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Looks Like Might Rain on Monday

A lot of what I’ve come to believe about God and country, Jesus, the Bible and how to interpret it, sin, politics, war, law and order, the future, forgiveness, and the better part of wisdom— could get me in a lot of trouble and cause conflict, hurt, feelings, disillusionment, alarm, loss and regret.

The best relationships and treasured friendships I have are fragile— requiring a good deal of mutual humility, respect, consideration, and good judgment about what to say and not say in moments of disagreement, hurt, confusion, fear, and loss.

I could be wrong, and maybe I’m missing something. But I’m guessing you could say the same about yourself.

A good sense of humor sure comes in handy doesn’t it. Learning to laugh at ourselves seems to be as important as knowing when to cry.

So how in the world are we going to find our way forward? What in heaven’s name are we going to talk about, do together—to make best out of what we’ve been given?

How’s the weather up your way? 2 degrees F here. Looks like might rain on Monday.

Just say’n… so to speak… :-)….

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249 Responses to “Looks Like Might Rain on Monday”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Mart, I just came in from plowing a fresh 5 inches of snow and am waiting to get a cup of coffee. It is 13 degrees here after being in the below 0 to single digits all night.

    It had to warm up to snow.


  • Mart DeHaan says:

    Hope you get a chance to enjoy that cup of coffee, Steve. While you were out plowing, I had a couple of cups while reading a few chapters of Max Lucado’s book “Grace…more than we deserve, greater than we imagine.” So good!