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If Then

ArtPrize Exhibit

ArtPrize Exhibit

Sometimes understatement says the most.

The other day, I was reading an author who caught my attention with just a few words. He said, “If God is anything like a father, and… if I am anything like his child… then…”

Since then, I’ve found no end to ways of adding to that one thought.

May the most important if/then of all help us step together over the threshold of a new year.

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69 Responses to “If Then”

  1. joycemb says:

    I will make it my New Years goal to love my Father with everything I have as I’ve received from Him, and my neighbor as myself.

  • jeff1 says:

    This is a hymn written by our Rector and sung at our New Year’s Service.

    To everything in life there is a season,
    And everything in life must some day end.
    Yet every ending brings a new beginning
    If we will trust in Jesus Christ our friend,
    With Jesus as our guide and our companion
    We face the future without any fear.
    As hand in hand we walk through life together
    With Him, who leads us through each passing year.

    To everything in life there is a season,
    A time to get, a time to cast away,
    The years roll on, yet God’s the same forever,
    A thousand years to Him are like a day.
    The past is gone, no more, no more returning,
    With all its blessings, sorrows, joys and fears,
    The future’s bright and filled with hope eternal
    With Christ who leads us through each passing year.