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Some time ago a friend recommended to me a short daily e-mail audio and text meditation that I’ve been listening to ever since.

Today’s Seedbed Text by J.D. Walt is so timely that I couldn’t think of a better way to follow up my last post by passing along to you a link to “Why the glory of God may not be what we think”.

You can read it. But I’d recommend taking a few minutes and listening by using the audio button between the title and date. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

DailySeedbed Text: J.D. Walt

P.S. If the link doesn’t work, try copying into your browser https://tinyurl.com/lyv88hp

And because Steve from WV had already posted his BTA thoughts this morning—before I posted this, I’m going to bring forward his comment from the last comment string and copy it below.

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95 Responses to “Glory!”

  1. Mart DeHaan says:

    SFDBWV says:
    April 13, 2017 at 5:32 am (Edit)

    In Mark, Judas goes to the high priests just after the woman had anointed Jesus’ feet with oil in order to work out a deal to betray Jesus. In Luke it is said Satan entered Judas for that purpose.

    I am wondering if Satan had to enter Judas in order for him to betray Jesus or if without Satan Judas would not have done so.

    Jesus adds to my wondering when He says “woe to that man by whom He is betrayed.”

    This for me once again opens up the question of whether or not Judas ever had a choice in this part of the story.

    Clearly this entire event is ordained by the actions and will of God. But was it necessary to have a betrayer and if this is God’s will did the betrayer have a choice in being cast into that roll?

    Was Judas damned by the fact that he was open to receive Satan and thus became the betrayer? And so as Jesus stated “woe to that man”, woe because he, Judas, was open to Satan, or was Judas used of God in order to accomplish His, God’s, will?

    The question for me opens up a frightening scenario whereby only by the “sealing” of our salvation through Jesus of Nazareth are any of us safe from the internal influence of Satan.

    There will be trials and as Paul says “fiery darts” thrown at us, but we will forever be safe within the armor of God and under the seal God has put upon us.

    But what of those who are open to Satan’s influence? Apparently they are not safe because they are not sealed.

    Even though Judas spent all that time with Jesus, he did not receive Jesus into his heart nor accept Him as who Jesus is.

    More food for thought.

    31 degrees and clear.


  2. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart & Friends —

    Thanks for the copy of JD Walt’s message for Maundy Thursday, Mart. I also receive the Seedbed messages by email.

    Apart from the surprising critique of Calvinistic theology as anthropocentric, I read with gratitude the question, “What about the idea that we often think in terms of ‘in heaven as on earth’ rather than the other way around?” Shocking.

    It seems to me that glory in earthly (or worldly) terms is a fleeting thing that overtakes the human mind and heart. The images of human glory return to the dust from which they arise. The glory of God — this outrageous, amazing love — endures through eternity.

    Today, we remember the meal Jesus ate with His disciples right before He went into custody at Caiaphas’ house. We see His humility and His wisdom. Jesus rejects every human standard. By partaking of the bread and the cup, we re-member that God’s glory in Christ is only ours when we are in Him (John 17:20, 21) and He is in us.

    Even Jesus did not claim to glorify Himself, but said, “It is my Father who glorifies me.”

    God’s glory is God’s presence (Exodus 40:38; Matt 17:2). Such glory is manifested without any human agency.

    Blessings at Lent,

    6C/42F Cloudy, rain forecast.

  3. remarutho says:

    I’m forgiven because you were forsaken
    I’m accepted, You were condemned
    I’m alive and well
    Your spirit is within me
    Because you died and rose again

    I’m forgiven because you were forsaken
    I’m accepted, you were condemned
    I’m alive and well
    Your spirit is within me
    Because you died and rose again

    Amazing love, how can it be?
    That you, my king. would die for me
    Amazing love, I know it’s true
    Its my joy to honor you
    Amazing love how can it be?
    That my king would die for me
    Amazing love I know it’s true
    Its my joy to honor you
    In all I do
    I honor you.
    — by Chris Tomlin

  4. SFDBWV says:

    Matt has finished his weight lifting and enjoying some rest before we get up to walk.

    Sometime back while watching TV Matt seen a commercial for Shriners Hospital for children. He ask me if we had enough money that he could send some to help the children he seen with disabilities.

    So we have made that possible and now Matt gets a little thank you letter and some updates to some of the children and their progress each month.

    He struggles to read the letters and asks me often for help with the more difficult words for him to read.

    It always makes we tear up watching Matt struggle to read as he was so bright before his injury. But what makes me tear up is here is a 39 year old man concerned about these little children he sees with physical problems and he himself burdened himself with such crippling maladies.

    I am always reminded of the fact that when I see people sacrifice or go the extra mile or do whatever is necessary to help another human being what I am observing is the glory of God.

    I once heard a man say that he thought the Glory of God was the weight and responsibility God carries upon Himself.

    It may just also be that God’s glory is also seen each time a hand is offered in support and help to another and the selflessness of volunteers who do on earth what God would have them do.

    I did enjoy the radio commentary Mart, thank you for the link.


  5. poohpity says:

    So the glory of God was in His suffering, rejection, being hated, persecution which lead to being beaten beyond recognition of human form and being nailed to a Cross which He could have stopped but did not because of His Divine Love.

    The contrast to what we see in earthly glory is being praised, raised up in honor, called godly, honored, getting the best seats and mentioned as well as esteemed.

    Paul put it this way; “I have worked harder, been put in prison more often, been whipped times without number, and faced death again and again. 24 Five different times the Jewish leaders gave me thirty-nine lashes. 25 Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked. Once I spent a whole night and a day adrift at sea. 26 I have traveled on many long journeys. I have faced danger from rivers and from robbers. I have faced danger from my own people, the Jews, as well as from the Gentiles. I have faced danger in the cities, in the deserts, and on the seas. And I have faced danger from men who claim to be believers but are not. 27 I have worked hard and long, enduring many sleepless nights. I have been hungry and thirsty and have often gone without food. I have shivered in the cold, without enough clothing to keep me warm.” (2 Cor 11:23-27)

    No one would consider what happened to Paul as an honor or bringing glory to God but God does. To be honored by God and not by man.

  6. SFDBWV says:

    I think it is just marvelous that when Peter and John ask Jesus where to make the preparations for the Passover meal, Jesus gives them an answer that is in itself a picture of His omnipresence.

    Go into the city and follow a man carrying a jar of water, when he enters the house go to the master of the house and say, the Teacher says to you where is the guest room where I may eat the Passover with my disciples.

