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Why did God create us with such an enormous capacity for hurt, misunderstanding, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare?

Could it be for the same reason Jesus was born not just to die, but to be crucified?

In allowing himself to be insulted, tortured, and killed, did the Source of all power, authority, and glory lift the curtain of history to reveal the heart of his Story, and ours?

You cannot force someone to trust or to love!


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147 Responses to “Why?”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Having looked in at 5 am and seeing that we were still on “time out” I took care of getting Matthew settled in, finished doing my own little routine things and then just settled down to a little nap while keeping Matt company with his TV.

    As is Matt’s habit exactly at 8 am he wants me to take him to the bathroom so he can have his BM.

    It has been an 8 am time for him for the past 18 years as before that it was 12am.

    When it was at 12 am he would have me get him out of bed set him in a portable toilet and then want me to go to the kitchen and await him to finish. He believed that once he had pooped that I would come back and he would be ok. Wake from his nightmare be back where he was before his accident and everything would be ok.

    I would lay prostrate on the kitchen floor and beg God to have Matt poop. Sometimes as much as an hour would go by before Matt would give up, be disappointed and go back to bed.

    Now that it is an 8 am ordeal, he no longer thinks I will return and all be ok, but nothing can ensue for his day until he has that BM. When it doesn’t happen, disappointed I bring him back out to the living room get him settled once again into his big chair and give him some “Swiss Miss” cocoa, using hot water instead of milk, so as to help aide him in his attempt to go.

    Sometimes it works sometimes it don’t. When at first if it don’t, we repeat the cocoa, if that don’t work he is now very angry, very, and usually insists on having a suppository so as to guarantee success.

    Once poop has happened then the day can continue.

    This is a drama that we play out every single morning of our lives.

    Long ago I quit asking God why, though each morning I ask God for His help.

    Whatever happens, all I can do is deal with what I am given to do.

    “Why” no longer matters to me.

    Matthew is broken and he needs my understanding and patience.

    People, all of us are broken and we need to understand that God understands this and is patient with us.

    Whereas He wants us to understand this about each other and be patient always showing love. Sometimes some of us make it nearly impossible to do so.

    The first time written about hurting another was when Cain killed Abel, all it took was for Abel to be favored over Cain and Cain’s jealousy turned to anger and anger to hate and finally the death of Able.

    Did God put jealousy in Cain? In us?

    It is written that God created evil, but some won’t accept this and when presented with it, the first emotion that arises is anger.

    We all are broken, we all need understanding, but not all of us are willing to go through the learning process.

    The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.


  2. Mart DeHaan says:

    The site seems to be working now. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Beloved says:

    I must crucify myself with all my proclivity to the enormous capacity for “hurt, misunderstanding etc” just as Christ did. It’s a process..

  4. poohpity says:

    It would seem we did not have to deserve love, God gave it to us because that is who He is. Then we love because of His love. He is part of us and we can reflect that part of us or reflect the part of us which was the reason for the crucifixion.(1 John 4:10,19,20) It seems when I remember the part of me that Christ died for which was a lot then I experience a greater love for Him and others. (Luke 7:47 NLT)

    “For at one time we too were foolish, disobedient, misled, enslaved to all sorts of desires and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful, and hating one another. But when the kindness of God our Savior and His love for mankind appeared, He saved us, not by the righteous deeds we had done, but according to His mercy, through the washing of new birth and renewal by the Holy Spirit.…” Titus 3

    We can not force anyone to trust or love but that should not stop us from caring and sharing what we have been freely given from God.

  5. jeff1 says:

    I want to apologize for getting away from the last topic and speaking when I shouldn’t have. I will stay on subject and do my best to not let my mind wander and get distracted from what is being discussed as it is very wrong to all others on the blog.

    Thanks to Mart and everyone for their patience.

  6. jeff1 says:

    Mart’s post – you cannot force someone to trust or to love.

    I am much better at understanding hate than love and the mistrust that it causes polarizing people so that all they see is the bad in each other.

    I never thought I would have the capacity to hate until I seen what man can do to man and now I know that God transcends time to save me as the flesh is weak
    and try as I may when faced with anger I struggle to do what is right.

    Pooh, I can trust God but not feel His love so I cannot give to others what I don’t feel myself.

    Living in an environment where others demonize you and its history repeating itself and not something you understand then you take the side of who keeps you safe.

    You never learn to trust because you have had to live a secret life so your safe from your enemy.

    It is your mind that becomes unbalanced and it becomes impossible to trust anyone other than close family and friends.

    I am not able to love outside that circle as for me love and trust are intrinsically linked.

  7. street says:

    In allowing himself to be insulted, tortured, and killed, did the Source of all power, authority, and glory lift the curtain of history to reveal the heart of his Story, and ours?

    totally amazing that God receives us back in Christ and Glorifies Himself at the same time. the magnitude of this can only be understood on how far and how wicked we had become, the punishment that was due us and where we find ourselves now…..a place of tremendous blessing and love.

    20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive.

  8. poohpity says:

    Viv, all of us have to learn how to love then we come to realize it is not a feeling but an action. Jesus showed God’s love for us even though we have such an “enormous capacity for hurt, misunderstanding, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare” He still went to the Cross. He will teach us how to love and He has patience with us in the process of learning because He cares so much for us. We can show that same patience with others because we are learning together.

  9. jeff1 says:

    If I have not learned to love it’s because of being unable to trust as my memories are dark and haunt me.

    I cannot change that, it doesn’t take much to trigger those bad memories and very difficult to move on with your life so being with my loved ones brings me great peace but I am reclusive apart from a few from church and the charity shop I do a few hours in to help get me out.

    I have lived in a hostile environment since I was 15 and I am now 63 there is no magical love that will change that fact. My son will ask me who is them and tells me how paranoid I am because I have not in my mind moved on from the dark period of my life.

    One shoe doesn’t fit all as we are different in how we are effected and many remain unaffected but a lifetime of knowing hatred is instilled in the mind and you cannot erase that by talk of love it doesn’t work for me nor many other victims of violence and crime.

  10. poohpity says:

    You are right one shoe doesn’t fit all but I thought we were talking about the love God has for us even in our state of being ______ or _______ or _______!

    I have been a victim of violent crimes, domestic abuse, sexual abuse and rape and the longer I held hate and anger inside my heart for them, the sicker I got and I do not want to allow them any more power over me nor to be entrapped by the schemes of the enemy. So I got help and worked through the process of forgiveness and when they come up in my mind I then turn them back over to God again and sometimes again and again. God has forgiven me for so much and I do not want to chance not being forgiven for any future offensives. But that is just me, each to their own. Hate only hurts the person feeling and thinking it, it does nothing to the other person at all.

  11. poohpity says:

    One can not force anyone to trust, love or forgive or change their minds or be kind. If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

  12. street says:

    poo said,”Viv, all of us have to learn how to love then we come to realize it is not a feeling but an action. Jesus showed God’s love for us…”

    thinking that this love that God is cultivating, comes from God. not the world or the devil or even mankind. it’s a change of Spirit or dna if you will.

    not by power not by might, but by My Spirit says the LORD.

    me mine my spirit needs to be conformed to Christ. therefor a cross and following. i am beginning to see the joy set before Him. a love you can not turn away from.

  13. foreverblessed says:

    Street thank you for your calm advice!
    But hard to get, SUFFERING and JOY.
    But I guess, when we lose our loves, we will find it, when we let go of our own capacities to run our lives,(and the ones around us) and we trust totally in God running our lives, that we will enter a rest, that is so glorious, and peaceful, and that then the joy will follow.

    But this is a hard topic.

    O hope everything is allright with Jeff.
    We have strange wheather now, a sort of high mist in the sky, and the sun shines a little bit through it, orange/red.
    Quite warm, and no wind, so I am going to paint the windows outside, trying to finish as much as possible before the winter arrives.
    So I am very happy with this extra gift of summertime!

    May we all be full of joy, for the sake of Jesus, having carried ALL our worries, all our infirmities, all our sins on the cross! They are already there, I need to believe that more and deeper, and rest in that fact. So I can stand up in the New Life that is through faith in Jesus.

    It is such an incredible faith, the christian faith, it is not about keeping rules, (as I was taught in the fundamental christian church I grew up in).
    It is about
    1-giving all our infirmities, shortcomings,sins to Jesus, at the Cross, and leave them there, Jesus has taken them up. They are gone, thrown in the ocean, Psalms says, or as far as east is from the west, so far they are gone from us.
    2-accepting the Life Jesus is offering us, we live throught the Power of the Holy Spirit, the Life Christ could give, because the Spirit IN Him suffered, and accepted the blows of the scourging, the plucking of the beard, the insults, and that same Spirit was given out to us, having healing abilities for all that went wrong in us, in our forefathers, in the world.

    (By His stripes we are healed Isa 53:5
    This is the thing Jesus came for, when He was on the Cross, suffering, He knew what it was for, He must indeed have had real joy in Himself, while suffering, this was the way for healing, for restoring everything that was lost
    I believe that the verse in Psalm 118:27 describes the Joy Jesus had when being led to the altar, meaning Calvary in this case:
    “With boughs in hand, join in the festal procession up to the horns of the altar”).

    It is such an incredible faith!

    The last Adam became a Life-giving Spirit.

  14. SFDBWV says:

    In the movie “Men in Black II” Will Smith says to Tommy Lee Jones “Oh well you know what they say, tis better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.”

    Tommy Lee Jones’ response to Will Smith was a curt “Try it”.

    We are for the most part all familiar with the saying, but like Tommy Lee Jones most of us who have felt the pain of love lost knows all too well it is a very deep pain.

    Whereas Mart has agreed with us in that trust and love cannot be forced on anyone, once trust is lost or love has hurt us regaining either can be nearly impossible.

    I always thought the use of the word “trespass” in the “Lord’s Prayer” to be an odd use of the word. Some translations use ‘sin” instead, but I have come to appreciate trespass as the proper use of the meaning intended to be conveyed.

    When we trespass on another we have violated something very individual, very personal with the person.

    When we lie to another, the trust that another offered is violated in such a way that believing the liar becomes impossible ever again. Regaining trust from a liar has to be done through a combination of proof and love/forgiveness.

