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He gave us the season and moments of epiphany.

Yet no one knew how much he would change his people’s reading of the Scripture or how controversial he would be.

Only in time would it become clear that he was a different kind of Messiah—a different kind of prophet, priest, king, savior, lord, judge, warrior, teacher, son, brother, friend, and person.

Refusing to use envy, swagger, posturing, or bluster to make a name, following, and personal fortune for himself, he corrupted no one while leading all who followed him to higher ground.

Without relying on his own inclinations, and instead of returning insult for insult, wrong for wrong, or blame for blame, he let himself be misunderstood, mocked, lied about, and killed…

So that in our differences… on the right or the left… we can find the epiphany that leads us to the humility, curiosity, courage, and grace of realizing how much we are like one another… in kin, sin, and our need of him.

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249 Responses to “Epiphany”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    If you and I had no access to a Bible and had never even new about it or seen anything of it, what would be our relationship with God?

    Would there be some deeply implanted calling in our minds or spirits that made us look up at the night sky and wondered, who are we, why are we here and is there a power and force far above my knowledge that created it all?

    Of course in this scenario we would be lost from God and have no way of finding out about Him unless He provided a way.

    He would have to make the first steps to introduce Himself as our Creator.

    An epiphany can be a supernatural encounter with God. I have had a few myself and can recognize when they occur. An epiphany can also be a yearly festival commemorating the revealing of Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah to the Gentiles or a sudden understanding or insight…an encounter with God.

    I have no way of knowing how many epiphanies have occurred across time with countless peoples or even if there ever have been. The only written evidence I have of encounters with God is the written word. The story written from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible.

    Especially when God became a man and revealed Himself as such.

    The only epiphany that mattered for me, being when He revealed Himself to me as Jesus of Nazareth not just the Savior, but my Savior, and more importantly my Hope, my only Hope for peace in living.

    Yes we are all birds of a feather when it comes to our need for Jesus. Yet there are some birds who lay their eggs in another’s nest.

    The difference being that in some cases a leopard never changes its spots. And while some call themselves Christian all they are is still that same leopard.

    Just like a catbird raised in a robins nest is still a catbird.

    Becoming a pitfall, stumbling block and obstacle to others in their search for God.

    As stark as the differences between the kind of Messiah Jesus is and what He was expected to be. It is also just as clear the difference between a person who is Christ like and one who is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    And yes Mart I get it that such pseudo-christian’s are just as in need of a Savior as am I, still His Person of the Holy Spirit enables me to have sight to recognize phonies when I see them. I guess you could say an epiphany of understanding and enlightenment. A protective measure provided for by God for my safety and wellbeing.

    48 degrees and clear this morning.


  • poohpity says:

    This topic reminds me of what James wrote about in James 1:23-24 NLT we look in a mirror and see the nature of the inner person but then we walk away forgetting what we saw. What an ability to realize or to be able to see the inward person as Christ does and still face all that He did for us which would be the only way one can fully understand what Grace is really all about. If one does not understand that then odds are they will not be able to show it to others.

    When someone blames someone else for the ugliness, hate, anger, bitterness, etc. that wells up from inside them, they will never have an epiphany of all that Jesus spoke of. It is only considering how I am and looking inside of me does any of His words or actions make any sense for the reason that He allowed Himself to be lead as a sheep to slaughter when He had all the power and strength to change the circumstances. He could have saved Himself from the torture of the lashings and crucifixion but chose instead to do it to save us, to take what we deserved.