    The master of that house knew who the “Teacher” was and followed the will of the Teacher in obedience to His request without question.

    All preplanned in accordance to His will.

    When I was in the Marine Corps in Vietnam I spent two Easters there and enjoyed the Armed Forces radio program that presented the story of Easter as if covered by a special live news report.

    I hope they still do that for our men and women in uniform at home and abroad.


  7. poohpity says:

    Thank you Mart! Very thought provoking the contrast between “On earth as it is in heaven” vs “In heaven as it is on the earth”.

  8. joycemb says:

    The Maunday Thursday tradition is centered on the love of God. Seems that the glory of God is about loving one another as God has loved us. That’s where the glory shines through.

  9. poohpity says:

    How did God show His love for us? God laid aside His deity took off His robe and wrapped a towel around Himself and washed the feet of the disciples the lowest of low stations, He hung from the Cross naked, beaten up and humiliated are we willing to really love as He did?

  10. mtman says:

    I will tackle your pondering Steve about Judas. John 12:4-6 gives us some insight into Judas. He controlled the common funds and helped himself. He didn’t care about the poor but was concerned about the value of the nard. (greed). In short he was predisposed to being self centered and deceitful. He had been with Jesus for almost three years and saw and witnessed the same things that the other disciples had witnessed. They finally got who Jesus was and Judas never did figure it out until after he betrayed Him and then went and hung himself. His love of money was greater than his love of Jesus.

    If Judas would have wised up and saw who Jesus was then Jesus would have found another way to achieve his mission.

    Did Jesus know that when he chose Judas as a disciple? Most likely, but Judas had the same chances to understand who Jesus was and even was with Him to question Him.

    Judas was so typical of people like him today. They feed their greed, self ambition, ego and so on and don’t want to be bothered by Jesus and God. They can recite scripture without a mistake but don’t understand it at all. They read it to be what they want it to be and not how God inspired it to be. They think as long as they are mostly good and know all about God that they are ‘good Christians’. But they don’t know God at all and they don’t understand who He is beyond memorized verses and a library of books.

    They are essentially fake Christians and they are everywhere disguised as ‘good’ Christians. There deeds will eventually reveal who they actually are but until then they fool a lot of people.

    As regarding the study it does say that God created the heavens and earth. The part of ‘thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ comes from the Lords prayer where he taught us to pray. We also know God resides in heaven so it appears to me that we should strive to represent God and his will here on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus was teaching us how to pray and I think the simplicity of that prayer hits all the bases for God. The religious leaders would be seen praying long prayers and Jesus was teaching us that was not as effective as the simplicity of the Lords prayer.

    I think we often make it far more complicated than it really is.

  11. mtman says:

    There (should be their) deeds will eventually reveal who they actually are but until then they fool a lot of people.

    Sorry for the grammatical mistake. Sometimes I don’t proof what I write before I publish it. Then it jumps out at me.

  12. mtman says:

    Steve: I too was in during Viet Nam but instead of being able to go to fight there I was hand selected to be assigned to a special Operations group of all four branches combined. We were stationed at MacDill AFB and tasked to secure and evacuate our embassy’s when they were attack which was prevalent back then. Or any other hot spot that arose where personnel needed to be extracted safely.
    Thanks for your willingness to fight in Nam.

  13. SFDBWV says:

    I so wish I had more time, but I just don’t…

    In the New American Bible for Catholics I use for study purposes John Chapter 13 is referred to as the “Book of Glory”. I would suppose so because in John 13:31 Jesus says “Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in Him.” And in John 13:32 Jesus say’s “If God be glorified in Him, God shall also glorify Him in Himself, and shall straightway glorify Him.”

    The Book of glory continues from chapter 13 through to the end of the Gospel of John.

    All of the information, all of the story, from there forward expresses Gods glory manifested in Jesus of Nazareth especially His death and resurrection.

    But tonight we start with the washing of the disciples feet to show and the announcement of who would betray Jesus. Again Satan enters Judas and is instructed by Jesus to go and do what you are to do and do it quickly. Again Satan has to enter Judas and is under the authority of Jesus.

    Tonight is when we get the new commandment to love one another as Jesus has loved us. Actually He says “to love one another as I have loved you” to His remaining disciples.

    We take this to mean if we are to be disciples/followers of Jesus we are to love one another just as He loves us as a way of showing we are His followers.

    Tonight we hear Jesus tell Peter he will deny even knowing Jesus 3 times before sunrise.

    And tonight we have the Last Supper discourse complete with all the powerful words and promises and warning for us from Jesus.

    In John 17:1-26 we have the prayer Jesus our Lord speaks for we His followers. Special attention to John 17:4, 5 whereby Jesus says to the Father, “I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. And now O Father glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”

    Tonight we have Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane, where He sweats drops of blood, where His “friends” fail Him and where He is fingered out by Judas and arrested and His “passion” begins.

    We all need to remember tonight in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.


  14. joycemb says:

    Grace is coming, Grace is coming!

    2 Peter 3:18King James Version (KJV)
    18 But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.

  15. poohpity says:

    Jesus also showed His Glory when Judas brought 600 soldiers with Malchus in the lead to capture Jesus. Jesus asked them “whom do you seek?” they said, “Jesus of Nazareth” and when Jesus said, “I Am He” they all fell to the ground which showed His power but He did not use it. Then Peter cut off the ear of Malchus which then Jesus healed it but still let them take Him. Now that is laying His Glory down to be lead like a lamb to the slaughter.

  16. poohpity says:

    FOR US!!!!

  17. poohpity says:

    Since our creation all God wanted was to have an intimate relationship with us and because of our sin we hide from Him. He went to such great lengths to prove that desire and love.

  18. bubbles says:

    Yes! Thank you, Jesus.

  19. SFDBWV says:

    Up this morning about 3:15, had reason to go outside for a moment and there looking down at me was the bright moon. No longer full but still large and dominant in the sky.

    A reminder always to me that its bright white face is only a reflection.

    What a horrible start to a morning over 2 thousand years ago when Jesus was arrested and dragged before Pilate.

    It appeared almost impossible that a man who only days ago had raised Lazarus from the dead, fed thousands from 2 baskets of bread and fish, had taught from a base of kindness and love would now be at the mercy of the government of men.

    Under the heel of His enemies and for all intents and purposes proven to just be a man after all who had made enemies of powerful men.