    The same goes for being hurt by another. Forgiving may come easier than ever trusting that individual again.

    It is a human condition that says we can forgive, but forgetting is almost impossible.

    Remembering pain is a gift from God that enables us not to be hurt again. So we can build a fire, as long as we respect it and know its and our limits using it.

    The “armor of God” is there because we need it.

    Why God created us with the capacity to hurt each other, may be found in another “law” of creation/universe. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction to it.

    Not hurting another takes effort, not returning an insult with an insult takes effort. Not getting even takes effort. Not doing so may be as simple as an attempt to please our Lord until we grow to that point where not doing is just simply the right thing to do.

    The more you practice it the easier it is to accomplish, but the battle will intensify the more successful you are at doing the right thing.

    This too is created in us.

    29 degrees this morning under a starry sky.


  15. jeff1 says:

    Pooh, God loving me is His gift to me and why I have a reason to go on in this world. When I was ask was I ever suicidal I replied because of my beliefs I wasn’t however I had went to bed asking God that I don’t wake up in the morning. So I do understand why a non believer can take their own life because its what I was asking of God as unlike the unbeliever I feared eternity in hell.

    I struggle in this ungodly world in the hope that God can use me for His purpose but that doesn’t stop me from having sinful thoughts as even wanting to die is a sin.

    Pooh, I am talking very much about the love of God as how do you think I have come this far and who do I take refuge in when my mind and my heart are at loggerheads to find the strength to face another day.

    God is with me all the time that I believe God abandons me is the voice in my head but it is the heart God speaks to and how I know that He doesn’t abandon me.

    When you are nothing in this world you still matter in God’s so take a look at this world and you find it couldn’t be more different so who else’s love can measure with God’s love and why God says do not make this world your home.

    I have a locket with stairway to heaven which says:

    If tears could build a stairway,
    and memories a lane,
    I’d walk right up to Heaven,
    and bring you home again.

    How could anyone want to bring their loved ones back to a world where they suffered war, disease, hatred and all afflictions known to man when that world hasn’t changed and be in their right mind.

  16. SFDBWV says:

    Viv has the storm affected you?


  17. Beloved says:

    Forever I heard about your red/orange sky on BBC last night. They said the color was because of fires in the Sahara I think. Happy painting, the sky must be beautiful!

  18. Beloved says:

    Street I just discovered The Four Loves by C S Lewis and hoping to gain a better understanding of the many definitions of love.

  19. poohpity says:

    There is a real interesting series on discover the word as always this week.

  20. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart and Friends —

    Could not post the morning of the 15th, but as Mart says, the site is working again.

    Between the “why?” and the “because,” Mart, you have called out humanity’s amazing capacity for sin in every relationship we have

    — and God’s willingness in Christ to bear all that we can dish up.

    Love is unforced, as you conclude.

    Hatred is also unforced, it seems to me.

    In our God-given freedom we can generate a whole universe inside ourselves until we put away our own sovereignty and
    bow down to the Source of all power and authority.

    The Sovereign Lord spoke through the Prophet Isaiah:

    “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
    declares the Lord.

    “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

    This realization shines the light of God’s glory into the darkness of our hearts.

    Then we can see His heart. More than this, the Sovereign God lifts us up into the fellowship of Himself by faith in Jesus.

    Liked the image in Our Daily Bread for today. The wind (of the Holy Spirit) bends the heart, soul and mind to God’s will when we affirm and allow what He is doing. Then we are like saplings bending with that Wind.

    Joy all day,

    3C/37F and cloudy here. Low pressure front headed our way. It may begin to rain in earnest and forget to stop until May. That’s the Pacific Northwest…

  21. poohpity says:

    I so agree Maru, love or trust is not forced it is by invitation that we are invited to experience it by what Jesus did for us. Once we have come into His presence through the healing of that broken relationship that seems to be what we want to share with others. We are not only reconciled to God through Jesus but it shows by how we treat others.

  22. jeff1 says:

    The storms of life have affected me and why I understand Matthew’s thinking and see you Steve like my dad. God chooses His disciples Steve and I don’t believe a bible scholar who reads the bible for all the right reasons like yourself would disagree with me on that.

    Stability of mind is needed for Godly discernment otherwise I wander from the truth and for God’s Kingdom to be established on earth He requires discipline and obedience and why God has to choose to fulfil His purpose.

    He doesn’t love me any less but it isn’t about me I am just another casualty of war as far as this world sees but God is so much bigger than this world.

    That I know God will provide and care for me as He always as is Him comforting me in my distress.

    To answer your question Steve the storm did not affect me but I believe that there were 3 or more casualties in the South of Ireland who were on red alert while we in the North were on amber and also I live inland which helped.

    Thinking of when the storms of life shall not be able to touch us now isn’t that what we long for when all is said and done.

    I feel the touch of hands so warm and tender.
    They’re leading me in paths that I must trod.
    I’ll have no fear for Jesus walks beside me
    For I’m sheltered in the arms of God.

    So let the storms rage high,
    The dark clouds rise,
    They won’t worry me;
    For I’m sheltered within the arms of God.
    He walks with me,
    And naught of earth shall harm me,
    For I’m sheltered in the arms of God.

    Soon I shall hear the call from heavens portals
    Come home my child,

    Its the last mile you must trod
    I’ll fall asleep
    And wake in God’s sweet heaven
    For I’m sheltered in the arms of God.

    So let the storm clouds rage high,
    The dark clouds rise,
    They won’t worry me;
    For I’m sheltered safe within the arms of God.
    He walks with me,
    And naught of earth shall harm me,
    For I’m sheltered in the arms of God.

  23. Beloved says:

    I’ve decided to go off line for a while, I will not be reading this blog for as long as it takes me to refresh myself. Prayers welcome. Thank you.

  24. foreverblessed says:

    Oh, beloved, yes I will pray for you!
    I pray that Jesus will refresh you, and rejuvinate you!
    God blessure you!

  25. SFDBWV says:

    In rereading Mart’s subject of “Why”, it occurred to me that Mart may be wondering if in order for the events that unfolded for the torture and death of Jesus men had to have within them the propensity to “misunderstand”, have “bad blood”, “family division”, “tribal warfare”.

    Without which the Lamb of God could not have been slaughtered by the very men for whom he came to be slaughtered for.

    Could Mart be asking or suggesting that the answer to *why* lay in the fact that men had to have evil in them in order to carry out the task of bringing about the glory of Jesus on the cross?

    In the same way Judas was used to betray Jesus?


  26. jeff1 says:

    Thinking, Steve, isn’t that still ‘why’ today because evil is still lurking in humanity. As an individual I may do my best but knowing that still falls short and struggling as I do I spend more time taking refuge than I do progressing. That mankind cannot see its need of God is because the same bad blood, family division and tribal warfare repeats itself and so it is God who remains faithful to mankind but ignorance of God is widespread because of division among believers.

    It isn’t God’s existence that people disagree on but how we see God in our lives varies greatly.

    Religions have changed God and in a modern world we now have little concept of who God is and the reality is that I see God from my perspective which is far removed from God’s.

    That God hasn’t changed and doesn’t loose sight of us because He knows our weaknesses hasn’t changed either.

    God isn’t surprised at my ignorance of Him because He’s been around longer than I have and I’m not alone in misunderstanding God.

    God would be very limited if that were the case and why I am thankful that it is not.

  27. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Viv, yes evil hasn’t went anywhere and there isn’t anywhere it isn’t found.

    It will be around until the end of all things and a new creation.

    The fact that we can see the difference between good and evil goes all the way back to the story in the Garden, but shows that at the beginning evil was already in place and in play.

    All for God’s purposes and reasons.

    I haven’t any time, but seen your comment and wanted to stop in and say hi.

    Blessings all day.


  28. poohpity says:

    Yes and people have the choice of which they will follow or believe the evil tempter or God. I wonder if the thinking that God created evil just so he could save us may by how some think or God allowed us to make choices for ourselves therefore there had to be those choices to begin with. If God wanted to be like a Communist dictator He could have limited the things we know, taken away our ability to think for ourselves by only letting us know what He wanted us to know and the minute we took a step in a direction He did not want strike us dead, so we end up following Him out of fear forcing us to trust and love Him or else all hell will break out.

  29. poohpity says:

    It would seem that that naked couple were naked before they ate of the fruit and had no guilt or shame but they ate and it may not have been their nakedness that put them to guilt and shame but doing the opposite of what God has said and the desire to be like God(pride) that caused it. Looking at their nakedness was only a symptom or result of what the real problem was listening to someone other than God.

  30. poohpity says:

    Listening and trusting someone else other than believing that a loving God only had their best in mind.

  31. poohpity says:

    The worst part in the garden was the fellowship was broken rather than listening to God and His words, they hid from Him. Then came Jesus the second Adam to restore that which was once broken, now we want to seek and search to know God better. Through the whole bible we learn that God purposefully pursued us to be reconciled so we can have a relationship with Him and that is a big benefactor in having healthy relationships with others. How many times did God through prophets and other means want people to turn to Him, our loving creator? Could He have forced us to do so, sure, but love does not force it offers.

  32. poohpity says:

    Who wouldn’t want to follow, trust and love someone who knows the very worst about us yet went to the Cross for that broken condition.

    Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done. 29 Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, quarreling, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. 30 They are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful. They invent new ways of sinning, and they disobey their parents. 31 They refuse to understand, break their promises, are heartless, and have no mercy. 32 They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway. WORSE YET, they encourage others to do them, too.

  33. jeff1 says:

    Listening and trusting someone else other than believing that a loving God only had their best in mind.

    That brings us to ‘why’ God did what he did to make a way for mankind by reversing history and since I have wandered myself and had it not been for the example of my dad I would have continued to believe the preachers I was listening to because I believed that God appointed them so why would I not listen when that is what I believed.

    It’s easy to make judgments on what I believe I know but it’s good to remember that God knows better.

  34. poohpity says:

    For me it is by experience that “people” have to earn my trust and especially those who say that their teaching is from God and that is the very reason that I compare what people say about God to what He teaches in His word. That has never steered me in a wrong direction and is very reliable. In my search for truth it is best to find that truth from the very source of it.

