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Sounds and Silence

2088306783_f8c8306b63_z(1)Why did the Savior of the world need to be born with so much acclaim— only to be followed by 30 years of silence— before stepping onto the stage for which he came?

Why couldn’t the Lamb of God just show up like one of those Old Testament prophets who seemed to step out of nowhere… to get on with it, without dragging so many people through news that didn’t seem to go anywhere?

Why did anyone have to endure Elizabeth’s untimely pregnancy, rumors about Mary, commotion in the temple, in the skies over the shepherds fields, in Herod’s court, and then in the streets of a city troubled by the rumor that the long awaited king had been born— only to be followed by 30 long years of nothing?

Thirty years is a long time. Long enough to forget a lot. To lose hope.

According to Jesus’s forerunner, God could have raised up Jewish sons out of the stones that were everywhere. So why didn’t he do something like he did in making Adam, without a childhood, out of the dust?

Maybe the answer is somewhere in the bigger story of the promise to Eve about the seed of the woman, in a series of miracle births to childless couples, of generation after generation that put its hope in sons who lived, more or less, like the fathers before them.

As it turns out the Savior of the world shared our experience, from infancy to the grave, for better and worse.

Maybe there is far more wrapped in those 30 mysteriously normal years than we ever imagined in that one Silent Night. Maybe those miracle-less years allowed the Son of Man to experience what we know all too well—and even more, if he bore the pain and strain of our humanity without reaching for the nerve deadening self-deception we use to temporarily alleviate our pain.

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38 Responses to “Sounds and Silence”

  1. narrowpathseeker says:

    Wow, this really triggered my memory and got the thought processes moving this morning…first of all the 30 year period got me, because that is about the length of time God chose to wait to answer a prayer to heal my breaking heart.

    Then the last part of the last sentence, “he bore the pain and strain of our humanity without reaching for the nerve deadening self-deception we use to temporarily alleviate our pain” made me realize how much God strengthened me over that time period. Back then when I hurt…I hurt BAD…I couldn’t think straight and I felt pain all over my body from mere emotions and often would just want to die. It has been so long since I felt that way that I almost forgot. I still have strong emotions but they don’t effect me as hard nor for as long as they once did. I don’t know why God does anything He does but I am confident that it is for our good. May we ALL have a Blessed day.

  • street says:

    Sounds and Silence
    thinking He had to live the perfect sinless life before God in order for it to be accredited to our account in order to maintain justice and in the same way he bore our punishment.