    Because Peter always suffered from a knee-jerk reaction to any crises, small wonder that in his confusion he reacted as he normally would have when accused of being a follower of the man Jesus who now was under arrest.

    Don’t you suppose he regretted that moment of weakness when he denied Jesus all the remainder of his life.

    I know even though I also know I am forgiven that many things I have done in my life I deeply regret. However I also know regret looks rearward whereas hope always looks forward.

    Today though, especially this morning it is remembered that it was a dark confusing time for those who believed on Jesus as all seemed lost and the worm of doubt entered many hearts.

    Even though Jesus had told them clearly what to expect, they only looked at the moment and fearful for their own safety, forgetting the words of Jesus and His miracles they witnessed.

    Just like the Hebrew people in the first days in Exodus and just like many of us when trouble arrives at our door.

    When I was a youngster I always thought it appropriate for a thunderstorm to arrive just about 3pm. As I grew older and even now I always look for a miracle in our lives to occur at Easter, or at Christmas, knowing that the greatest miracle had already occurred and why we remember those days.

    35 degrees and clear.


  20. foreverblessed says:

    You write,Steve, that to the disciples all seemed lost, when Jesus was arrested.
    I still am impressed with the fact that Jesus told them in advance, THREE times, that He would be killed, I wrote that yesterday, in the morning, just before the new topic came up. It seems to me tshtt at the third time they had become numb to Jesus saying that He would be killed. More specific, Jesus told them He would be betrayed, and Jesus told them the exact round of things that would follow: handed over to the priests, and teachers of the law, that they would turn Him over to the gentiles, who would kick Him, and spit in Him, flog Him and kill Him. Three days later He will rise. ( Jesus always said when telling them He would be killed, that He would rise, after three days)

    And then it happens in Gethsemane, none of the disciples said, ok, here we are now it is going to happen! None! Not even after Jesus had said: I am He! And the soldiers fell backwards, that must have been awesome too!

    But, adyouyou say Steve, we are the same, as Jesus IS already Victorious, and He had said that we would have much trouble in this world, but not to worry, because He is always with us! That when something terrible happens to me, I shake, and start doubting: where is God, He said He is all powerful, why does this happen!
    Instead that I say: Well, here it is! The trouble Jesus has promised would come, now, let’s see how He will guide me through this, as He promised He will!
    Unshaken faith in Him!

    But, I am glad that Jesus went to heaven, so the Spirit would be send to be with me. The Spirit will train me, bit by bit:
    Be you perfect
    Perfect in faith, unshaken!
    That is not so much a command, as a promise!
    He will work it in us, if we hold fast…

  21. foreverblessed says:

    Knowing that the greatest miracle has already occurred.
    We have to keep on believing that! And celebrate that!
    Whatever our circumstances.
    ( When I am really sick because of head problems ( don’t mention the name) I pray to God, I want to be full of joy, please give me Your joy, so I can Praise you for all that You are, and have done!

  22. foreverblessed says:

    They would mock Him,
    Mark 10:33-34,
    I did not see that the auto correct had made kick Him out of it
    (The other two times Jesus predicts His death ( and Resurrection) is in Mark 8:31-33 and Mark 9:31-32)

  23. foreverblessed says:

    So the Glory is within the suffering!

  24. SFDBWV says:

    Good day to you Foreverblessed, I so always enjoy your input and commentary. Yes I recall your earlier comments about 3 being specific in nature to matters here about the story of “Easter”.

    I have somewhere one of those books that talk about the numbers mentioned all throughout Scripture and their deeper connected meanings, as well as one about the coded messages found in the Old Testament.

    I honestly just have never found the time to spend trying to take all that in. I always feel guilty reading anything that isn’t the Bible when I have the time to set and read.

    Please believe me I am not complaining, only explaining that Matthew, my son, won’t allow me much more than a few minutes of uninterrupted time all day long, so concentration on reading is a rare prize.

    Given the choice, I always would rather hear Matt’s voice, than have all the time in the world for anything else.

    So any way we agree, you and I, that there is no real cause for any of us to look down on the Disciples for their doubt and confusion when Jesus was arrested and hauled off to court. As we all wonder where God is every time something goes wrong in our lives.

    I would imagine about now he is being prepared for crucifixion by being whipped and beaten on my time, but there in Jerusalem He already hangs on the cross.


  25. joycemb says:

    Mart seedbed was very very good this morning. Thank you!

  26. joycemb says:

    Steve I know how precious it is to hear one’s child’s voice! We never stop being the parent no matter how old they are. While praying for blog members Steve I thought of what a blessing for you to have supportive friends here- Mart, Pearl, pat, Rita, Maru, bubbles and others who bring you joy and encourage you in your day. God has richly blessed you and I am so thankful to Him for that. Have a glory filled day!

  27. mtman says:

    I woke up very early this morning thinking about the Crucifixion.
    What Jesus suffered for my sins and the sins of many. When I think and read about all he went through I can barely wrap my mind around the pain and abuse. Maybe the greatest pain was enduring it alone.

    Then I thought of Simon of Cyrene who they compelled to carry His cross. Of all those present he would have seen a pitiful sight in the beaten, mocked Jesus.

    Did he carry the cross willingly or reluctantly? By chance did there eyes meet and did he see the incredible pain and anguish that Jesus was in? Did he realize who it was he was looking into the eyes of? Scripture just tells us when Jesus couldn’t carry the cross any further, even though he was beaten to do so, that they recruited Simon to carry it the rest of the way.

    What happened to Simon afterward? Did he have any clue what was going on I wonder. Simon only gets one verse in scripture but what did he really get for being in the right place that day. Did he know what an honor it was to carry that cross and who he was carrying it for? I don’t know but it is those things that make me wonder.

  28. poohpity says:

    Joyce, you could have included me as one of Steve’s friends as well, I have always had much respect for him in his care of his family and have told him that for 8 years now.

    Joyce you said something very profound, “I know how precious it is to hear one’s child’s voice!” I imagine that is how God feels when we talk with Him too!!

  29. joycemb says:

    Pooh I said “and others” so as not to discount those that didn’t occur off the top of my head.

  30. joycemb says:

    I’m sure Steve is glad to hear of your respect for him though!

  31. joycemb says:

    Mtman I like your questions. I found this on Wikipedia which jeff1 (Viv) may have heard of: Cyrenian movement

    The Cyrenian or Simon movement, centered in the United Kingdom and Ireland, takes its name from Simon of Cyrene. It has as its guiding principle “sharing the burden” which it uses to explain its approach to providing services to homeless and other disadvantaged groups in society, often using volunteers

  32. SFDBWV says:

    Mtman, so glad you brought up Simon of Cyrene. In every movie adaptation of the story he is shown to be forced out of the crowd to help Jesus by Roman soldiers.