  35. jeff1 says:

    It is being submitted to God through the indwelling Holy Spirit is the source of God’s truth. My dad did not know his bible and read only for encouragement yet he knew instinctively when a preacher was being ungodly.

    I didn’t know then but I know now that it was a gift from God as everything my dad told me he was right about which proves his righteousness was God given.

    God predestines and chooses His disciples as it is by the Holy Spirt they are aligned to His truths so that they cannot be deceived by man, it is a gift from God and outside man’s control as it is in God’s realm and control so no man can boast.

    Any person can be deceived unless controlled by the Holy Spirit as we have moved away so far from Godly teaching there is widespread deception as is the times we are living in.

    Knowledge is best in God’s hands and why he keeps it there, it is ours to trust and obey unless God reveals otherwise.

  36. street says:

    Why did God create us with such an enormous capacity for hurt,
    thinking we were made in the image of God.

    “Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness,
    Who seek the Lord:
    Look to the rock from which you were hewn
    And to the quarry from which you were dug.
    “Look to Abraham your father
    And to Sarah who gave birth to you in pain;
    When he was but one I called him,
    Then I blessed him and multiplied him.”
    Indeed, the Lord will comfort Zion;
    He will comfort all her waste places.
    And her wilderness He will make like Eden,
    And her desert like the garden of the Lord;
    Joy and gladness will be found in her,
    Thanksgiving and sound of a melody.

    He who walks righteously and speaks with sincerity,
    He who rejects unjust gain
    And shakes his hands so that they hold no bribe;
    He who stops his ears from hearing about bloodshed
    And shuts his eyes from looking upon evil;
    He will dwell on the heights,
    His refuge will be the impregnable rock;
    His bread will be given him,
    His water will be sure.

    Your eyes will see the King in His beauty;
    They will behold a far-distant land.

  37. foreverblessed says:

    What a positive scriptures Street!
    Good to think them over.

    Steve, thanks for your input, I was wondering what Mart was saying.


  38. foreverblessed says:

    …when the story of Stephen, Acts 7:1-53, was read in church, and the pastor came to verses 51-53,
    Stephen, who was inspired by the Holy Spirit when he spoke, really got hard at the Sanhedrin. Very very hard
    “You stiff-necked people, with uncircumcised hearts and ears….. (And on and on he goes)

    This thought entered my mind: the Holy Spirit made sure the Sanhedrin would kill Stephen.
    The first martyr to be.
    Then I thought, is that why Jesus was so hard on the Pharisees too, to ensure they would crucify Him?

    Peter has a different approach to Simon the scorserer, Acts 8:20-23
    Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord. Perhaps He will forgive you for having such a thought in your heart

    It was just a thought in my mind.
    Because Stephen fully unleashed at the Sanhedrin, wow, right in your face sort of thing.

    I remember someone writing here, was it Street, that only God, (Holy Spirit) can have such critique, as only God can do it with absolute love in heart, that while Jesus was saying these things to the Pharisees His heart went out to them. He would die for them too, but first He had to be crucified by them. ( At that time Saul was among them too, His beloved apostle-to-be.)

    I hope people will not misunderstand what I write, I know that God knows what He is doing, and God is love! So love is His motive.
    But Jesus had to be crucified in order to save us!
    What a dilemma!
    And…the Bible says, martyrs will also be there.
    Whatever the reason for that is…

  39. foreverblessed says:

    Good morning Steve, may you have a bright new day with the Lord on your side!
    I have a message to you in the topic Acts of God 2, October 14, 6.02 am. Maybe you didn’t see it.

    Rise up and help us;
    Redeem us because of Your unfailing love

    Psalm 44:26

  40. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Foreverblessed, I am just setting down with some coffee at the computer. Matt is settled into his big easy chair and starting his first regularly scheduled routine, so I have 15 minutes for a short note.

    I did go back as you pointed out you had a message for me on “Acts of God 2” and read it. Compassion is an act of love, thank you for your love.

    Matt reminds me every day all day long that his situation has been 18+ years and counting. He is very unhappy and longs for release from his nightmare. It is the greatest of frustrations for me not to be able to provide it for him.

    I personally don’t know a better teacher on any subject better than life. Life teaches us in such a way as we never forget the lesson because we actually live or lived it.

    If we here just wrote as if BTA were simply a message board our comments would be impersonal, dry and lifeless. This isn’t how Jesus communicated with others and it isn’t how I do.

    As I see life, God is interacting with each one of us continuously on a very personal level. If we can realize this then every circumstance, every situation has purpose. We may not see or understand at the beginning, but the Holy Spirit will reveal Himself and if “why” is necessary then He will reveal it at the conclusion of the matter. In the time in between we simply trust God.

    I just want you to know it has been a pleasure to get to know you. How in the world could I have ever gotten to speak with someone from the Netherlands daily without Mart’s wonderful gift of providing this fellowship on BTA. Thank you Foreverblessed and of course thank Mart for his gift.

    I am terrible at instantly calculating the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit, but this morning it is 31 degrees f, that is 1 degree below freezing and clear. Here in a moment I will go outside and I will walk on the crisp frosty grass as I feed the birds and have my private time with God.

    I will remember all of you as I go before our Lord in thanksgiving. Praying that you have a super excellent day.


  41. jeff1 says:

    Thinking of how each of us feel close to God in different ways and how He accepts us in our differences and when we start to accept others with their differences the barriers that divide us fall and we see the person in another light and that is the light that He sees us and in my better moments I know this but I agree Steve its a life lived that teaches us the most and yet like Matthew life has taken it’s toil and I am mentally exhausted and it is my nearest and dearest that are thinking for me.

    While it is a training ground it also seems like a testing ground and were I don’t seem to be doing so well but I’m hoping God can bring good from my weaknesses as I have been told that He doesn’t waste them.

    This hymn reflects my life and the anger that has so often overcome me and where I rest when overwhelmed by the difficulties that life brings.

    I was sinking deep in sin,
    Far from a peaceful shore,
    Very deeply stained within,
    Sinking to rise no more;
    But the Master of the sea,
    Heard my despairing cry,
    From the waters lifted me,
    Now safe am I.
    Love lifted me! Love lifted me!
    When nothing else could help,
    Love lifted me! Love lifted me!

    All my heart to Him I give,
    Ever to Him I’ll cling,
    In His blessed presence live,
    Ever His praises sing;
    Love so mighty and so true,
    Merits my soul’s best songs;
    Faithful loving service, too,
    To Him belongs.
    Love lifted me! Love lifted me!
    When nothing else could help,
    Love lifted me.

    Souls in danger, look above,
    Jesus completely saves;
    He will lift you by His love,
    Out of angry waves,
    He’s the Master of the sea,
    Billows His will obey;
    He our Saviour wants to be,
    Be saved today.
    Love lifted me! Love lifted me!
    When nothing else could help,
    Love lifted me.

  42. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning also Viv. Like Foreverblessed you are also a blessing to me. Thank you for your friendship and conversation.

    One of the many lessons life has taught me is that we all possess the ability to bless and be blessed. In our moments of need when someone else can come to our rescue, they are blessed for it, and so even our need becomes a blessing to another.

    In a world where we need to know everything, the only real thing we need to learn is that we all need each other.

    A kind word and smile can give a stranger a better day, whereas quarreling, rudeness and bitterness can ruin the best of a day for anyone.

    I guess it is just that simple, to always be gentle and kind.

    When someone tries to steal our joy, best to ignore them and move on away from them showing them they have no power over you whatsoever.

    Just remember our weaknesses can be someone else’s blessings when we allow them to help us past our hills and valleys.

    Be blessed always.


  43. poohpity says:

    Oh how many things are attributed to God that are actually from Satan. Satan tempts people to do evil and to go against God and His people, like Judas for example.(John 13:2, 27; Luke 22:3-4)But God never tempts people to do wrong or evil nor is God tempted Himself for such things.(James 1:13,14) Or Peter who did not want Jesus to go to the Cross (Matt 16:22,23; Mark 8:33). There are many who would have our minds taken off the things of God to think about the things of man, are you one of those or do you point people to the Lord?

    The Pharisees as Saul(Paul) was when he watched over the cloaks of those who were told to stone Stephen yet that sect were the very ones who had the job of bringing people to God but instead turned them away from Him by false teaching to follow them instead.(Acts 22:19, 20)

    The very hearts of all mankind are bent on evil because Satan has that power over the air which are worldly things. (Eph 2:2 NLT) So we have an invitation open to us to trust and love God or being controlled by the darkness of this world. Romans 12:2 NLT

  44. poohpity says:

    I hope everyone is blessed by God’s word this morning.

  45. poohpity says:

    I guess for one to answer the “WHY?” question they would have to know the story behind everything that God did, does and will do. From what I see in that story is a God who wanted a close intimate relationship with those who were created in His image and that answers so many WHY’s? even though often they rejected, rebelled, verbally assaulted, spoke evil against Him, He never gave up on us, no matter what our behavior was His love was more.

  46. jeff1 says:

    As you mentioned Steve Mart has a wonderful gift that he shares with us so that we gather from different cultures, countries and backgrounds to speak openly which I find more difficult among my own people fearing they will judge me because I am being critical of them not out of that I think I know better but because I learned so much from my dad at where I was going wrong and hate to see others doing the same.

    We can learn so much when listening as God wants us to but my preconceived thinking keeps getting in the way while my dad was very disciplined at separating godly thinking from his own beliefs and seen the greater good in the process.

    That is very reassuring Steve, that our weaknesses can be someone else’s blessings when we allow them to help us past our hills and valleys so I must remember this and thanks for sharing.

    I think you would be good at gentle and kind Steve, I can be volatile and unkind and afterwards I regret being so and I upset myself more than those I have vented on because they know I don’t mean to be unkind but in a bad place and they have suffered the brunt of it.

    Its often why I avoid people so that I get past my bad place without hurting others and listening to music always works for me. Elvis introduced me to gospel music at around the age of 10 with ‘His Hand In Mine’ and why Elvis has a place in my heart and I see him as a gift from God.

