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Believe it or Not

As much as I don’t like snakes… one more thought.

In the Garden, the fiction sounded believable. The words, logic, and appearance of the Serpent—  encouraged trust rather than alarm.

The prelude to the sequel is easy to forget. An embittered enemy, disguised in the appearance of a pre-cursed creature, seemed to offer a better hope than the Gardener.

The confusion that followed is history, here, and now.

The misunderstanding shows up not only when a rescued family thinks their Father has led them into the wilderness to kill them— and not only when the Gardener allows himself to be lifted up like a snake in the wilderness— but whenever our God asks us to lovingly trust him more than our own eyes… and the lies.

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211 Responses to “Believe it or Not”

  1. poohpity says:

    I believe it because I see it all around that those who tell lies seem to be believed before trusting God. All around in almost every area of life.

  • poohpity says:

    I think it may be because the lies hit at the heart of the flesh. To believe the worst about God not having our good or best in mind seems prevalent especially by those who have not gotten to know God, they assume and jump to conclusions.

    It is also like people it seems often we will believe the worst about someone before we even get to know them too. Actually it seems we look for and think of the worst with a microscope before we even consider that there is something good to concentrate on.