    But then once his eyes met Jesus’ he took the task with compassion and a connection as would a brother or comrade in arms.

    There are a lot of people whom met Jesus in Scripture that we hear nothing of. Their story known now to no one but God.

    Just like every person who has met Him since. Only a very few ever get worldly recognition, but I am certain they will be recognized by God for all to know when that time comes.

    I shudder with shame that I have not done more myself to help Jesus bear His cross.

    I went to Viet Nam in 66 and returned to “the world” in 68. Spent all of my time in the I Corp area of Viet Nam from a campaign in the DMZ in June of 67 through Da Nang, Chu Lai, Phou Bi, Hue, Kei Ha, Quang Tri and a couple months on the USS Iwo Jima operating up and down the coast and one “secret” operation inside Laos. Where I learned what a “blood chit” was. Another story another time.

    An honor to have served and an honor that we served together though at different places and different times.

    One of the very clear things that I know is that God was with me all during that time, even letting me know from time to time.


  33. mtman says:

    There is a mutual connection between military men/women that transcends personal like and dislike. It is hard to explain but it is necessary to know your fellow military person always has your back and they need to know you have theirs.

    The connection between us and Jesus is even stronger in so many ways. He doesn’t need me to cover his back but he always has mine. I can’t count the times and it isn’t until you are older like I am that you look back and see much more clearly.

    What seems impossible to me is easy for the Lord. All I have to do is get out of the way and be willing to be led. When I have done that I have been astounded.

    I read the daily seedbed this morning and while it was intriguing I don’t believe that God causes people to suffer. I believe he sometimes allows it to happen but doesn’t make it happen.

    Being human as we are we are more than capable of getting ourselves into trouble. Bad decisions, putting ourselves in risky circumstances, association with people who put us at risk and so forth. As I look back I don’t see God causing any of those things to happen but I can easily see where he was in the midst of them to support and guide me through.

    I also don’t believe in Karma – ‘what goes around comes around’. That is a form of vengeance in my opinion. To me Karma seems contrary to what Jesus taught.

    I can think back and recall so many times where I should have been dead but only divine intervention can be explained as to my survival. I was pronounced dead one time and the last thing I remember is being read the last rites. I came out of a coma several days later fully restored. Miracles still happen and our dog Sarah received one. Veterinarian science can’t explain it but I can and our vet agreed – it was a miracle from God. Every time we take her in for treatment she is an example of the miracles God can preform.

    I think that is one of the advantages of old age – being able to look back and realize who pulled me through those difficult times. Impossible situations and here I am thanks to God’s grace. Today as I ponder the crucifixion I have a lifetime base to reinforce me.

  34. joycemb says:

    The glory of God isn’t out there somewhere, it’s within us. Let your little light shine!

  35. SFDBWV says:

    I have just gotten Matt up to his dinner and have that little bit of time here to check in on things, the news and what may have come up here while he eats.

    It is now 3:20 pm here and imagining this being the time of Jesus’ death.

    I wonder if when the earth shook and the rain poured down if it was confined only to Jerusalem.

    I wonder if all over the world in every nation and every culture there was not a loud cry from creation in that moment when its Creator paid the price for the sins of men.

    Darkness entered the world as Jesus lay down His life. Don’t you wonder what Mary felt as she watched her son tortured and killed in such a fashion? Remembering all the excitement and promise of His birth.

    I also hurt for what she had to endure this day.

    A very special lady indeed.


  36. poohpity says:

    I remember the darkness part but I have never read that it rained that was in the movies. But I guess if we get the story from Hollywood it tends to add or subtract things.

    I also believe that God did not intend us to suffer but told us we would especially for most who share the Gospel and God’s Word. Jesus told His disciples, ““If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. 19 If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. 20 Remember the word that I said to you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.”

  37. poohpity says:

    Knowing that is was darkness falling over the land is way more powerful than thinking it was caused from clouds and rain. (Matt 27:45 NIV; Mark 15:33 NIV; Luke 23:44)

  38. jeff1 says:

    Beneath the cross of Jesus
    I fain would take my stand,
    The shadow of a mighty Rock
    Within a weary land;
    A home within the wilderness,
    A rest upon the way,
    From the burning of the noontide heat,
    And the burden of the day.

    Upon that cross of Jesus
    Mine eye at times can see
    The very dying form of One,
    Who suffered there for me;
    And from my smitten heart, with tears,
    Two wonders I confess,
    The wonders of His glorious love,
    And my own worthlessness.

    I take, O cross, thy shadow
    For my abiding place;
    I ask no other sunshine than
    The sunshine of His face;
    Content to let he world go by,
    To know no gain nor loss,
    My sinful self my only shame,
    My glory all the cross.

  39. joycemb says:

    Good Friday
    Christina Rossetti

    Am I a stone, and not a sheep,
    That I can stand, O Christ, beneath Thy cross,
    To number drop by drop Thy blood’s slow loss,
    And yet not weep?

    Not so those women loved
    Who with exceeding grief lamented Thee;
    Not so fallen Peter weeping bitterly;
    Not so the thief was moved;

    Not so the Sun and Moon
    Which hid their faces in a starless sky,
    A horror of great darkness at broad noon –
    I, only I.

    Yet give not o’er,
    But seek Thy sheep, true Shepherd of the flock;
    Greater than Moses, turn and look once more
    And smite a rock.

  40. saled says:

    I loved the seedbed link. Especially where he said that if in the kingdom of heaven the least is greatest, the last is first, the servant is honored, and the way up is the way down, then it stands to reason that glory may be way different than what we think.

    And where he said that Jesus prayed that it may be on earth as it is in heaven, but we tend to get this backwards. We think the glory of God must be along the line of the glory of people here on earth.

    This reminded me of a Philip Yancey book, not sure which one, maybe Soul Survivor, where he tells the story of Henri Nouwen and how he dedicated himself to those who we might call the least in society. How wonderful that this kind of service may be what glory is all about.

  41. joycemb says:

    Saled I read several of Henri’s books a few years ago. His book on the prodigal was my favorite. What a life he lived, from beloved priest, college prof. then to a care giver at L’Arch in Canada where he seemed to learn so much from the residents. I learned so much from him.