    Blessings always to you to.

  47. poohpity says:

    Proverbs 10:12

  48. Beloved says:

    I’m seeing my counselor tomorrow, she’s been thinking of me also which is greatly encouraging to me. I’ve been rolling around in the bottom of a pit so to speak this past couple weeks. Why? Because life is hard. Period. Viv I read your post and wanted to assure you that you in no way come close to measuring up to the Bibles definition of a troublemaker, I Timothy 4:6

  49. Beloved says:

    I Timothy 6:4

  50. jeff1 says:

    Thank you for the bible verse Beloved, I am glad that my anger comes from feeling stressed and not coping rather than what the verse is saying so thank you again for helping me understand. Sorry that you are having a difficult time and pray that it will pass soon. Please don’t forget to take care of yourself as God wants you to stay well.

  51. Beloved says:

    Viv thank you for your kind words also! Difficulties seem to ebb and flow like the tides I think, though not with the same regularity. Wouldn’t it be great if we could put a time frame on troubles! No, the best we can do is to lean on Gods faithfulness and pray for a short siege. Thank you for praying.

  52. Beloved says:

    Forever thank you also for praying.

  53. Beloved says:

    About forcing someone to love and trust,

    I think the saddest thing is to watch someone sacrifice everything and never see the fruits of that sacrifice. Yet I think that some things are so holy God holds them in heaven for us to discover when we get there. Some things are too good for this world to see.

  54. street says:

    You cannot force someone to trust or to love!

    it is grown by time and trial, the weaker vassal dependent on the King. a King that knows my heart, weakness, and faults. peter summed it up pretty well, “LORD you know all things.”

    a peace and rest. learning to love.

  55. jeff1 says:

    I think knowing how we can mess up is an indication how I need God and why I know it. For some repeating the same mistakes does take its toil and this world becomes wearisome.

    We have different gifts and why we should share and listen but in a competitive world like this one many loose their way and yet God sees the prodigal coming and stretches out His arms.

    In God’s economy forever means just that when His child is ready to submit God is waiting.

    I think we talk too much about our faithfulness to God when the reality is that it is God who is faithful accepting us as we are with all our shortcomings and making us heirs to His Kingdom.

    In this world you earn your keep but in Gods its about caring and sharing so Steve is very right when he says we should be gentle and kind to each other and the wider community around us which is not always easy as many do not love and trust so it is challenging to reach to others who may not reciprocate because too often it is those in need of love and care who do not know how to receive it as they have spent their lives giving it to others.

  56. foreverblessed says:

    Good morning Jeff!
    ” It is challenging to reach to others who not reciprocate…”
    That’s why I train myself to have my eyes fixed on Jesus!
    His words: “As you have done to the least of them you have done unto Me”
    And not only so, the love is from Jesus Himself, as I look into Him, His Life flows through me. And even when I don’t feel it, I believe it!

    So that she other people react badly to me, my eyes are fixed on Jesus! That’s the goal, and every day a bit closer.

    Of when in our own mind we are when going in bad places, Jesus is still there! As you say, we should focus on God who is always trustworthy, and not on our own thoughts.

  57. foreverblessed says:

    Steve, I am so thankful too, to be part of this community. I thank Mart for that. To know you, and your great example of quiet trust in God, no matter the circumstances!

    I pray for you and your family, especially Matt!
    ” He will be alright”
    Promises made to you.

    And tell Glenna, I am now on vitamin B12 tablets, melting them in my mouth.
    And my head is doing fine.

    Now at the end of summer I can paint the house, the weather has been lovely up untill last night: at 10 at night it was still 18′ C, 65′ F, and the air was dry! Extra ordinary weather for 19 October! Because of me head troubles earlier this summer, I could not paint much.
    It has been a trial not to worry, I kept talking to God: I do not want to worry, I want to praise You!
    And on Wednesday I was painting, and really enjoying it, because the weather was solo nice! And a little ladybird landed on the wood, and where my hand was, the ladybird came. As if to keep me company
    In Dutch ladybird is: Lieveheersbeestje, dear lord animal.
    As if Jesus was saying: I am always with you! Relax an d enjoy.
    And then I could let the tense feeling go, the anxiety of getting the painting done before fall starts, and the wet weather comes in!

    So I do agree with you, it is good to share our life’s story here. (And in that case it is good we do not have hundreds of participants, that would be a big much)

    May God bless us all today

    ( And when I write this I know God is reacting to my prayer, and really blessing us a bit more, because I asked.
    And in years past, I hardly dared to believe God would act on me asking, but now I know He is waiting for our prayers, prayers of those who want to submit to Him!
    Increase in faith everyday a bit more!)

  58. foreverblessed says:

    Beloved, today a good day with our Dear Lord!

    This Psalm I read on ODB yesterday, and I lift it up in prayer for you:

    Psalm 119:25-32 (NIV)

    I hold fast to Your statutes ( the whole of the Gospel)
    Do not let me be put to shame.
    I run in the paths of Your commands,


  59. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Foreveblessed, “ladybugs” have a special meaning here as well. Something about eternity. In the fall they begin to try and find a warm place to winter in and usually “invade” the house.

    There is a certain day usually in November when the last of the warm days are leaving they actually seem to swarm. The outside air is filled with them and then they rest for the winter only to return in the spring.

    What color are you painting your house? Mine is a light blue with a burgundy metal roof and matching shutters.

    Owning a house is like our bodies, it takes a lifetime of maintenance to keep them up.

    God speed and a good day of painting.


  60. SFDBWV says:

    My father was sent to an orphanage when he and his brother were very young. His father had died and his mother felt she could not adequately take care of them.

    After his father’s death she remarried right away to a man who abused her would lock my dad and his brother in a closet and leave them there while he and his mother would go off to the “beer joint” for the evening.

    When her brother beat the man badly enough she divorced him and sent the boys off to an orphanage. One that was available to her because of my grandfather having belonged to an organization that provided the service to their members.

    He was about 6 and his little brother about 3.

    As life would have it she remarried again to a fellow who went to the orphanage and brought the boys home, this after about 4 years had passed by.

    My dad argued with his mother for the remainder of her life over “why”.

    Because of his young life and the observation of life in general he adopted the “philosophy” of things are the way they are because this is what is meant to be.

    In this way he could shrug off the disappointments of life as not being anyone’s fault, as much as this is just the way things are meant to be.

    In my thinking, *why* only has a use for discovering a way not to repeat a mistake. When applied to life’s disappointments or circumstances connected to a higher authority, *why* only questions God’s place or intent in them.

    If we believe in God then we are ask to believe on Him as well, believing on Him is trusting Him.

    It is an easy thing to say we trust Him, but a much more difficult thing to do so when the waves or flames get higher.

    Or standing at a grave or beside a hospital bed.

    But there is where and when we need to trust Him the most and where we can find what we really believe.

    43 degrees with warm weather sticking around for a few more days, colder weather is on its way.


  61. jeff1 says:

    Steve, reading your comments about your dad’s life and knowing how difficult my mum’s life was I think I have very little understanding of what a hard life is in the real sense of the word hard.

    I know I have always let things affect my mind and why I relied on my dad so much because he was so stable and so I believe that the bad stuff is very much in my head of what I know happened both in my personal life and my country.

    Memories can haunt me even though I have good memories it is difficult to erase the bad and maybe we’re not meant to but for me I find it difficult to move on until I let go of the past hurts and then more hurts come along and so it is a cycle of a life being difficult or in my head it has been difficult and the comfort is in knowing that God still cares even when I find it hard to.

  62. Beloved says:

    Thank you forever for the encouraging word from scripture. Isaiah 51 was also where the Lord has been comforting for me. I have peace today.

    We are experiencing extraordinarily warm temps these past few weeks with highs around 70f and mostly dry. Beautiful leaves still hanging on the trees also. Fall colors like Josephs coat. Reminds me of Gods revealing His good plan in spite of the chaos of Josephs life. God is always good. Why? Because He Is and exists for us all.

  63. poohpity says:

    “Why did God create us with such an enormous capacity for hurt, misunderstanding, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare?” I think because God knew in and of ourselves we are controlled by such. He seemed to know that we use the tools of this world like coercion, insults, force, humiliation, flattery, lies and deceit to control others to think as they do but then God gave us His power to overcome that enormous capacity with a greater capacity to love those who do such things as He did for us. Then we are more able to recognize who we are being submissive to and what actually is ruling in our hearts, minds and souls the world or His Spirit.

  64. Beloved says:

    Bubbles, my sincerest apologies for my insensitive remarks to you a couple weeks ago. And to all here.

  65. street says:

    Why did God create us with such an enormous capacity for hurt, misunderstanding, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare?

    thinking God linked His Glory and Righteousness with mankind out of His Great Love for mankind. our work is to trust His Word and Obey, therefor a Deliverer, Jesus.

  66. SFDBWV says:

    Yes street the entire “story” of the Bible is a story of man’s waywardness and a need for a “Savior”.

    The Savior’s coming has not changed man’s waywardness.

    Man will need Christ until the end of all things.

    And even after that Christ will be the person who holds all of what is left together.

    If I understand it correctly, you also live in Great Briton. Were you affected by the storm that recently passed over the isles?


  67. Beloved says:

    Romans 8:38-39 comes to mind street, what great Good News yesterday, today and forever! Trusting and obeying is definite!y our work as you say. Instead of being “tossed to and fro” by the waves of troubles Jesus calls us to get out of our worrisome boats and walk on the water which becomes amazingly still when He is leading. Psalms 23 another favorite.

  68. Beloved says:

    Psalm 23

  69. Beloved says:

    The Lord Is My Shepherd
    23 A Psalm of David.
    1 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
    2 He makes me lie down in green pastures.
    He leads me beside still waters.
    3 He restores my soul.
    He leads me in paths of righteousness
    for his name’s sake

  70. street says:

    If I understand it correctly, i live in Christ. if not i am under a sentence of death. as for geography i live just across the ohio river. several years ago i lived next to the ohio and could see WV from my bedroom window. i call those years, the wonder years. God is good.

    a little off topic here.

