

    Have heard Bible teachers say, “The Law is a glimpse of the face of God.”


    8C here — forecast to reach 20C. Leaves are turning color and falling on the ground.

  5. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning all. It is another good fall morning at 46 degrees again. Nice and cool and comfortable.

    Mart’s new topic has all the technicalities of a long and industrious bible study one which may tax us all in our efforts to understand, and report how much we know about the first 5 Books of the Bible and how they relate to our relationship with Jesus.

    My wife’s daughter and her husband returned last year from a “tour of duty” in Turkey as Christian missionaries. I can actually say Turkey now since they are back home in the good old USA and safe from arrest and reprisal for being Christian missionaries in a country that outlaws it.

    I mention this because in their training to go to an Islamic country and present Jesus they had to learn how to show Jesus in and by using only the “Torah”. As the followers of Islam also believe and accept the Torah as factual, but suspect and reject much of the remainder of our Bible.

    Without yet getting too deep or technical concerning our subject, I have to ask what you think it was about David that God seen in him even as a young boy. As well as whom do you suppose David seen in the Law that made him express his love for?

    David violated the letter of the Law whenever it seemed appropriate for him to do so (as do most of us) yet in the Law he could see someone that shaped, molded and guided his life.

    In many of the Psalms we see Jesus expressed, as the Psalms are a reflection of life in relationship with the God of the Law, not so much as the Law of God.


  6. joycemb says:

    I too would love to hear the melodies behind the psalms of David. I’ve always been intrigued about them since God gave him music to calm and soothe Saul during his crazy episodes. In fact in my earlier days as Christian I used to create my own melodies for the psalms and share them with the congregation. Still soothing to this day and always. The word of the Lord remains forever!

  7. poohpity says:

    The words David was a man after God’s own heart to me means that David sought out the heart of God and through David’s songs showed that he thought about God a lot. David shared honestly his heart with God openly and often. When he did not have God on his mind often his mind drifted to areas and things that would lead him astray. I do not think it is any different for us today to think about God when we rise, throughout the day and before we go to bed. God deserves my admiration and attention. God’s words are now written within my heart, mind and soul because the One from whom they came now resides in me.

    Knowing the Torah keeps me humble knowing that in and of myself there is no righteousness apart from Jesus and the minute I think I can live those laws I will begin to look down on others thinking I am all that and pride sets in but then God showed me that only One had that ability and fulfilled all the requirements of that law and it sure wasn’t me. In that law was also all the requirements for sacrifices when it was broken and again that was fulfilled in Jesus.

    David also longed for the day that redemption and salvation would come and we get to experience what he longed for. So I will join you Joyce in the desire to hear the music those songs were sung by. Wow

  8. street says:

    law = works

    grace = gift

    read Psalm 100 today about gates and courts, usually not happy places unless you are welcomed into without the chance of condemnation or trespassing.

    “the King serves— and calls his servants friends.”

    from what i understand The King is going to conform us to the image of His Son. the life and works of Christ are credited to our accounts, now the Lord is shaping us into His Children. as difficult and painful as that can be, i know His love is unchanging and He is The Master Craftsman. yes this son longs with creation for the day when futility and corruption are no more! even so Come Lord!

  9. street says:

    i find it interesting that the Book of Job is mostly poetry with some of the darkest, boldest words of, a righteous man ever recorded. yet i wonder if the melody is hope. just thinking, harmony?

  10. street says:

    So, when we see David someday, will we still want to ask, “David, when you wrote, ‘Oh how I love your law’, what were you thinking?”

    “I have wandered away like a lost sheep; come and find me, for I have not forgotten your commands.”

    some read the law and see rules or a play book and the plotting begins in earnest. others read the law and see the Author. like mart mentioned they see a story of “… God’s plan to mercifully restore us to himself.”

    david looked past the print by faith, beyond the vail, and saw from afar just as his father abraham did as all his children, God. wandering away breaks us down and humbles us, so too weak mortal bodies. come and find me is and understatement. He came and died in my place, so that i could be in His presents forever. hope that is seen is no hope at all, who hopes for what they already have? i remember a deposit was given. walk in the light,the darkness is passing away. another verse comes to mind joy comes in the mourning. we have much to mourn much to be joyful and much to be thankful for.

  11. bubbles says:

    David wrote the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul in Psalm 19. I, too, have wondered what David was thinking when he wrote how he loved the law. When I read Leviticus, although I know there is much more to it, on the surface it seems like a lengthy list of laws that would exhaust those following it. I know it is more than that. But I am humbled and thankful to not live under the law. I know God had a perfect plan for it and His ways are perfect. It seems like a great weight to bear though. I am thankful for God’s mercy that we can come boldly to Him whenever and we are a royal priesthood. We have the Holy Spirit living inside of us and He will never leave us. That is a wonderful thing. We have the fulfillment of the law in Jesus.