    I too loved seedbed today. Always so much to learn! I love this journey we’re on!

    Blessed Easter to all.

  42. SFDBWV says:

    Time being a part of creation and really only experienced here as we understand it. I give you a piece of Scripture whereby Jesus steps out of time as we know it and brings salvation to all the lost souls in prison from before the flood.

    1 Peter 3:19 KJV (“By which also He went and preached unto the spirits in prison.”) 1Peter 3:20 KJV (“ Which sometimes were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the Ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.”)

    Clear to me what Jesus preached and to whom.

    Always understood it to be during this time from between the cross and His resurrection that Jesus goes into the place of torment and rescues all who like us believe on Him and accept His offer of salvation.

    37 degrees under clear skies.


  43. jeff1 says:

    Steve, you spoke of Mary and her pain; but I am thinking of her part in the Kingdom; as I think of a song sung by Elvis and its words reminded me that I know very little of Mary not being brought up in the Roman Catholic faith but as a woman I am drawn to wondering how God must esteem her in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Miracle Of The Rosary

    Oh Blessed Mother we pray to Thee
    Thanks for Miracle of your Rosary
    Only you can hold back Your Holy Son’s hand
    Long enough for the whole world to understand

    Hail, Mary full of grace
    The Lord is with thee
    Blessed are thou among women
    And blessed is thy fruit of thy womb, Jesus

    Oh Holy Mary dear Mother of God
    Please pray for us sinners
    Now and at the hour of our death

    And give thanks once again
    For the Miracle of your Rosary

  44. bubbles says:

    On Thursday I was close enough to a sheep field that their “baas” to each other could be heard. I believe little lambs were with their mothers. As there was time, I sat and thought about our Lord and the Passover and sacrifices, and his death for us. It was a nice worship time.

  45. remarutho says:

    Good Morning BTA Friends —

    Last evening, Crucifixion Friday, in the church I attend the choir read the Passion Story from the Gospel of John and as each scene was told, a candle was extinguished on the altar, until only the Jesus candle remained.

    We sang a hymn and carried the light to the door, where the pastor extinguished the light and blessed us for the long night ahead. We all stood outside while the door was shut on the dark sanctuary.

    Awoke this morning to the calling of the doves in the yard. Jesus is dead these few hours — and I am mindful, as you mentioned Bubbles, that He has accomplished a mighty work — in complete humility and gentleness.

    His glory is now contained in the tomb. Waiting for dawn…

    Holy Saturday Blessings,

    1C/35F here. Light frost and prospects of a sunny day.

  46. foreverblessed says:

    That was a beautiful commeroration, Maru!
    In our church we read the whole story of Matthew. Different persons along the church hall read out loud, on the place where they were sitting.
    It was read through til Matthew 27:56

    When Jesus foretold that He would die, He died:
    “The Son of Man must suffer many things”
    Mark 8:31 and again in Mark 9:31 the Son of Man is going to be betrayed…. They will kill Him…”
    And again in Mark 10:33
    “…And the Son of Man will be betrayed… flog Him and kill Him. Three days later He will rise”.

    He talks in the third person. Not: I will be killed.

    When Matthew was read, yesterday, for the first time I saw it like this:
    Jesus cries out:
    Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani
    My God, my God, …
    Matt 27:46

    Jesus always talked about My Father.
    Now, on the Cross, He used a term for Somebody who is far away. Not His close Father, but a God Who was gone.
    Jesus talks here like the Son of Man.
    Here Jesus is the Son of Man, totally abandoned by God!

    The Son of Man suffering!

    If there is anybody in the world who feels totally alone, and totally abandoned by God, Jesus understands, in fact, Jesus too on Him that curse.
    Everybody can throw himself at the foot of the Cross, where Jesus did hear all our shortcomings, sins.

    In Matthew it is then written:
    And when Jesus had cried out in a loud voice, He gave up His Spirit.
    Matt 27:50

  47. foreverblessed says:

    Sorry for all the auto corrections,
    Jesus said: the Son of Man must suffer many things.

    Jesus took on Him the curse,
    and He did bear all our sins

  48. poohpity says:

    “And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and yielded up his spirit.
    51 And behold, the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. And the earth shook, and the rocks were split. 52 The tombs also were opened. And many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised, 53 and coming out of the tombs after his resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many.” Matt 27:50-53

    As you mentioned Steve, from the 1 Peter passage, those who had rebelled in the past Jesus did not leave there but He went to them so that they could be saved. What a mighty God we serve. He does not want any to be separated from Him. How can this be?

    If we ever thought we had anything to do with our salvation in anyway that would lead us to think again that it is not our performance, that is what sent Him to the Cross, but of His great love for us and the desire for us to be in a relationship with Him eternally. Those who believed in the past and those who did not believe in the past another chance.

    Those who think they are worthless, this should give pause to that kind of thinking because if the God of all creation went to such great lengths that He pursued us even in death to bring us to Himself sounds like we have much worth to our God.

  49. poohpity says:

    Although I was unable to go to a “Good Friday” service I watched “Hillsong United” through a live feed on facebook. Both Thursday and Friday I had the privilege of serving Communion to several grateful bothers/sisters who are homebound and unable to attend services.

  50. poohpity says:

    More than we realize, it is so easy to be snared by fear, as well as for pride and self-importance to overcome us when we forget that all we have today is by the grace of God. If we are honest, we are all susceptible to the attitude of entitlement when we are consumed by self and not by Christ. If you are struggling with fear today, my prayer for you this Resurrection weekend is that the perfect love of our Lord Jesus as demonstrated at the cross will saturate and fill your heart today ( 1 John 4:18 ). There is no fear in love, perfect love removes ALL fear.

  51. bubbles says:

    Sorry for going off topic. Could I ask all of you to please pray with me for my dog? I do not have children and he is my baby. He has been very sick today and something else is going on with his leg. Thank you.

  52. street says:

    His glory is now contained in the tomb. Waiting for dawn…

    waiting in human hearts for His return.

    living by faith in a glorious love, grace and truth.

  53. joycemb says:

    I can only show mercy to others if I have received mercy from God, however, I must be merciful to myself before I can extend that same mercy to others. Letting Jesus out of the tomb of my heart is the only way. There is no light in a tomb. Hallelujah!

  54. SFDBWV says:

    Bubbles, I have sent you an email this morning as soon as I got to the computer.


  55. SFDBWV says:

    Happy Easter to all.