  71. jeff1 says:

    I was forever asking God ‘why’ while my dad’s response ‘if it pleases you Lord’ and no matter the crisis my dad was undisturbed and until I can be that disciplined then I will struggle to see God’s truths as God reveals to those that trust Him and offers refuge to those that fail so it is God who is faithful in every way and that is very comforting to know when you have struggles of the mind and focusing on Him is no longer an easy option.

    If I rise on wings of dawn
    Or drift in seas of doubt
    Even then your strong right hand
    Has never failed to guide me out

    Great is Your faithfulness
    To carry on with a sinner like me
    Oh, and great is your faithfulness
    Turning shame into victory

    Your grace has never let me be
    Your mercy’s waited patiently
    Oh, so great is your faithfulness
    To carry on with a sinner like me

    If I hide in dark and shadows
    Fearful of each day
    Even then Your blinding light
    Illuminates my pathway

    Great is Your faithfulness
    To carry on with a sinner like me
    Oh, so great is Your faithfulness
    Turning shame into victory

    Your grace has never let me be
    Your mercy’s waited patiently
    Oh, so great is Your faithfulness
    To carry on with a sinner like me

    Lord, Your Goodness
    Goodness never
    Never fails


  72. SFDBWV says:

    Street I guess then the hurricane that passed over the Azores and on to Ireland and some parts of the British Isles had no effect on you at all.

    I am happy then you were safe in the State of Ohio.

    I have no idea how I got the idea you lived in GB, but it don’t matter. Sorry for the confusion.

    36 degrees in West Virginia at around 3 thousand feet.


  73. SFDBWV says:

    My mother in law whom you have all read me refer to as “Crick” had another stroke a day or so ago and so the people at the nursing home have moved her to a room just off the nurses station.

    I would suppose it is as a death watch.

    She is 98 years old and these past couple years she has had to be in the nursing home away from us and her home has given her family of one daughter and all of the grandchildren and great grandchildren a chance to have been a part of this place in her life.

    I had always prayed for her, Matthew, Glenna and I to go up in the rapture together, as none of us wanted to be left without the other.

    I read an obituary this week for a fellow with my last name and was surprised to learn he was a cousin of sorts. I knew his father and mother well and most surprising of all was the family resemblance, he could almost have been a brother as we looked a great deal alike.

    Though he lived a good distance from here, he is to be buried closer at a family cemetery where his mom and dad are as well.

    His brother was killed along with a six year old just a half mile from here back in 1969 in an automobile accident.

    Someone had called my dad and told him a Durst had been killed in a convertible accident and dad thought it was me. He went straight to the wreck and while relieved it wasn’t me was saddened to learn it was his cousin Lester’s son and so called him and told him he was there with his son at the end.

    The incident reestablished a family tie that had been broken for many years and Lester and Dad remained close up to my dad’s death.

    Life has many twists and turns and sometimes there between those twists and turns, not so much as a why can be answered, but something positive can be recovered from nearly any circumstance. We just have to be open to seeing them.

    It is all part of life.


  74. poohpity says:

    Love does not demand it’s own way nor is it self seeking but it makes a choice to do what is in the best interest of another with kindness, patience and gentleness. It is not rude or boastful nor does it rejoice when evil wins. It thinks and hopes for the best of someone even when we see the worst in them. It reconciles rather than divide, it heals rather than destroys. It was something freely given to us so why not give it away that freely with no conditions, comparisons or judgements which is very hard to do in our flesh but God never asked us to love others on our own BUT with His eternal help and example.

    God has also created in us the capacity to fill that great hole in our hearts and minds to receive His Holy Spirit and provide a different way to live our lives, with the fresh newness of being born again. When we had the capacity for living as the world lives, He provided another way of receiving what God had to offer not made to or forced but because of.

  75. Beloved says:

    To the topic:
    When I have my episodes of pts I sometimes feel as if I am experiencing a small bit from what Jesus experienced which allows me to cling desperately to Him until it’s over. Sometimes it takes weeks to return to normalcy but I no longer ask Why?, but say thank you for all You suffered for me and mankind to redeem us from God’s wrath. Sometimes the hardest part of it is explaining to others why I can’t always show up at church, bible study, or neighborhood coffee kloches but I’ve learned I don’t need to explain myself. Most don’t understand, and that’s fine. Jesus does, and He’s enough.

  76. Beloved says:

    I’m sorry for the confusion I caused when I changed my blog name. Please call me whatever you are comfortable with as I’ve known some here a few years :-)

  77. poohpity says:

    It is not the name change it is the reasoning behind the need to change it which there is no need to defend. When whatever name one chooses to go by but to know that you are loved and care for no matter what name is used.

  78. Beloved says:

    Thank you for being so graceful poohpity.

  79. jeff1 says:

    From Sunday morning reflections it was hard to choose there are so many beautiful ones.

    The grace of God has reached for me
    And pulled me from the raging sea
    And I am safe on this solid ground
    The Lord is my salvation

    I will not fear when darkness falls
    His strength will help me scale these walls
    I’ll see the dawn of the rising sun
    The Lord is my salvation

    Who is like the Lord our God?
    Strong to save, faithful in love
    My debt is paid and the vict’ry won
    The Lord is my salvation

    My hope is hidden in the Lord
    He flow’rs each promise of His word
    When winter fades I know spring will come
    The Lord is my salvation

    In times of waiting, times of need
    When I know loss, when I am weak
    I know His grace will renew these days
    The Lord is my salvation


    Who is like the Lord our God?
    Strong to save, faithful in love
    My debt is paid and the vict’ry won
    The Lord is my salvation

    And when I reach my final day
    He will not leave me in the grave
    But I will rise,
    He will call me home
    The Lord is my salvation


    Glory be to God the Father
    Glory be to God the Son
    Glory be to God the Spirit
    The Lord is our salvation

    Who is like the Lord our God?
    Strong to save, faithful in love
    My debt is paid and the vict’ry won
    The Lord is our salvation


  80. poohpity says:

    Above All by
    Michael W. Smith

    Above all powers
    Above all kings
    Above all nature and all created things
    Above all wisdom and all the ways of man
    You were here before the world began

    Above all kingdoms
    Above all thrones
    Above all wonders the world has ever known
    Above all wealth and treasures of the earth
    There’s no way to measure what you’re worth

    Laid behind the stone
    You lived to die
    Rejected and alone

    Like a rose trampled on the ground
    You took the fall
    And thought of me
    Above all

    Above all powers
    Above all kings
    Above all nature and all created things
    Above all wisdom and all the ways of man
    You were here before the world began

    Above all kingdoms
    Above all thrones
    Above all wonders the world has ever known
    Above all wealth and treasures of the earth
    There’s no way to measure what you’re worth

    Laid behind the stone
    You lived to die
    Rejected and alone

    Like a rose trampled on the ground
    You took the fall
    And thought of me
    Above all

    Laid behind the stone
    You lived to die
    Rejected and alone

    Like a rose trampled on the ground
    You took the fall
    And thought of me
    Above all

    Like a rose trampled on the ground
    You took the fall
    And thought of me
    Above all

  81. jeff1 says:

    Thank you Pooh, its good to remember how much I need him in a world where it is so easy to forget.

    As we are coming near to remembrance Sunday and remember all who gave their lives scarifying their yesterdays for our tomorrows and so let us be a willing sacrifice so that God’s will can be established on earth in the sure and certain hope of a better world to come when Christ shall reign over all.

  82. Beloved says:

    Romans 5:6-9

  83. Beloved says:

    Why? Romans 9:14-26

  84. poohpity says:

    It seems when God created us with such capabilities and free will He knew there was always the chance that we would not love Him back but it did not stop Him from taking the horrible treatment for us. He not only received rejection from the very first creation but all through history He displayed His awesome power just to have people forget Him and go their own way repeatedly but did He give up on loving us, NO! No one can force anyone to love them but it has to come from a willing heart.

  85. poohpity says:

    I remember the first time when my children did not get their way and they shouted “I Hate You” but did that stop my love for them, no. It was not how they felt about me but who they were to me.

  86. jeff1 says:

    I do not love my children any less though they do not share my faith in God nor do they love me any less.

    We do not understand each other as they see themselves as having to be strong in a competitive world while I see my need for God which they see as weakness.

    As I see you cannot make another believe in God anymore than you can love God and why faith is very personal
    as though I cannot imagine my life without it others do live without it.

    Faith is a gift to my way of thinking as I see God in things others do not and that brings contentment to me and it doesn’t matter if those who do not believe see God or not as He is still there and that is what matters that God works regardless of non believers trusting that He does because I as a believer is trusting and as I trust He is revealing Himself in ways I could never imagine because God is faithful to those that trust Him.

  87. foreverblessed says:

    My utmost of today is very good for this topic, God will work in us, if we submit to Him, and change every bit of us that is not ok.

    Steve, so you must have a house of wood, if it is blue.
    Our house is a stone house, and the window lining is wood, they are off-white, some of it olive green.
    There is a lot of rain now, a drizle, in Dutch it is:
    A good training for me to stay calm, and keep trusting in God, everything is well. Even if some parts of the wood is rotten. Eveything can be fixed. Everything is well!

    That’s how God looks at the world: everything can be fixed!
    No thing so deep, Jesus goes deeper!

  88. foreverblessed says:

    Beloved, thanks for Oct 23, 9 pm, and Oct 24, 8 am.
    Good to meditate on these verses!

  89. foreverblessed says:

    Good morning everyone!
    May we face this day with great anticipation, what is Christ going to do today with our lives1 With a full expectation that what He does will be glorious!

  90. foreverblessed says:

    The verse of Romans 5:6-9, I found Barne’s commentary on them, this is such a difficult part of the bible.
    And about our lives in this world, which is fallen, and our state, having been fallen, I hope our state in mended as we keep our eyes on Jesus.