  12. joycemb says:

    Thinking about the psalms and David how they both look forward instead of dwelling on their present difficulties. So encouraging for us as a roadmap for how to live today, not ignoring the present difficulties but trusting that we can move through them with hope and peace knowing that the Messiah is coming again, because as Bubbles says, of His mercy toward us.

  13. street says:

    John 5:39 “You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! 40 Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life.

    41 “Your approval means nothing to me, 42 because I know you don’t have God’s love within you.

    Acts 13:22
    After He had removed him, He raised up David to be their king, concerning whom He also testified and said, ‘I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who will do all My will.’

    david new God and depended on Him from is youth up. thinking he was thrilled to hear God’s Word, meditate on it and put it into practice. yes david sinned and repented, yet he was righteous like his father abraham because he believed God and Righteousness was credited to him. Habakkuk 2:4 david also wrote about times his heart was not right with God. it is a comfort to know that david did all God’s will! even paul goes on to say we uphold the law in Romans. a law of letters or a law of love. how do you see it?

  14. street says:

    This helps to explain how David (with a Hebrew perspective) can refer to the joy and peace of those who love “the law” of God (Psa 119:165 ,

    John 1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God………….

    John 1:14
    [ The Word Made Flesh ] And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.

    this would really explain the suffering Servant in the Old Testament and how david can love the Word of God.

    Son of david.

  15. street says:

    19 “For through the law I died to the law so that I might live for God. 20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 21 I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!”

  16. SFDBWV says:

    Coincidental to our subject there is a story this morning on the news about an amazing computer software that was able to “read” an ancient piece of the Torah burned beyond recognition. The oldest known copy of the text says the same things it does today.

    Moses is credited with writing the Torah. God instructed Moses to write every word, which includes the mistakes and price of disobedience shown in the lives of the Hebrew people during the time when it was written.

    It is said that Jesus quoted Deuteronomy more than any other text of Scripture, but not confined to the Pentateuch or first 5 books of the Bible.

    As God continued to speak through His Prophets up until John the Baptist who was the last of the OT prophets and who introduced the world to “God among us”, Jesus of Nazareth.

    If you look at the Hebrew text written in Genesis at the very beginning of things the word for God is written appropriately in its plural form, Elohim. God in three parts.

    There are three variations of the word for God used in the Hebrew text. God singular, God dually, and God multiply or in three parts.

    When you realize this and read in Genesis 1:26 KJV whereby it is said “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness” it makes sense.

    We given the blessing of having the knowledge of why it is written in this form, know that God in three parts are God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God written in two Parts are God the Father and God the Son and of course singularly, God the Father.

    I heard a preacher say many years ago when ask,
    “How were the earlier people of God kept from hell before Jesus came?” his answer being that they looked forward to the Savior given in Genesis 3:15 and believed on Him.

    Whereas I can’t say I am completely in agreement with the preacher’s explanation, I can say that it shows that He, whom we know to be Jesus, was present at every step of written Scripture and the vision of this mysterious “Christ” was seen, loved and longed for from the beginning and exposed all throughout the “Torah” and threaded within the “Law”.

    David is and was a very specially blessed individual and the Holy Spirit dwelt with him even in sin (Psalms 51:11 KJV).


  17. street says:

    Psalm 32:2
    Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord does not count against them and in whose spirit is no deceit.

  18. street says:

    New Testament offers us a relationship with God that is born— and grows— not in law— but in and by grace,

    “I have wandered away like a lost sheep; come and find me, for I have not forgotten your commands.” (Here the last word “commands” is the hebrew “mitzvah”—a word that refers more narrowly to the “laws/rules” of God (that we are no longer “under”).

    thinking no longer under since we died? and now alive to God? when we sin we do die and put ourselves in a box,so to speak. Jesus comes and removes the box. true freedom, not to sin but to live. how shall we continue in sin that puts us in a box? love of God, not love of sin.

  19. poohpity says:

    Like Jesus taught that the law (613 rules) and all the prophets could be summed up in just two;

    Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.40’The entire law and all the demands of the prophets are based on these two commandments.”

  20. poohpity says:

    Then Jesus gave us our new command or marching orders in John 13:34; John 15:12 then He also explained earlier that the only work that God wants from us is John 6:29

  21. poohpity says:

    To have those new commands posted on our door posts and to think about day and night wow that is a command that we can love with His help, strength and might.

  22. joycemb says:

    I think when Jesus said ” I am the Way, truth, and life, no one comes to the Father but by Me” and “I and the Father are one” noting the Godhead mentioned in Genesis “Let Us make man in our image” the journey for the Hebrews was finally over! What a great time to live in history; what excitement, wonder, and yes confusion even. But how blessed we are today that our forefathers kept theTorah to pass on and to entrust us with a record of our humble roots as the people of God! May the Word of the LORD continue to bring life to lost dead souls now and until Christ returns!

  23. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning, there is a slice of moon overhead this morning with the stars, a cool 55 degrees and no fog.