  56. SFDBWV says:

    Good Easter Morning to you Viv. Glenna (my wife) has been to Ephesus and visited the house of the Virgin Mary.

    It is incredible to me that there is so much evidence in place to prove the story of Jesus and yet such a strong effort by the intellectual mind of the world to deny it.

    Can any of us imagine the spinning of emotions that occurred since Friday afternoon? Shock, fear, disillusionment, confusion. The dark hours of Jesus’ in the tomb, and then this morning.

    Could it be true? Is it possible? Thomas was at least honest enough to say what others most likely thought.

    Though the disciples had seen with their own eyes Lazarus “come forth” from 4 days in a tomb, still their hearts had to be racing with a collision of logic and truth as the man they saw tortured and die now standing before them in yes all His Glory.

    Happy Easter again to all.

    61 degrees with a mixture of a rising sun and clouds…I took a picture.


  57. phpatato says:

    Good Easter Morning

    Bubbles, I will be keeping you and your furbaby in my thoughts and prayers. One doesn’t have to have children to consider a dog to be like a child to them. I have a 12 year old Sheltie and right now I am treating her with antibiotic for a skin infection (Shelties can be prone to having skin issues) as well as a pill for what the dog thinks might be low thyroid. Dogs certainly are wonderful companions. I pray your little guy gets better quickly. xo


    Happy Easter Blessings to each and every one today!


    14 Celsius headed for a high of 18 with showers and a risk of a thunderstorm today.

  58. phpatato says:

    To clarify…the dog doesn’t think it has low thyroid. It is the vet that thinks she does. (And perhaps, because we don’t know for sure, maybe the dog does know she has low thyroid. lol)

  59. bubbles says:

    Thank you. He got sick again now. I have been up all night.

  60. bubbles says:

    I’m being fussed at and told to shut up because I am crying. My dog cannot stand up.

  61. SFDBWV says:

    Solidarity in prayer for our friend Bubbles.


  62. jeff1 says:

    Good Easter Day to you Steve, and to all. Glenda like myself would be mindful of Mary. I have heard others say that Roman Catholics worship Mary but I attended a Catholic wedding and I came away believing they asked Mary to intercede for them which is very different to my way of thinking.

    I started Easter Morning listening to my music and this one comes to mind.

    Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
    Let me hide myself in Thee;
    Let the water and the blood,
    From Thy wounded side which flowed,
    Be of sin the double cure,
    Save from wrath and make me pure.

    Not the labour of my hands
    Can fulfil Thy law’s demands;
    Could my zeal no respite know,
    Could my tears forever flow,
    All for sin could not atone;
    Thou must save, and Thou alone.

    Nothing in my hand I bring,
    Simply to Thy cross I cling;
    Naked, come to Thee for dress;
    Helpless, look to Thee for grace;
    Foul, I to Thy fountain fly;
    Wash me Saviour, or I die.

    While I draw this fleeting breath,
    When my eyes shall close in death,
    When I rise to worlds unknown,
    And behold Thee on Thy throne,
    Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
    Let me hid myself in Thee.

  63. jeff1 says:

    Last line should read hide.

  64. jeff1 says:

    My neighbour had a cat, Bubbles, and it took ill and I had grown very fond of it for I fed it for her when she was away and it was so sad for her and her two boys. I understand that it is like a member of the family and you must try not to let what others say upset you as they have no understanding but I pray that your dog gets well soon.

  65. mtman says:

    I have been praying for you and your dog Bubbles. We have four German Shepherd Dogs as fur family and know exactly how you feel. I’m not sure there is anything worse than when our fur family gets sick. Prayers for you for strength and wisdom and healing for you furry family member.

  66. joycemb says:

    A tick maybe?

  67. bubbles says:

    Thank you. I am sorry to mess up concersation thread. No ticks.

  68. joycemb says:

    I watch a lot of animal planet:-)

  69. Mart DeHaan says:

    The suffering of a dearly loved pet reaches so deeply into us. Could the emotion we feel tell us something about how our Lord feels about us in our helplessness? We don’t seem so quick to assume that a pet’s suffering is something of its own doing or fault.

  70. saled says:

    So true, Mart. I look at the suffering of pets as somehow being unjust. Thinking of the Fall of man makes us think that the curse brought on the earth by Adam and Eve is responsible for the suffering of animals.

    I have lost several pets throughout the years and the most memorable was the death of my beloved doberman Rockette. Rockette was beautiful and graceful and leggy, hence her name. When she was about 7 years old she developed a neurological condition that made her stumble a lot. The vet put her on prednisone and it gave her back her joy in life. She had been on it just a short while when, in her joy over her returned appetite, she ate her supper way too fast and her stomach flipped over, cutting off food from either entering or leaving her stomach. She died 12 hours later, but what I will always remember was how even in her pain, she wanted to keep her routine. Just minutes before she died, she got up and asked me to take her out. I think that we are like that too, we think if we can keep our routine life will continue. It is such a helpless feeling not to be able to make a pet well.

    We wouldn’t think of blaming a pet for their suffering, but just listen to us about the suffering of others. We say, oh he smoked, or drank, or ate too much and brought his suffering on himself. Or we say, oh if they only would stop worrying or working so hard, they wouldn’t have that problem. We like to think we can control what happens to us, but we have less control than we would think. My grandmother died from lung cancer without ever smoking a cigarette.

    Prayers for bubbles and her beloved dog. Hoping for many happy days ahead for the both of you.

  71. remarutho says:

    Good Morning BTA Friends —

    Praying for you and your dog, Bubbles! Our pets are family members. My dog is getting on in age, but so far has enjoyed good health. Hope your dear friend makes it, Bubbles.

    Thought this morning, as I awoke, that the glory of the Lord Jesus was briefly held inside the tomb. Then, the power of God burst out into the world — even the universe.

    Now, everything is changed. God’s glory is moving in a way never before seen. Am so grateful for our Risen Savior! Glory!

    Joy all day,

    8C/47F here, with showers forecast.

  72. SFDBWV says:

    We watched (at) the movie “The Robe” yesterday. And the conclusion of the Rona Downey move “The Bible”

    How very different movies made in the 50’s and movies made now are.

    At the very end of both movies the message is the same.

    Life is filled with pain, but because of Jesus our pain is shared along with a promise of an hour when there will be no more tears.

    Jesus forever changes us and because of Him we can endure whatever life throws our way.

    Standing with all of you in whatever pain it is you suffer today.

    52 and rain.