    If I may I give it here, I wouldn’t know how to put them in my bown words:

    Barnes’ Notes on Romans 5
    The design of Romans 5, which has usually been considered as one of the most difficult portions of the New Testament, especially Romans 5:12-21, is evidently to show the results or benefits of the doctrine of justification by faith. That doctrine the apostle had now fully established. He had shown in the previous chapters,

    This he does by showing that its immediate effect is to produce peace, Romans 5:1. It gives us the privilege of access to the favor of God, Romans 5:2. But not only this, we are in a world of affliction. Christians, like others, are surrounded with trials; and a very important question was, whether this doctrine would have an influence in supporting the soul in those trials. This question the apostle discusses in Romans 5:3-11. He shows that in fact Christians glory in tribulation, and that the reasons why they do so are,

    (1) That the natural effect of tribulations under the gospel was to lead to hope, Romans 5:3-4.

    (2) that the cause of this was, that the love of God was shed abroad in the heart by the Holy Spirit.

    This doctrine he further confirms by showing the consolation which would be furnished by the fact that Christ had died for them. This involved a security that they would be sustained in their trials, and that a victory would be given them. For,

    (1) It was the highest expression of love that he should die for enemies, Romans 5:6-8.

    (2) It followed that if he was given for them when they were enemies, it was much more probable, it was certain, that all needful grace would be furnished to them now that they were reconciled, Romans 5:9-11.

    But there was another very material inquiry. People were not only exposed to affliction, but they were in the midst of “a wreck of things – of a fallen world – of the proofs and memorials of sin everywhere.” The first man had sinned, and the race was subject to sin and death. The monuments of death and sin were everywhere. It was to be expected that a remedy from God would have reference to this universal state of sin and woe; and that it would tend to meet and repair these painful and wide spread ruins. The apostle then proceeds to discuss the question, how the plan of salvation which involved justification by faith was adapted to meet these universal and distressing evils, Romans 5:12-21. The design of this part of the chapter is to show that the blessings procured by the redemption through Christ, and the plan of justification through him, greatly exceed all the evils which had come upon the world in consequence of the apostasy of Adam. And if this was the case, the scheme of justification by faith was complete. It was adapted to the condition of fallen and ruined man; and was worthy of his affection and confidence.

  91. Beloved says:

    Good morning forever and all,

    Knowing why we believe and what we believe is so important and of course the Bible is our written authority that has taught us through the ages about God. Paul being a lawyer used complicated (to me anyway) thoughts and wording to explain the faith. I really love digging into the scriptures to understand better the tenants of this wonderful faith. The internet has been such a blessing to me because of all the preaching, teaching, and commentaries available.

    Last night I stumbled upon James 5:9
    New International Version
    Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door!

    I thought how God always has our back when others condemn us, there’s really no escaping Gods justice, yet asking for forgiveness, humbling ourselves, saves us from Gods wrath. So thinking of the topic now I ask myself “Why did God create us with such an enormous capacity for hurt, misunderstanding, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare?” Was it so that I could die to myself as any brother or sister of Jesus would, as Jesus did when He obediently died on the cross? Jesus calls us His family here, if we FOLLOW Him. I’m convicted.

  92. Beloved says:

    Steve thinking of you and crick and the family.

  93. SFDBWV says:

    Pausing between things in life, reading once again the last sentence Mart wrote, “You cannot force someone to trust or love.”

    We have for years agreed with this concept, but it occurred to me as I read it this morning, that God cannot force someone to trust or love either.

    Somehow this makes me sad, knowing He suffers that same pain as do we, but as an act of God, He can still love when not loved back, and can forgive not being trusted.

    Here is where we need to be more like Him, once again.


  94. poohpity says:

    Beloved, In regards to your 7:13am comment rather than considering it a personal insult, or argument to correct someone in regards to false teaching it is more like rescuing them to be persuaded to learn the truth.

    “Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights. 24 A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people. 25 Gently instruct those who oppose the truth. Perhaps God will change those people’s hearts, and they will learn the truth. 26 Then they will come to their senses and escape from the devil’s trap. For they have been held captive by him to do whatever he wants.” 2 Tim 2:23-26 NLT

  95. jeff1 says:

    Why should I listen to you Pooh, who believes you have the truth when another who reads their bible may come away with a different interpretation and believe they have the truth. Only God has the truth and I for one knowing human nature (my own included) am glad that He keeps it that way.

    God reveals the truth as you submit to Him and that is how it is and so it is for you to keep yourself right with God as it is for me to do the same because we are equally in need of God lighting our pathway and He may lead you through different tribulations than He does me because He works differently in each of us.

    Do you realize how arrogant you sound because instead of being a servant of God you are taking the role of God by telling others how ignorant they are when it is for God to chastise, show mercy and show us His ways.

    It was my earthly dad who showed me my arrogance and ignorance of God because he read is bible for his own encouragement and he never believed he knew better than another because he knew his place as a servant is to follow God’s lead and not his own understanding.

    In a conversation with my Rector I mentioned to him that my dad only read for his encouragement and not knowledge my Rector replied that what my dad did was biblical teaching.

  96. poohpity says:

    Viv, I did not ask you to believe me or trust that what I share comes from the bible. That you will have to find out for yourself. If your perception of me is thinking I am arrogant when that is the farthest thing from the truth then that is wrong. Did you say this because I was agreeing with what Beloved was discussing in her comment?

    I understand that calling some on here bible scholars when they have no idea what the bible says at all shows that maybe what it real and what is fake is not plain to you.

  97. poohpity says:

    Viv, do you know how mean you sound?

  98. jeff1 says:

    It is your words that come across as arrogant because you believe you should teach others and I say it is God who teaches us when we are aligned to His truth through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

    I believe in reading the bible for encouragement and not knowledge because knowledge puffs up people and Gods wants His servants humble and obedient and any bible scholars I know are argumentative and use their knowledge to claim one denomination knows better than another and that was not the example my dad showed me because he knew that it was divisive and he was right as my country is an example of polarized beliefs.

    There is nothing wrong with the bible but there is everything wrong in how we interpretate it or this world wouldn’t be as messed up as it is with false teaching.

    I do not find anyone here quoting me the bible for any other reason other than encouragement and why I am here on this blog because in my own society different denominations are being quarrelsome which tells me that my dad got it right the bible should only be read by lay people for encouragement as when they read it for any other reason the truth gets corrupted by men.

    If God has said that we should read for encouragement then He has good reasons and I say it is because He knows human nature too well.

    The aim on this blog is to learn and understand the bible for the right reasons but that is not always the aim of men and why God keeps His truths hidden to those who submit their will to Him for the right reasons.

  99. jeff1 says:

    I don’t mean to be mean to you Pooh but then you don’t mean to be arrogant which just shows that neither of us are very good with words and how to use them.

    I know my communication skills leave a lot to be desired but I have experience of being both ignorant and arrogant when it comes to God and I am just trying to get it right because my faith matters to me but I find my mental state gets in the way and so I remember what my dad taught me because my dad knew God so much better than I ever did and I miss him because I could be always sure of godly guidance and I often feel so lost in this world without that guidance.

  100. foreverblessed says:

    Quite a good move Jeff:
    “I don’t mean to be mean to you Pooh but then you don’t mean to be arrogant ”

    Some time ago, we talked about the beatidus, and at that time I searched a bit on them, and found this:

    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they will be called children of God. Matthew 5:9

    The term peacemakers has traditionally been interpreted to mean not only those who live in peace with others, but also those who do their best to promote friendship among mankind and between God and man. St. Gregory of Nyssa interpreted it as “Godly work”, which was an imitation of God’s love of man.
    John Wesley said the peacemakers ‘endeavour to calm the stormy spirits of men, to quiet their turbulent passions, to soften the minds of contending parties, and, if possible, reconcile them to each other. They use all innocent arts, and employ all their strength, all the talents which God has given them, as well to preserve peace where it is, as to restore it where it is not.’

  101. foreverblessed says:

    Even God cannot make people love or trust Him

    Years ago our youngest son said one day, mum, there is a movie, which you will like, lets go together and see it.
    It was: “Bruce Almighty” with Jim Carey, and Morgan Freeman as God.
    Jim’s character got the power of God for a while, and could do miracles, but…. No messing with the free will.
    That was the instruction.

    In the film, Bruce is slowly estranged from his girlfriend, and he begs her to come back to him. He discusses this with God, (Freeman), and then God responds:
    Now, well, now you know what My problem is.
    My own words, I do not know exactly anymore how he answered, but God made it clear that this was His great problem too: He could not force anybody to love Him.

  102. Beloved says:

    I do not believe feeling judged can be smoothed over by good intentions. Or James I think would have added that to his thought process. We cannot add our own agenda or nuance to scripture. This is what causes so many problems as Jeff has mentioned many times as a great source of struggle for her. I know this first hand as something I said to someone very kindly and lovingly was misconstrued as judging and she let me know how wrong I was in no uncertain terms. When we both further explained where we were coming from I could see how I had unwittingly judged her walk with God. I apologized profusely to her and our Lord. We are still healing but with joy and hope as sisters in the Lord.

  103. Beloved says:

    I do get what you are saying Pooh, however not everyone is at that place of understanding and we must take the high road of submitting to one weaker in faith and being patient with those who lack understanding.

  104. Beloved says:

    If God cannot make someone love or trust Him what makes us think we- being creatures made by God- can do what God can’t/wont?!! How very lovely is His love…

  105. poohpity says:

    It has nothing to do with understanding it is called prejudices promoted by the opinions of others that are not true. Just like gossip and propaganda gets spread around without any facts just biased opinions that ruins the life of someone based on lies.

  106. Beloved says:

    Speaking about biblical truths here only. I’m always learning more every day, whether I read, hear, or share with others. I must learn to not read my own prejudices into scripture. Its a lifelong process I think.

  107. Beloved says:

    If as street mentioned your life is “in Christ” what does it matter what others do or think or say about you? God is not an unjust judge.

  108. poohpity says:

    It does matter what people say about you or to you or God would have not repeatedly in scripture told us to be kind and gentle towards others or to treat others as you want to be treated. The whole bible is about relationships first between God and man then between man and man. It does matter what others say especially when 80% of a group has nothing, nothing kind to say about you and it all is based on lies. You are right God is the just judge and we all are in His very presence now.

    Those who think alike often form cliques. Mart is right one can not force anyone to trust or love. Ever wonder why it is that I do not fit in so well and it is about my behavior because I am not an angry, hate filled person but do try to talk about the topics and that is just not acceptable.