    Unquestionably this has been the hottest September I remember. Earlier this morning I went to the spring and filled up our jugs. I only use spring water to drink or cook with, as the tap water is “treated” and to me always has a bad taste.

    There is a very obvious way to find answers to many of the seemingly complicated questions we have regarding the “Torah”. We, not being Jewish in the orthodox sense aren’t raised up with instruction in the Jewish faith separate from our faith in a Jewish Savior. So if we have a question about the Torah what or who better to ask then those who are raised up as Orthodox Jews.

    So we go to the Rabbi’s for many questions then are better able to “see” Jesus in many of the mysteries. The orthodox Jew may see the same Savior, but not yet able to realize Him to have already came in the Man Jesus of Nazareth, born to the Virgin Mary at the very time the Prophet Daniel prophesied and was cut off at the very exact time the Prophet Daniel had prophesied.

    But we do because He dwells within us and the Holy Spirit always recognizes Himself and exposes Jesus as Lord.

    Last evening after Matt went to the computer I made me a couple sandwiches and sat down at the TV and began my habit of channel surfing. Stopping momentarily on “Trinity Broadcasting Network” because the preacher had a man dressed in the priestly attire of the Levi priest and was explaining what the chest covering covered with precious gems meant.

    Remember that how the Priest dressed is part of their “Law”. He explained that when the Priest came into the Holy of Holies and entered the presence of God that the man/priest’s heart is covered with precious stones. Instead of seeing the heart of the man, God sees the “Precious Stones” covering his heart.

    The stones are not precious just because of their earthly rare value, but are “Precious” because they represent the Messiah who covers over the heart of man, similarly to the Blood on the doorposts on the night of Passover.

    This “Law” becomes a way of demonstrating God’s grace and for us a way of showing how Jesus’ sacrifice covers our own sin or if you will sinful nature.

    There is a huge amount of symbolism hidden in the Law, explained in Jesus and resurfaced again in Revelation. Got a question about the Torah go to Torah experts, Jewish Rabbi’s, once you have an understanding about your question, you as a Christian will “see” Christ in the answer and as a follower of Jesus of Nazareth you know and accept Christ to be Jesus the son of Mary.

    In my humble opinion David seen Christ in the Law and loved Him before He had yet come. He looked beyond David. As should we.


  24. poohpity says:

    I think the precious stones on the priest’s chest piece represented each of the twelve tribes of Israel. A lot of the Torah teaches about God’s character and each detail of the priest’s garment are significant and of use in worship. God gave Moses clear details on the construction of the traveling Temple and the garments even down to the nails or even the type of thread the clothes were to be sown with which to me shows how God is involved in every detail of our lives.

    God taught them how to build the Temple, break it down and how to carry it as He guided them from place to place. All the many articles they used in the Temple and their significance in worship and even the underware under the priest’s robes. To me it is amazing that God had covered everything with great intricacy and detail. They listened and followed His every direction which produced a beautiful product.

    God even told Moses the people in the camp that had the gifts of craftsmanship for cloth, wood, carving, construction, skins, metals, jewels, dying and everyone had a job to aid in community for the outcome, no one was left out from the least to the greatest.

  25. poohpity says:

    The High Priest himself represented Jesus as the intercessor between God and man. He was the only one who could go into the Holy of Holies on behalf of the people and that was only once a year for the atonement of the people of Israel. We then see all the imagery of that High Priest in Jesus down to even the curtain which separated the Holy of Holies being torn in two to show that now everyone can talk to God and go into His presence.

  26. joycemb says:

    The discussion about gems this morning reminds me of a song I first heard in about the 2nd grade that touched my heart.

    When He cometh, when He cometh
    To make up His jewels,
    All His jewels, precious jewels,
    His loved and His own.


    Like the stars of the morning,
    His brightness adorning,
    They shall shine in their beauty,
    Bright gems for His crown.

    He will gather, He will gather
    The gems for His kingdom;
    All the pure ones, all the bright ones,
    His loved and His own.


    Little children, little children,
    Who love their Redeemer,
    Are the jewels, precious jewels,
    His loved and His own.


  27. foreverblessed says:

    Thank you all!!

    I had promised to tell my bit of how Psalm 119 spoke to me.
    What was David, or the Psalmist talking about when GE siad
    Oh, how I love I Your law

    What was he talking about, law

    For instance, Jesus said about marriage:
    From the beginning that was not so, but because of the hardness of your hearts all these laws were added.

    Because of the hardness of your hearts.

    That reminds me of Isa 28:12-13
    God wanted us to come in His Rest, the Gospel, living in faith close to Jesus, what Street and Joyce and others wrote, but the people did not want to come into that Rest, and so the Word of God becomes to us a list of dos and donts.

    What was David then glorifying, the list of does and donts?

  28. foreverblessed says:

    I had a hard time believing that.
    Till I joined a Passover celebration with Jews.
    The Seder night they call it.
    They memorate that the Israelites left Egypt.
    Many rituals, and in between the sing Psalms, 111, to 118.
    In Hebrew wording they sang it, but they had translation.