  73. poohpity says:

    “He was despised and forsaken of men, A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; And like one from whom men hide their face He was despised, and we did not esteem Him. Surely our griefs He Himself bore, And our sorrows He carried; Yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, Smitten of God, and afflicted.”

  74. joycemb says:

    Lol Mart you obviously didn’t grow up the way I did! In my family everything bad that happened, whether to human or animal it was always the fault of the victim. Just the other day a neighbor (75) told me she was raped when 16 but never told anyone because she would have been told that it was her own fault. Which explains her thinking when talking about a 95 year old neighbor that is in hospital again because “she doesn’t take care of herself”. I’ve learned and am still learning so much as I watch vets and rescuers attend to their beloved animals and the charge they have been given to take care of them. It seems outrageous to me sometimes but that’s how love is-outrageous!

    We all have our particular ministry and God puts us just where we have opportunities to “go tell” which we are suited for according to our life’s experiences and giftings. Hallelujah He arose from the grave and still seeks the lost, lonely, abused and forgotten. What a Savior!

  75. jeff1 says:

    I attended a funeral today and this was one of the deceased’s favourite hymns.

    He was a good man who loved his church, family and community and that is why the church was unable to hold all the mourners.

    I can see why he chose this hymn as it is how he lived his life; trusting God.

    It was good for me to hear it because when I think of the times I doubted God and He came through for me I realize that God knows best even when I cannot see it.

    Father, I place into Your hands
    The things that I can’t do,
    Father, I place into Your hands
    The things that I’ve been through.
    Father, I place into Your hands
    The way that I should go,
    For I know I always can trust You.

    Father, I place into Your hands
    My friends and family,
    Father, I place into Your hands
    The things that trouble me.
    Father, I place into Your hands
    The person I would be,
    For I know I always can trust You.

    Father, I love to see Your face,
    I love to hear Your voice.
    Father, I love to sing Your praise
    And in Your name rejoice.
    Father, I love to walk with You
    And in Your presence rest,
    For I know I always can trust You.

    Father, I want to be with You
    And do the things You do.
    Father, I want to speak the words
    That You are speaking too.
    Father, I want to love the ones
    That You will draw to You,
    For I know that I am one with You.

  76. joycemb says:

    Seedbed was very good today.

  77. bubbles says:

    Mart, I have never thought about that. My dog is like a little child to me.

    We live in a world cursed by sin and death is part of that curse.

    Thank you all for allowing me to ask for help and for being kind. He had a stroke. We were given steroids and he is home. Long, long day. It took three adults to lift him. He is falling when he walks, his eye is droopy and his head is turned. I still see my beautiful sweet boy that I have been blessed to be with. I am as much his as he is mine. He is my baby becuase I have no other. I do not know how long we will have together, but I am thankful for these precious days. He is an indoor doggie, never slept outside a day in his life. He has never been away from home over night in his life, so he is home now. I have asked God that when it is time, he can go in his sleep.

    Please forgive me for messing up the conversation thread.

  78. Mart DeHaan says:

    Bubbles, thank you for the update. You didn’t mess up anything. You opened our hearts by opening yours to us.

    Jeff1 that hymn speaks deeply to me this morning.

    Joycemb, I thought so too.

  79. SFDBWV says:

    While out back this morning looking east the sky was just beginning to lighten with that pale blue color that reminds me of steel, with a bright planet rising with it.

    So quiet a rare moment of silence broken only by the sight before me.

    33 degrees the air crisp and clean, for a moment it was almost as if I could sense something else, something old and yet something new.

    While frozen in time for the moment I was jolted back to reality by the chorus of birds as they sing their awakening songs.

    I am reminded that God prepares us for the day filling us with the sustenance we need, not food, not even manna, but food of another sense.

    Blessings today for all of you here.


  80. jeff1 says:

    Yes, Mart it had that effect on me yesterday because I think knowing the deceased man I could see that He did trust God. For myself there are so many times when I have doubted God because that is who I am with anxieties that overwhelm me even though God has shown me He is with me in the past I let this world steal my peace and then feel guilty for allowing it to.

    I expect trusting God to become more natural to me when the fact remains that it is I who gets in the way of allowing it to.

    That is why the second hymn we sang also speaks deeply.

    Nearer, my God, to Thee,
    Nearer to Thee;
    E’en though it be a cross
    That raiseth me;
    Still all my song would be,
    Nearer, my God, to Thee,
    Nearer to Thee.

    Though like a wanderer,
    The sun gone down,
    Darkness comes over me,
    My rest a stone;
    Yet in my dreams I’d be
    Nearer my God to Thee,
    Nearer to Thee.

    Then, with my waking thoughts
    Bright with Thy praise,
    Out of my stony griefs
    Bethel I’ll raise;
    So by my woes to be
    Nearer, my God, to Thee,
    Nearer to Thee.

    Or if on joyful wing
    Cleaving the sky,
    Sun, moon and stars forgot,
    Upwards I fly,
    Still all my song shall be,
    Nearer, my God, to Thee,
    Nearer to Thee.
    Nearer to Thee.

  81. mtman says:

    Bubbles: Still praying for you and your canine family member. We have four German Shepherds and they have various medical issues. We lost a dog many years ago to a series of mini strokes. We enjoyed more time with him by giving him baby aspirin to thin his blood.
    I was up at 3:00 with one of our dogs this morning and didn’t get back to sleep. She had to take a tranquilizer to see the vet yesterday for her congestive heart failure. Hence she couldn’t control her bladder so I woke up to let her out. To late.
    It is going to be an interesting day as I have jury duty today and she needs to start on her water pills. We go through a lot for our fur family and when they are sick we do what ever is needed to help them. I know you are doing all you can for your child that wears fur. I have been there and know what you are going through…it is the right thing….God bless you for your love and compassion.

  82. poohpity says:

    I am questioning myself because when my Pooh had a stroke I had her put down. The vet did not say there were other options. I lost 2 cats last year within 2 months of each other so the only one left is my mom’s Yorkie if one could call that a dog, lol. bubbles glad to hear you have more time with your baby. Pooh was over 10 years old and the cat was over 17 and Kenzie the Yorkie is 15. So I pretty much have an old folks home, lol. After this I do not want anymore because the loss is to great for me which is wise because it is getting hard just to care for myself.

    Pooh was a service dog and if she had lived she would be wanting to care for me which would have caused her much anguish. They do not know how to stop caring for others.

  83. joycemb says:

    Today’s seedbed another good one, goes along with what Mart said about opening our hearts.