  109. poohpity says:

    The topic, if anyone has ever noticed, does require some familiarity with the greatest story every told, the bible or else often people will speak about everything, or anything other than it.

  110. Beloved says:

    It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. I Cor 13:5 this comes to mind for me, ME!

    A wise Bible teacher told me a long time ago that when we read or hear scripture it is God speaking to me, not to my neighbor, friend, or even especially an enemy! Granted I do forget sometimes and can really enjoy hitting someone over the head with what I perceive as a gotcha verse but when God shakes His head at me I know I’ve messed up and judged someone. Love is so hard to accept, then to begin to truly understand all it entails is so foreign to our way of thinking especially if we haven’t even had much human affection, much less love . Trust comes later I think once love softens the Stony heart. Sigh.

  111. Beloved says:

    Ezekiel 36:26-27

  112. Beloved says:

    God does not force us to love and trust, its the natural or should I say supernatural outcome of a changed heart! Change my heart, oh God,
    Make it ever true.
    Change my heart oh God,
    Make me more like You.

  113. foreverblessed says:

    What a wonderful Bible verse that is Beloved!
    ( I really like that name, it is a powerful witness to me, it gives strength when I read it)
    And it is God Who changes us, if we are humble enough to ask Him to do it.
    ” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you”
    If I meditate on these words, and if I in faith look up to Jesus, and say, Yes, You work in me.
    And as Oswald Chambers said, we work it out.
    OUT , and God works IN….. our heart

    Work out, not reacting to my fleshly impulses, but when negativity enters, about an answer here, start praising God

    Speak to one another with Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs
    ( We do that a lot here, especially Jeff!)
    Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Eph 5:19-20

    That was the verse of the day on Biblegateway yesterday.
    The next verse says:
    Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.

    Submitting to one another here, would that be:
    – seeing to it that it is biblical sound what is said, something like a police
    – or saying what was in your own mind, without considering what the other said
    – thinking over what the other wrote, meditating on the scriptures given, and reacting to it?
    ( Good that we do not have so many responders anymore, it was a bit much to react to everybody)

  114. foreverblessed says:

    Anyway, I want to go back to Romans 5,
    It says that the first thing that happens to us, when we are changed by God is:
    Rom 5:1
    Therefore since we have been justified through faith, we have PEACE with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

    So indeed, Beloved, Oct 25, 4 pm
    What does it matter what others say about us, if God is for me who can be against me?
    There are still some points not good in me, if someone points that out to me, God still loves me, I do not have to feel as if I am being attacked, I do not have to defend myself
    ” Submit to one another out of revenance for Christ”
    We can say, thank you for pointing that out to me, I will take this to Jesus, a d talk it over with Him.
    I noticed that Beloved does that a lot, since you changed your name, even more.
    Defending yourself only stirs up strife, and we ought to be peacemakers.

    “Peace I leave you”

  115. poohpity says:

    Jesus was insulted, accused of being lead by the Devil, there was a desire to stone Him, called names and all this from those who were supposed to lead others to God, the religious people but they could not see God in Him because they did not know God.

    “My Jesus” by Todd Agnew

    Which Jesus do you follow?
    Which Jesus do you serve?
    If Ephesians says to imitate Christ
    Why do you look so much like the world?

    ‘Cause my Jesus bled and died
    He spent His time with thieves and liars
    He loved the poor and accosted the arrogant
    So which one do you want to be?

    Blessed are the poor in spirit
    Or do we pray to be blessed with the wealth of this land?
    Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for righteousness
    Or do we ache for another taste of this world of shifting sand?

    ‘Cause my Jesus bled and died for my sins
    He spent His time with thieves and sluts and liars
    He loved the poor and accosted the rich
    So which one do you want to be?

    And who is this that you follow
    This picture of the American dream
    If Jesus was here would you walk right by on the other side
    Or fall down and worship at His holy feet? Holy, yeah

    Pretty blue eyes and curly brown hair and a clear complexion
    Is how you see Him as He dies for Your sins
    But the Word says He was battered and scarred
    Or did you miss that part?
    Sometimes I doubt we’d recognize Him

    ‘Cause my Jesus bled and died
    He spent His time with thieves and the least of these
    He loved the poor and accosted the comfortable
    So which one do you want to be?

    ‘Cause my Jesus would never be accepted in my church
    The blood and dirt on His feet might stain the carpet
    But He reaches for the hurting and despises the proud
    And I think He’d prefer Beale St. to the stained glass crowd
    And I know that He can hear me if I cry out loud

    I wanna be like my Jesus
    I wanna be like my Jesus
    I wanna be like my Jesus, yeah
    I wanna be like my Jesus, oh, oh, oh

    Not a poster child for American prosperity, but like my Jesus
    You see I’m tired of living for success and popularity
    I wanna be like my Jesus, but I’m not sure what that means
    To be like You Jesus

    ‘Cause You said to live like You, to love like You
    But then You died for me
    Can I be like You, Jesus?
    I wanna be like You, Jesus
    I wanna be like my Jesus

  116. jeff1 says:

    When a person is aligned to God’s will he never looses sight of God past, present or future because God shows him truths that others cannot see because of lack of submission of their will.

    I know this from my dad which proves God’s faithfulness to his children should any man boast.

    Trusting God is all He asks and yet I so often doubt and cause myself anguish that a person grounded in Christ does not.

    I complicated God by asking ‘why’ and I am still struggling to understand Him while my dad simply submitted to Him and understood Him in ways I cannot imagine.

    A friend of mine said her father would say to keep your faith simple and now I understand why he would say this because I cannot make demands on God as it is for me to fit in with His plan and not conjure up my own.

    Lead me oh Lord, won’t you lead me
    I am tired and I need Thy strength and power
    To guide me over my darkest hour
    For just open my eyes that I may see
    Lead me oh Lord, won’t you lead me

    Lead me, guide me along the way
    For if you lead me I cannot stray
    Or just open my eyes that I may see
    Lead me oh Lord, won’t you lead me
    I am lost if you take your hand from me
    I am blind without Thy light to see

    Lord just always let be Thy servant be
    Lead me oh Lord, won’t you lead me
    Lead me, guide me along the way
    For if you lead me I cannot stray

    Lord just open my eyes that I may see
    Lead me oh Lord, won’t you lead me

  117. SFDBWV says:

    Setting here at 5am with a cup of very hot coffee and some donuts I got in Winchester yesterday I see that “Why” is still up for comment.

    Why God created us with the ability to hurt, misunderstand, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare might be summed up in simple middle school science.


    Self-preservation is a basic instinct that helps to keep us from harm or death.

    It is needed in us in order to survive.

    In relationship to the story of Jesus’ torture and death, the High Priests of Israel thought they were protecting themselves and the people Israel from the wrath of God.

    While all along it was God’s design to have Jesus betrayed, tortured, and crucified just as it occurred.

    One thing to keep in mind, confusion comes when we try and design God the way we want Him instead of accepting Him for who He is.

    Another matter to think about is why do we ask why?

    25 degrees this morning, the chocolate cake, chocolate iced donuts go good with the coffee.


  118. foreverblessed says:

    Good morning everyone!
    And I see Steve just posted!
    Good morning Steve, and Jeff too, she must be up!
    May God bless your day!

    And Jeff, you make me think: is there really a discrepancy between those who are fully submitted to God, and someone like me, who wants to be fully submitted, but sometimes is not tuned into Jesus?

    May we give ALL of our moments to God, especiy the dull ones, the daily routine ones, and do them singing to Jesus!

    Also for you Steve, and Matt and Glenna! Joy, despite the setbacks!

  119. poohpity says:

    If it were self preservation then thinking logically wouldn’t it be those things that cause the most problems in one’s life by causing harm and death to everyone around. Those ruin not only relationships with others but sure do cause ruin to our relationship with God by depending on self rather than relying on God. To not have the capacity for those(ability to hurt, misunderstand, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare) it would seem then one would not also have the capacity to love or trust either, there would be no choices just robots.

  120. poohpity says:

    Only the very strong and committed to God can turn the other cheek, walk away when insulted, suffer for someone else, stand for truth or allow themselves to be crucified for those who cause hurt, bad blood, family divisions or tribal warfare knowing that after that death on the Cross people no longer have to make the choice to do those things because they are freed from sin’s grasp and can choose another way.

  121. poohpity says:

    The ways we are taught by Jesus(treat others as you want to be treated; love others as you love yourself or as Christ has loved you) not only preserve our own lives with a clear conscience but put the lives of others before our own.

  122. Beloved says:

    Good morning all,
    Self-preservation: I’m picturing Adam and Eve hiding behind fig leaves to cover their nakedness (spiritual nakedness) but God then sheds blood to cover them with animal skins until the time is right for the “once and for all” sin offering of Christ. Until we are completely and fully convinced of our right standing with God through the Perfect sacrifice we will be plagued with “an enormous capacity for hurt, misunderstanding, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare”.

  123. jeff1 says:

    I have great difficulty myself with this Forever and truly I believe it is because of my mental state. It takes a stable mind to be disciplined and focus and my dad was the only one who was in our family. My mums mood swings were horrendous which effected my brother, me and my sister.

    My dad’s strength of mind came from a humble but stable home and Christian upbringing while my mum’s was very much the opposite and knew what it was to go barefoot to school and to be abused by other children because of her illegitimacy.

    I could never understand how my dad coped with what he did cope with i.e. world war II, war at home, mum’s mood swings which often erupted into domestic violence towards my dad, my brother’s schizophrenia, then my own mental illness, my mum’s cancer and finally his own battle with cancer leading to his death in 2000.

    My dad was a deep thinker and slow to comment unless he believed he had something worthwhile to say. He also had an incredible faith that never questioned God and I believe that was were his strength came from his ability to take all his difficulties to God and trust God to bring him through.

    I don’t think it is an easy thing to do but he made it look easy and that is because it was a way of life to him while myself I see God like a genie granting me my wishes and that is not what God is about and my dad always knew this and so he understood God from the beginning which is why he submitted to him because his expectations were that suffering was very much part of a life of faith.