    When they started to sing Psalm 118, something strange happened to me, it was as if I knew for sure that Jesus sang this song, at His last meal, and then keft for Golgotha!

    Psalm 118 tells of the beautifull Gospel of being saved by the Cross of Jesus Christ!

    Absolutely fabulous!

    And then the Psalmist starts to sing praise of the precepts of God! What has God laid down for mankind? That he should repent, and turn to faith to Christ, That he should call Jesus Lord and Master of His life, because Jesus is the One who was binded on the Altar Psalm 118:27
    And because of that He has freed us from the dominion of darkness Col 1:13

    Then and there my agony over Psalm 119 was over.
    This is what God has ordained, and it was known from the Garden, Gen 3:15 the Gospel!

    And then sing 176 verses about how beautifull God’s ordinances are!

  29. foreverblessed says:

    Jesus sang Psalm 118 and then left for the Garden of Gethsemane.
    He sang: With boughs in hand, join in the festal procession up to the horns of the altar!

    He also sang: This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

    That Day wherefore Jesus came to earth, the Day to be our Passover Lamb.
    John 12:27
    Jesus even calls it, this hour! The specific hour of that special day that the Lord had made!

    Yes, and then the Psalmist starts to sing his song of praise in psalm 119
    John 12:32
    He saw that day!
    Maybe the Psalmist did not understand it himself, but the Spirit in Him saw it.

  30. foreverblessed says:

    Adding to my comments:this is what I perceive the Spirit has explained to me about Psalm 118 and Psalm 119

  31. foreverblessed says:

    Adding some more:
    Psalm 118:1-18(NIV)
    is (could very well be) about the Suffering Servant, just like Isa 50:4-9

  32. jeff1 says:

    So, when we see David someday, will we still want to ask, “David, when you wrote, ‘O how I love your law’, what where you thinking?”

    Like David, the law has been a guideline for my life, but it is Paul’s words that strike a cord, “No one can be made right with God doing what the law commands. The law shows us how sinful we are”.

    Until I realized how true Paul’s testimony is I was not grateful for the law because I knew I spent more time wandering then I did obeying.

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
    That saved a wretch like me.
    I once was lost but now I’m found,
    Was blind, but now I see.

    ’twas Grace that taught
    my heart to fear.
    And grace my fears relieved.
    How precious did that grace appear,
    the hour I first believed.

    Though many dangers, toils and snares,
    I have already come.
    ’tis grace that brought me safe thus far,
    and grace will lead us home.

    The Lord has promised good to me,
    His word my hope secures.
    He will my shield and portion be,
    as long as life endures.

    When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
    bright shining as the sun.
    We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise,
    than when we first begun.

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
    That saved a wretch like me.
    I once was lost but now am found,
    Was blind, but now, I see.

  33. foreverblessed says:

    That’s it, Jeff, the Gospel: He is mighty to save
    That is also a song by Ruben Morgan, Mighty to Save.
    We sang it this morning in church.
    The introductie goes like a turning of sounds up an down, like a scorge.
    It reminds me of the Messiah by Handel, the Chorus: Surely He hath Borne our Griefs ( from Isa 53:4-5)

    The music with violins goes like a scorge, making the sound like the whip that hit Jesus’ back.
    Then the words go:
    The chastisement – the chastisement – alternately by the sopranos altos tenors and bass singers
    The chastisement of our peace was upon Him

  34. foreverblessed says:

    When I was reading Psalm 118 again, yesterday, and I came to verse Psalm 118:18(NIV)
    ” the Lord has chastened me severely”
    Then the words of the song of the Messiah entered my mind:
    Of course, this talks about Jesus!
    The Suffering Servant
    Psalm 118 and Isa 50:4-9 and Isa 52:12-53:12
    belong together!

    I had been studying Psalm 118, and read all the commentaries, they say, Psalm 118:5-18 must be about man who fails, because Jesus does not need chastisement.

    But of course: By His stripes we are healed (Isa 53:5(KJV))
    The Spirit in Him received the stripes, and by that same Spirit poured out to us we are healed!

    That is what God has ordained, those are His Statues!

    And then Isa 54:1 starts: Burst into song, shout for Joy
    Why- because of our salvation!
    And so Psalm 119 is a burst into a song of joy because the salvation that is described in Psalm 118!

    Because He (Jesus), poured out His life unto death,
    and was numbered with the transgressors.
    For He bore the sins of many, and made intercession for the transgressors Isa 53:12

  35. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning friends. I am a little later than usual this morning as I was just tired this morning and after my predawn chores I rested, however brief, still it was as always at the price of something else.

    Foreverblessed (Rita) I thoroughly enjoyed your comments concerning the Psalms this morning and Viv as usual I see you are spot on in understanding our Faith.

    As Mart has posed what may to seem at first to be a conflict within our Bible, what is being exposed is that God is God the same God at the beginning of Genesis, the same God that sacrificed Himself at Calgary and the same God in the end of all things in Revelation.

