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Irenaeus and the Word

Irenaeus was a second-century follower of Jesus known for his writings against heresy and for his summary of teachings handed down from the Apostles.

Tutored by the martyr Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, who in turn was taught by the Apostle John, Irenaeus is important because of the way he used both Old and New Testament writings before they were collected and finalized in the form we now have them.

Interestingly, Irenaeus sounds a lot like many of us today who try to ground our thoughts in the Word of God. There is, however, a difference. While we might use the Word as a synonym for the Bible, Irenaeus repeatedly speaks of the Word as a reference to or about Jesus.

Seems to me that honoring the Scriptures as a witness to the Word, and as a means of our faith— rather than the end, might be a refreshing way to echo an ancient practice.

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188 Responses to “Irenaeus and the Word”

  1. Mart DeHaan says:

    Am copying forward Jeff1’s comment to The Gospel of Matthew from earlier this morning,

    jeff1 says:
    June 4, 2018 at 4:54 am (Edit)
    It is the fact that God relates to us differently because of our strengths and weaknesses that tells us God is all knowing whereas I am limited in knowing and that isn’t through lack of knowledge of the Bible (though I am lacking in knowledge) but because God requires obedience to His will to fulfil His purposes on earth more than He requires us to be more knowledgeable.

    Religions and individuals have used the Bible for their purposes rather than God’s which is why the world has so many interpretations and only the pure of heart have the right interpretation because it takes a person pure of heart to connect with God.

    My motives are what separates me from God as until my motives are pure God will not reveal His will to me and it is because He loves me to much to damage me more than I am.

    My dad knew God’s will better than any other person I knew and I can see now that my dad’s motives were for the greater good of all and not his own personal agenda as He stayed connected to the source and when I have God given righteousness rather than man driven righteousness then I will fulfil God’s purpose on earth and not my own beliefs of what is His purpose.

    God tells us to focus on Jesus for very good reasons because when I don’t and I am speaking from my own failing here I become judgemental and start playing God which was what I did while my dad didn’t but he didn’t try to tell me because he knew I was being judgemental and so God brought me down to earth with a jolt and now I am filled with guilt, because I wasn’t considering others, remorse, because I know the error of my ways, and pity because I am human and I want to find an excuse for my selfishness when it was what it was me playing God rather than following Him.

    God shows me the real me and the truth is I don’t always like what I see because I have to face the reality that without Him there’s nothing much to like.

    Without Him I could do nothing
    Without Him I’d surely fail
    Without Him I would be drifting
    Like a ship without a sail

    Without Him I would be dying
    Without Him I?d be enslaved
    Without Him life would be worthless
    But with Jesus thank God I’m saved

    Oh Jesus, oh Jesus
    Do you know Him today
    Please don’t turn Him away
    Oh Jesus, my Jesus
    Without Him how lost I would be
    Without Him how lost I would be

  • SFDBWV says:

    Thank you Mart, I hope the message is received and understood…We shall see.