    I recall him telling me so when I questioned why there was so much suffering in the world and he would answer ‘Jesus suffered’and therefore he believed he could not expect that he would not and he never reasoned why which to me is blind faith in action.

    Also he was very much a military man duty came before personal needs in both public and private life which is also a very self sacrificing life as Steve will know so I think you are correct Forever that thanking God even in the difficult seasons of life is showing Him we trust Him much more than our words can say because our actions do speak louder.

  124. poohpity says:

    Beloved, Amen!

  125. jeff1 says:

    Beloved says until we are completely and fully convinced of our right standing with God through the Perfect sacrifice we will be plagued “with an enormous capacity for hurt, misunderstanding, bad blood, family division, and tribal warfare”.

    Isn’t that why ‘Jesus’ had to be crucified because God knew not all men would understand and the world would wander from the truth.

    God is still misunderstood by believers but God knows this because the bible speaks of false teaching and waywardness in the end times.

    Isn’t it part of God’s plan to divide and conquer because history shows that He cannot trust men to.

    Trusting God is a life long commitment of remaining faithful and I cannot know the consequences of that in this world but have the promise of God’s salvation for the next.

  126. Beloved says:

    Jesus was crucified because we needed to have our sin forgiven before we could see God and be with Him for all eternity. It is sin alone that separates us from God; not knowledge, experience or works.

    Jesus is the bridge so to speak between us and God. Once we accept- believe and receive – Christ as the payment for our sin (all sin and are under condemnation) we are changed from the inside out.

    Jesus death alone has to be enough, or else why did He go through all the unjust suffering, as one sinless unlike the rest of humanity.

    I believe God is absolutely Good, just and Holy. Yet He cannot and will not receive any of His children without the atoning work of Christ as payment for sin. Not any “I hope so’s”, or “God is love so He will understand and love me anyway” feelings will do.

    When you see Jesus you are seeing God. He invites us to learn from Him about the heart of God. Its awesome.

  127. Beloved says:

    If anyone would like to learn more about Jesus or God I like the book of John to start with.

  128. Beloved says:

    Why do we ask why Steve asked. I guess it’s because we have a brain, unlike the fellow in the wizard of Oz. Can’t wait to see it all as God sees. We are created in the image of God!

  129. Beloved says:

    Psalm 22:1-31, Matthew 27:46

  130. jeff1 says:

    The truth is that God never forsakes me or any of His children, its the voice in my head that says He does, but I know the truth because I had a dad who knew God better than I did.

  131. Beloved says:

    Yes viv, the bible says that God never forsakes any of His children. God placed a Godly man in your life to teach you. Praise God for His faithfulness to us!

  132. jeff1 says:

    Then our response needs to be to remain faithful to Him and we cannot know the consequences of that in a world that is moving away from God or is it because I still see God at work in it which means that God hasn’t forsaken the world either though it might seem that way unless I submit myself to His will because that is how I see Him in this world and why He wants me to submit not to control me but to reassure me of His presence.

    The one thing God showed me through my dad is that when I am submitted to His will he reveals himself constantly and why my dad was living his life with God’s truth’s and not man made truths because lack of submission means me wandering from His truths and why God is so strict about disciplining His children not for to control us but to ensure us of His presence in a scary world.

  133. SFDBWV says:

    When I was a 17 year old at Paris Island South Carolina Marine Corps Recruit Depot (boot camp) our instructors would often ask us what we would do if surrounded by 10,000 of the enemy out of ammunition with nothing left but ourselves and our “K-Bar” (knife).

    Our answer was always the same, “Kill them all!”

    Our basic instincts we are told are in any situation of danger is to either run away or stand and fight.

    Self- preservation would have us run away in most every case. But there comes a time when running away only keeps us safe for the moment. In the long run sometimes we have to do something to make being safe more permanent.

    After God brought the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob out of bondage in Egypt to what was to be a two week walk in the desert to the Promised Land, the people Israel chose to run away from the inhabitants of the Promised Land and live instead in the wilderness.

    It took a generation to raise up a people who trusted and believed God before the Promised Land could be *violently* taken.

    The capacity to injure, kill and make war had to be instilled in the hearts of man in order to accomplish the task of the taking of the “promise”.

    Instilled also in the hearts of man are the capacity to give mercy where mercy is due and to carry out justice when justice is needed.

    God gave us all we need to be complete. How we use or misuse the gifts are what separate us. Not the God given empowerment of our basic instincts.

    We will not be judged for our sins against God, because Jesus took out punishment for us, but we will be judged for the life we live and how we have used or misused His gifts to us.

    Frost on the pumpkins again this morning.


  134. Beloved says:

    According to Billy Graham organization:
    If we know Christ, however, our salvation is already assured. We’ll still stand before God – but not to be judged for our salvation. Instead, we will stand before God to be rewarded for our good deeds. The Bible says, “We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad” (2 Corinthians 5:10).
    Hopefully the good outweighs the bad!

  135. poohpity says:

    Mercy is never due, it is given when it is not due. Mercy defined as; compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender, an enemy, or other person in one’s power. As a person who owes a debt to someone and that someone let’s the debt go that is mercy because they want to, not that they have to or it was due them.

    The descendants of Jacob went through 40 years in their travels from Egypt to the promised land the first time to learn about God, His ways and how He would provide for them so that they could learn to trust and depend on Him. Which resulted in them letting their fears rule them so much so they forgot all that God had done for them during the first 40 years and that lead to another 40 years in the wilderness.

    Can you imagine providing food and water for over a million people for 80 years? Sadly many people are stuck in a wilderness experience in their relationship with God today because they have yet to learn to trust Him to attempt to cross the river into a promised land of new experiences, out of fear. Many choose to do the same ol’ same ol’ rather than try anything new, knowing that God will see them through. They stay in the known rather than stepping out into the unknown because they only rely on themselves(self perseverance) and not God. I have to admit I am in that place of wandering in the wilderness now in my life and I hate it. My life used to be a great adventure of trying new things all the time but now I am stuck.

  136. jeff1 says:

    I think you have just said what is wrong with the world Pooh, you want your life to be a great adventure and there are too many want that in this world but life is not about what we want it is about God’s plan to save this world and that means doing the hard grind.

    Its not about people doing the same old, its people putting their duty to others before their own wants of leading an exciting life.

    We would all love adventure but whose going to do the mundane, God has His reasons for leaving us in the wilderness as it is a training ground and testing ground so do not underestimate the wilderness because God knows us better than we know Him though to hear us you would sometimes wonder.

  137. poohpity says:

    Oh my gosh Viv, do you even know what I was talking about as in a great adventure or are just assuming as usual? To me it used to be an adventure to just to wake up everyday not wanting to go get high and living this new life I have in Christ Jesus, that is the great adventure. Trying new things like going to college after 24 years out of high school. I am not going to try to explain it any further because it will just be twisted around to fit your perspective of what I did not say. Just living a day doing the mundane with the Lord makes it not mundane but an adventure.

    It was God’s plan for us to go out and share the good news and do good deeds so that others will be saved and come to know Jesus. That is a great adventure. I have only lead about 75 people to the Lord that I know about and for me that is not enough. I used to help a person everyday in some way or another in the name of Jesus now it may only be a couple a week and for me that is not enough because I do not go out lately because I am stuck.

    Why not ask me what I meant before sharing what you think I meant which is often not the case??

  138. jeff1 says:

    I am sorry for I did misunderstand Pooh as I am not an evangelist nor do I believe it is God’s plan for me.

    I have never understood God because I felt distant from Him as war here consumed me and it is only in the latter years of my life that I have felt His presence reassuring me.

    My faith is not a miraculous conversion but a struggle where I lean on other peoples faith as much as depend on my own.

    I am constantly needing reassurance myself so I understand what it is to get stuck when life overwhelms me.

  139. poohpity says:

    It is OK Viv, I understand. ;-)

  140. poohpity says:

    On the day we get excited about what Jesus has done for us it will come pouring out to others and we barely will be able to keep our mouths closed from wanting to share that with others. No matter how they react to us because Jesus prepared us in advance by telling us that we will hated, persecuted and insulted but count it all joy.

  141. jeff1 says:

    In this world I walk alone with no place to call my home
    But there’s One who holds my hand
    The rugged road through barren lands
    The way is dark, the road is steep
    But He’s become my eyes to see
    The strength to climb, my griefs to bear
    The Saviour lives inside me there

    In Your love I find release
    A haven from my unbelief
    Take my hand and let me be
    A living prayer my God to Thee

    In these trials of life I find
    Another Voice inside my mind
    He comforts me and bids me live
    Inside the love the Father gives

    In Your love I find release
    A haven from my unbelief
    Take my hand and let me be
    A living prayer my God to Thee
    take my life and let me be
    A living prayer my God to Thee

  142. Beloved says:

    Jeff1 that is beautiful. It really touches my soul, thank you.

  143. jeff1 says:

    Yes, Beloved it is beautiful and I am so glad you felt it too.

  144. street says:

    God gave us an incredible capacity to Enjoy Life…..not to be missed.

  145. Beloved says:


  146. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart and Friends —

    Read your conclusion again this morning, Mart:

    “In allowing himself to be insulted, tortured, and killed, did the Source of all power, authority, and glory lift the curtain of history to reveal the heart of his Story, and ours?

    You cannot force someone to trust or to love!”

    The Seed Bed book of study is Colossians just now. Today, JD Walt exhorted us (not a term used much in the modern church). He urged us to write Colossians 3:3 on our bathroom mirror — in order to see it day after day as a reminder.

    “For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.”

    God has known that we (humanity) have embraced death again and again when we turn our back Him and stand in our own shadow.

    Jesus has not offered a self-help program for basically good people to be a little better. Rather, He has rescued us from certain destruction by placing His own precious body between us and death, destroying that dark force forever.

    Jesus is offering life to people who are dead in our sins — with no power or ability to do it for ourselves.

    What Good News!

    Joy all day,

    6C/43F and raining here. Remember to turn clocks back one hour! =o)

  147. remarutho says:

    Standard Time/Daylight Time is mostly for those in the USA. Apologies to those on other continents!

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