    I would remind us that God is the author of Scripture, and though the Psalms were physically written by men, it was at the anointing and unction of God that they did so.

    I read some time ago about the ancient Vikings, that they used a special “stone” to help them navigate in a dark or cloudy sky at sea. This “stone” enabled them to find their way even though the sun or moon or stars were hidden from view.

    The Psalms have always been one of those Biblical places that soothed me and calmed me when troubles came. God is always there to help me navigate through the darkness life can sometimes bring.

    Jesus is “God among us” I can always find true north when lost, even in the Scriptures when I focus on where true north is and to whom, it always points to Jesus. God among us.

    47 degrees this morning rising to 52 as I write, cloudy and overcast. The leaves are beginning to change.


  36. poohpity says:

    I think sometimes we can look at the Torah with only the view of the 10 commandments and not see or hear the rest. It seems David knew that those books also included the creation and those who first had a relationship with God through faith, then God’s rescue, provision, guidance and desire to want a people to call His own.

    David being a King needed guidance which in Psalm 119 shows that He used God’s law as a tool to run a nation, how to run worship services, to light his path for direction, as eye opener for the need of salvation and just how to live everyday life by keeping well and being set apart as a people to show God to the rest of the world.

    There is so much in the Torah that would eventually be the guide that lead not only David but the rest of the world to the need we have for a Savior.

  37. joycemb says:

    Good morning!
    When I read “Oh how I love your law” I see the Jewish students rocking back and forth while they read and study. Someone asked “Why do they rock back and forth so fervently?” The reply was “If you were as excited to read what they are reading you would rock back and forth also”.
    Lord give us that kind of zeal to listen to you in person and in scripture, for only You have the words for life, Amen

  38. bubbles says:

    Steve, the trres here seem to be waiting for cooler weather before they change. I was on a mountain at almost 5000 feet yesterday, and the leaves even there have not changed, except for the sumac on the side of the roads. That mountain had a 10% grade for five miles. Fun experience with a front suspension 29er. Bet your trees will be lovely this year.

  39. SFDBWV says:

    Bubbles the Maples always turn color second just after the Locus turns brown. They are just starting to show signs of beginning to change.

    I think it is because of the extremely dry conditions and summer we have had.

    The wetter the year the greener the flora remains. By now normally we would have already had a frost or two and that accelerates the turning of the leaves as well as shutting down the growing of the grass. Both are just around the corner I am sure.

    If you were up near Spruce Knob you were within an hour of here, sure would have loved to have had you stop in.


  40. SFDBWV says:

    I would also like to provide the view of David being the King of the people Israel.

    The entire human story of God breeding a special people through the descendants of Abraham to Isaac to Jacob makes the story very unique to David.

    The adventure of how the Hebrew people became the Hebrew people and why is all part of the uniqueness of God’s Law’s and who the Israeli’s are.

    God personally provided this lifestyle and ordinances to the Hebrew people; marking them for a special purpose from all other nations.

    David, I am, sure understood this. Which causes me to ask, why wouldn’t David love the Law as it was all part of the making of the people Israel and he their King.

    One of my encumbrances is often over complicating a question, sometimes the question simply has a simple answer.

    43 degrees (Fahrenheit) and clear.


  41. bubbles says:

    Steve, It was Pocohontas Co.

  42. bubbles says:

    Diidn’t arrive until after noon, got out by 5:00. Evidence of bear activity everywhere by the river.

  43. jeff1 says:

    I believe David knew his weakness which was to wander from God’s commands so the law was burdensome to him.

    It is my weakness to wander and not God’s intention for me to wander. It was my earthly father taught me this when I no longer was seeking God’s truth.

    God is patiently waiting for me to return to His truth as He never gives up on me, remember who is faithful, it is God who is faithful.

  44. SFDBWV says:

    Bubbles I know you don’t like bear.
    One of my dearest friends who passed away a few years ago was the Queen of the Pocohontas County Fair, in her youth.

    Been up on Spruce Knob as well as at the lake there many times. The road drops off south down into Pocohontas County. One of the little schools we used to play basketball against was Pickens there close to Horseshoe Ski Resort.

    One of the oddities of that neck of the woods is that the northwest side of that mountain gets the most snow and rain in the entire state and the southeast side of the same mountain gets the least.

    If I may be allowed to segue into our topic, David loved his people and heritage, his homeland, so do I.

    Praying you have a very super excellent day.


  45. poohpity says:

    After David down through the years of different kings and even after the capture of Israel by Babylon every time the Torah was found and was read people turned back to God with hearts of sorrow and remorse about how far they had walked away from their God. If those words effected the people of that time when they did not have the guidance of the Holy Spirit imagine what happens in a heart that does have that spirit living within it now.

    As we grow in our knowledge of God through Jesus Christ it makes a hard heart soften and become pliable to really understand the grace and mercy we have been shown. David realized it even when he had the law because of how close he was to God.