    Pooh I like your statement – they do not know how to stop caring for others.

  84. bubbles says:

    Mart, thank you for your gentle knindness and wisdom and patience.

    Pooh, I am so sorry about your pets. It hurts so. When one is with a beloved pet every day and night for over a decade, they have a place in your life and heart. They do care and love us. The neighbor cat gave me a good wallow yesterday evening and the love I felt was real. My dog is like a person to me. I thought he would not be coming home when we went to the vet last night. I agree. I will not be able to have another dog…I coild not stand owning a goldfish after this. It is hard to see dogs in the park, in other cars, on commercials, in pictures, and so on. I cannot stand to see another dog, especially after one passes away. I do not know when the time will come; I have asked God to let him go in his sleep.

    Mtmn, I am sorry about yours and how it coincided with you needing to be away. I do not understand why things like this happen together. I was awake from 2:00-3:30 this morning because mine did not make it. Mine will NOT go outside to use the bathroom. I put a diaper on him and it moved so it did not work. It worked today, however.

  85. saled says:

    On April 17th Mart asked, “Could the emotion we feel (about the suffering of a dearly loved pet) tell us something about how our Lord feels about us in our helplessness?”

    We don’t blame our pets for their suffering. If anything, we blame ourselves, or Adam and Eve. Maybe God doesn’t look at the alcoholic suffering from liver disease and say, “Oh, he brought it on himself.” Scientific research has given us lots of insight into causation, but that is never the whole story. When Jesus prayed “Father forgive them for they know not what they do” he knew the whole story about each of us.

    Our actions have consequences. Undeniable. But we have access to so much information today and we need to be careful how we use it to judge the suffering of someone else. Everyday I look at the apple with a bite taken out of it on my laptop and take it as a warning. We have access to all this information, but the wisdom to handle the information is not so easily found.

  86. poohpity says:

    saled, if the wisdom we find is to just not to judge at all then it would seem we will find ourselves in a much better place. Even that judgement has consequences and the results are with the same measure we use to judge, God will use on us. I do not know about others but I do not want to be judged in the same manner I judge but how God judges even knowing the whole truth it is done with mercy and grace.

  87. SFDBWV says:

    We are all amateurs in the purest sense, concerning much of what we discuss, but expert in the experience of our lives.

    Saled has opened up the huge concept that Mart offered concerning how Jesus may see us in whatever condition we are.

    Certainly unanswerable questions as to why one life is so different than that of another.

    Why some children are born with such pitiful disabilities and another healthy.

    Then of course is the question, is some sin the result of ones suffering? Is it their doing or the doing of someone else?

    Parents seem to immediately assume some sin they did is the result of a child’s suffering and great guilt applied to themselves.

    The very Scriptures state that a man’s sin is visited upon his children, their children and on to 4 generations.

    That doesn’t seem fair. But that is what is written.

    It is a good question or interpretation to say that from the cross Jesus ask forgiveness for “them” because they don’t know what they are doing.

    Who? Those who whipped and beat Him? Those who nailed Him (literally) to the cross? Or everyone everywhere all throughout time from the beginning of creation until the end of all things?

    Blanket forgiveness for every sin? What then is not forgiven?

    Is the man then who rejects Jesus as Lord not included in “them”? Even if that person doesn’t realize what it is they are doing?

    Death and suffering entered the world with the original sin, but some believe that the creation of all things came with a preconceived idea to show God’s love because of the inability of Adam and Eve not to sin.

    So in a world filled with grief we grieve and look beyond our grief with hope to a better outcome or day. Always giving God an out, by saying if not now, then in eternity. Our way of coping.

    Cooler day at 57 with rain overnight leaving a wet grey day.


  88. poohpity says:

    Steve, you think we need to give God an out??? In other words making excuses for God so that we can cope. I would say just knowing God will help us cope with anything life throws our way.

  89. poohpity says:

    Ezekiel 18:20 NIV; Deut 24:16; 2 Chronicles 25:4

  90. jeff1 says:

    I think perhaps we pour coals on our own head by thinking that God needs us to fulfil His plan.

    What ever I have learned in this life it is that I need God more than He needs me.

    It is at His Grace and Mercy that I have by being.

    The steps that lead to any church
    Form a stairway to a star
    They’re part of God and should be trod
    More often than they are

    I believe in the man in the sky
    I believe with His help I’ll get by
    My footsteps may falter
    My eyes may grow dim
    But He’s my Gibraltar
    I’m trusting in Him

    Though a sparrow is all I may be
    On me He will still keep an eye
    Yes I’m singing His praise
    Till the end of my days
    I believe in the man in the sky

    Sparrow, sparrow am I
    Keep an eye
    Yes I’m singing His praise
    Till the end of my days
    I believe in the man in the sky

  91. joycemb says:

    I don’t think it’s so much that God needs us as it is that He wants us. “I have loved you with an everlasting love”.

  92. joycemb says:

    Seedbed addresses sin and grace today, its so good!

  93. street says:

    Mart DeHaan says:
    April 13, 2017 at 6:09 am

    thinking about this post in that it brings to mind the parable of the sower and the four soils. only the good soil produced fruit. if you notice it was the seed or the Word that produced, the soil was changed into fruit by the vine. the parable mentions many things that prevent this from happening. i am reminded that any branch in the vine that produces not is removed and burned. and equally troubling is the branch that is producing fruit is pruned, with a sharp knife, in order to produce more fruit. as i take all this in all i can say is i am only an unworthy servant who only did my duty. truly a work of God and not of self. to Him be Glory now and Forever.

  94. street says:

    steve said,”So in a world filled with grief we grieve and look beyond our grief with hope to a better outcome or day. Always giving God an out, by saying if not now, then in eternity. Our way of coping.”

    the world sees this as a crutch to lean on, for the Christian it is a springboard to lean harder into Christ. yes this is extremely difficult place to be. the persistence of going to the judge daily for justice. job put his hand over his mouth and said he was not going to speak again after God’s first speech. in a way job wanted to back out, but wanted to leave on the table what he said. God would not let him back away. He will not let us either till we come to know Him face to face.

    thinking it is to God’s Glory that we know Him. this does not happen without difficulty, because it is with difficulty the righteous are saved.

  95. street says:

    We are all amateurs in the purest sense, concerning much of what we discuss, but expert in the experience of our lives.

    5 At that time Jesus said, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants. 26 Yes, Father, for this way was well-pleasing in Your sight.

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