  46. poohpity says:

    I am in for whatever it takes to grow closer to God whatever that may mean or look like, count me in.

  47. jeff1 says:

    I believe it is identifying what is right in God’s eyes and not my own and it is much more difficult then I first thought.

    I find that my self i.e. beliefs I was raised with, experiences i.e. religious and political divides get in the way.

    I was raised in an environment where hatred and not love triumphed and I got caught up in that hatred.

    When you watch violence on the news you are upset by it at the time but you forget about it; but when you live in an environment where it is the norm then you stop seeing it for what it is and accept it as part of life.

    There are victims of violence i.e. those who never truly recover from the atrocities they have seen or have been through themselves.

    Many live with ghosts of the past and it is in seeing this that I know only God can help them through their trials as He has me.

    Sometimes I get over whelmed when I hear people’s stories and I long for the day when we can be fully free from the horrors of this world.

    This world is not my home I’m just a passing through
    My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue
    The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door
    And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore
    Oh Lord you know I have no friend like you
    If heaven’s not my home then Lord what will I do
    The angels beckon me from heaven’s open door
    And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore

    I have a loving mother just over in gloryland
    And I don’t expect to stop until I shake her hand
    She’s waiting now for me in heaven’s open door
    And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore
    Oh Lord you know I have no friend like you
    If heaven’s not my home then Lord what will I do

    The angels beckon me From heaven’s open door
    And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore

    Just over in gloryland
    We’ll live eternally
    The saints on every hand are shouting victory

    Their songs of sweetest praise
    Drift back from heaven’s shore
    And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore

    Oh Lord, you know I have no friend like you
    If heaven’s not my home Then Lord what will I do

    The angels beckon me From heaven’s open door
    And I can’t feel at home in this world anymore

  48. street says:

    steve if i remember my Old Testament correctly the High Priest never wore the ornate vestment into the Holy of Holies. been away since friday and still playing catch up. away is good, familiar surroundings better, home is best. are we there yet???

  49. poohpity says:

    street, the High Priest wore the chest piece with the 12 precious jewels on them into the Holy of Holies to represent the 12 tribes of Israel since that was who he was representing before God. You can find that in Exodus 28. The ornate priestly garments were only worn to go into the Holy of Holies from what I have read.

  50. street says:

    Leviticus 16
    4 He is to put on the sacred linen tunic, with linen undergarments next to his body; he is to tie the linen sash around him and put on the linen turban.

    23 “Then Aaron is to go into the tent of meeting and take off the linen garments he put on before he entered the Most Holy Place, and he is to leave them there. 24 He shall bathe himself with water in the sanctuary area and put on his regular garments.

    i am thinking the linen garments are similar to Jesus humiliation and the Priestly Robes similar to the Glory of Christ in Revelation.

  51. street says:

    mart if i remember correctly the law was for sinners, of which i am one. if we are no longer under law, a rebellious state, then we are are under righteousness or a new state. i was reading in Job about God’s conversation with satan about Job shunning evil, not being perfect. in other words trusting in the goodness of God. job struggled with the suffering of the innocent, yet at no time dose God accuse job of any sin! thinking

    Psalm 32:2 How blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit!

    Psalm 34:8
    O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!


  52. street says:

    Psalm 40:4
    How blessed is the man who has made the Lord his trust, And has not turned to the proud, nor to those who lapse into falsehood.

    Psalm 84:5
    How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, In whose heart are the highways to Zion!

    Psalm 84:12
    O Lord of hosts, How blessed is the man who trusts in You!

    Psalm 94:12
    Blessed is the man whom You chasten, O Lord, And whom You teach out of Your law;

  53. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning friends.
    Just want to say that in my sharing with you all about the TV preacher’s comments about the precious stones, they were his comments and I thought them appropriate to our subject as well as illuminating in showing how Christ is shown in all of these Torah based ordinances.

    The Pentateuch is an enormous source of enlightenment concerning who God is and who the Messiah is. As well as being unique that it is written by Moses. Over time all of the Books of the OT became the “Torah” or Scriptures that all Jewish Synagogues kept sacred.

    It was from the Book of Isaiah that Jesus quoted when He began His public ministry, Isaiah 61:1 KJV and Luke 4:18 KJV

    Don’t get lost trying to be an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi or Pharisee, open your heart and eyes and you will find Messiah Jesus written all over the OT. Just look at the “Feasts” ordained in the Pentateuch alone.


  54. poohpity says:

    The first 5 Books of the Bible are called in Greek the Pentateuch as well as the Torah in Hebrew. Jesus did teach from the OT about Himself to show He was the fulfillment of the law and the prophesies.

    No one is trying to be a Orthodox Jewish Rabbi or a Pharisee by studying the scripture most study just to know God better and there is nothing wrong with that.

  55. poohpity says:

    On the road to Emmaus Jesus opened the hearts, eyes, ears and minds to the two He spoke with going from Genesis to Malachi all the scripture’s that pointed to Himself. Luke 24:13-35

  56. poohpity says:

    Jesus told us to learn from Him and God has kept the scriptures alive for thousands of years to learn from first hand. He wants us to know Him just as He knows us although our minds can not comprehend all that He is we are given enough that it will take a life time to learn and the Bible will be kept until He has gathered all us to Himself. Sadly many go through the bible all their lives on what others teach rather than learning directly from the Lord who is so willing to share Himself with us as we travel down the road of this relationship. Personal is always better than having a go-between.(Matt 11:29)

  57. poohpity says:

    street, those verses you gave about the priest taking off all those holy garments and putting on his regular clothes after leaving the Holy of Holies should show you that they were only worn when entering behind the curtain of separation. That curtain represented the same one after Jesus’ death that was torn in two so that now all those who believe can enter into the presence of God because our High Priest Jesus has made atonement for us.(Hebrews 4:14-16 NLT)

  58. joycemb says:

    Yes all those feasts were so important to keep reminding the Hebrews of where they had come from and all they had been through. Remember the importance of tradition in that wonderful film The Fiddler On The Roof? As I look back on my own faith traditions as an engraftment Gentile believer I have come to love and appreciate my adopted Jewish roots, and Jesus, the greatest Jew that ever lived! Thank you Jesus for the rich traditions we can claim as your followers, may graces be multiplied till we reach our journeys’ end.

  59. joycemb says:

    Ha ha engrafted not engraftment! Auto correct won again-(

  60. street says:

    importance of tradition
    thinking of the New traditions of love joy peace patients kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control that are in Christ Jesus.

  61. street says:

    poo i am thinking that when they divided up Jesus clothing at the cross they divided some like rags but the other was a woven tunic that was too valuable to divide. plane linen. Jesus emptied himself of the Glory He had in Heaven. there was nothing about him that would attract us to Him. the things He said and Did drew all mankind to Himself. even after the Resurrection we do not see Him in His Glorified State, yet we long for Him.

  62. street says:

    thinking further….after the Resurrection some people though Jesus was a gardener or some guy walking along the road.

    Matthew 25:40
    “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

    some how we have to see past the fall and the winter that is coming upon us this time of year.

  63. joycemb says:

    After trust comes perseverance; Hebrews 10:19-25, through faith Hebrews 11:1-29. Humanity can rejoice in all God has done!

  64. joycemb says:

    Street I love the fall and about 2 months of winter. After that it’s just perservering until the dead things come back to life. Every spring is a miracle to me, a foreshadowing of better things to come!

  65. joycemb says:

    Oops meant to post Hebrews 11:1-39

  66. street says:

    Romans 5:2
    through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand; and we exult in hope of the glory of God.

    Romans 5:3
    And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance;

    Romans 5:11
    And not only this, but we also exult in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received the reconciliation.

  67. street says:

    joycemb i think that last month of winter is where our cross is heaviest and God’s Glory shines brightest.

  68. bubbles says:

    Rabbit trail…..It’s special how God planned for Easter to occur in springtime so that new growth and new birth reflects what Jesus did for us. The return of sunlight after the darkness of winter mirrors how Jesus’ resurrection brings the light of salvation to us. For these reasons, I love Easter above all holidays.

    The darkness of winter is difficult, especially around Christmas because it is dark early in the evening.

  69. joycemb says:

    Easter my favorite also.

  70. street says:

    The people who walk in darkness
    Will see a great light;
    Those who live in a dark land,
    The light will shine on them.
    You shall multiply the nation,
    You shall increase their gladness;
    They will be glad in Your presence
    As with the gladness of harvest,
    As men rejoice when they divide the spoil.
    For You shall break the yoke of their burden and the staff on their shoulders,
    The rod of their oppressor, as at the battle of Midian.
    For every boot of the booted warrior in the battle tumult,
    And cloak rolled in blood, will be for burning, fuel for the fire.
    For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us;
    And the government will rest on His shoulders;
    And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.
    There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace,
    On the throne of David and over his kingdom,
    To establish it and to uphold it with justice and righteousness
    From then on and forevermore.
    The zeal of the Lord of hosts will accomplish this.

  71. poohpity says:

    There are so many things we use today in our judicial system that come from the Torah. Things like hearing cases about stealing, real estate, damaged caused by one person on another’s property, what punitive action to take for the implementation justice, etc.. To many things to list here.

    As I reading Nehemiah this morning when the Israelite’s returned back home after 70 yrs captivity when the Torah was read to the people after rebuilding the walls and gates. People started to cry in remorse for not following the laws of God but Nehemiah said it was a time of celebration and they celebrated because they understood what they were hearing as it was read. (Nehemiah 8:12 NLT)

  72. poohpity says:

    That sounds a lot like what David was saying in his song about God’s law.

  73. street says:

    you know poo, as i read your post on the tears of israel, as the law is read so long ago, i think of the difficulty of passing on faith to the next generation. if it were not for the faithfulness of God it would be impossible for salvation to be available to any generation.
    the righteous shall live by faith. i have to admit there are times of difficulty in understanding.
    sowing in tears reaping in joy.

  74. street says:

    John 12:24
    Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.

  75. poohpity says:

    Yes it is only through God that salvation is available to all generations and also for understanding. James 1:5 Only He can open our eyes, ears, mind and heart to the things of God. Acts 28:27 NLT

  76. jeff1 says:

    When He does open our eyes to the things of God then the things of men will slowly disappear.

    I was raised by my father to put my trust in authorities i.e. clergy, teachers, judges etc. as my father said they did not get to these positions without much learning and so they did know better than me.

    We have a transfer system where at 11 years old our children get the chance to sit the 11 plus examination and depending on the grade obtained enables them to go to a grammar school.

    The top grade is A and up to a C grade could enable you to get a place in a grammar school depending on how many places are available in that school.

    The year my second son sit this exam he obtained a B+ and because is brother was already at the school it was practically in the bag he was told.

    When the letter came he was not offered a place in the grammar school and he cried his eyes out.

    Like any mother would I decided to go to the grammar school and enquire and I was told by the head teacher that due to the bomb in the town that year consideration had to be given to children who had been affected and so there where less places that year.

    I accepted the explanation and consoled my son but as my mother (God rest her) used to say the truth comes to the surface.

    One day my eldest son arrived home with his friend and girlfriend who where all attending this grammar school.

    My youngest son knew her as they had been the same year in class.

    My elder son said to me that Lyndsey had got a C+ in her 11 plus exam and wondered why she had been given a place before his brother. I put it to him that she must have been affected by the bomb.

    My son knew her well because of his friendship with her boyfriend and he replied that she had not been any way affected by the bomb in the town.

    He did add however that her mother did sit on the board of Governors for their school.

    I learned from that experience that knowledgeable and learned men are not always honest ones.

    God has looked out for my son and after difficult years where he had an addiction he is now focused on being a fitness trainer and with God’s help has turned his life around.

    I thank God for intervening and I have hope that my son will progress and I have learned to trust God in all things for men will tell you what you want to hear but God will act in your defence.

    I do not consider myself more righteous than another for I have wandered from God’s ways many times but God is a righteous God who seen the injustice to my son and made good his circumstances.

    To God be the Glory!

  77. joycemb says:

    Life is certainly not fair! But we can’t trust in God for final justice even though it may look like failure today.

  78. joycemb says:

    Oops , but we CAN trust in God for final justice…

  79. jeff1 says:

    Yes, Joyce, God’s justice is worth of waiting for because it is God who knows what is best for us.

    I have stopped getting a head of myself and I am learning to wait on God because it is while waiting that God calms my anxiety and reassures me that I am not forgotten.

    Forgiven and not forgotten, I am learning to listen to His voice and block out the others. My God is an eternal God who knows and loves His children.

    There is much I do not know God but I will focus on what I do know God keeps His promises.

    Heaven help the child who never had a home,
    Heaven help the girl who walks the street alone
    Heaven help the roses if the bombs begin to fall,
    Heaven help us all.

    Heaven help the black man if he struggles one more day,
    Heaven help the white man if he turns his back away,
    Heaven help the man who kicks the man who has to crawl,
    Heaven help us all.

    Heaven help us all, heaven help us all, help us all.
    Heaven help us, Lord, hear our call when we call
    Oh yeah.

    Heaven help the boy who won’t reach twenty-one,
    Heaven help the man who gave that boy a gun.
    Heaven help the people with their backs against the wall,
    Lord, Heaven help us all.

    Heaven help us all, heaven help us all, heaven help us all, help us all.
    Heaven help us, Lord, hear our call when we call.

    Now lay me down before I go to sleep.
    In a troubled world, I pray the world to keep, keep hatred from the mighty,
    And the mighty from the small,
    Heaven help us all.
    Oh, oh, oh, yeah!
    Heaven help us all.

  80. street says:

    “David, when you wrote, ‘Oh how I love your law’, what were you thinking?”

    had to come back to this after some more thinking. heard franklin grahm speaking about the wall coming down in germany awhile back and made me start thinking again. we know the law is a wall that separates us from God and each other. even are own flesh is called a vale or if you will a wall. thinking walls are made to keep invaders out. then thinking, what wall is there in my mind to keep all the invading thoughts of evil at bay? found my answer in Your Law again! Isaih 26: ….We have a strong city;
    God makes salvation
    its walls and ramparts.

    guess david knew what he was talking about.

  81. street says:

    In that day the Lord Almighty
    will be a glorious crown,
    a beautiful wreath
    for the remnant of his people.
    He will be a spirit of justice
    to the one who sits in judgment,
    a source of strength
    to those who turn back the battle at the gate.

  82. street says:

    Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One Who is leading. My Utmost for His Highest, March 19, 761 L

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