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Words and Statistics

Over the years we’ve seen together that words, like statistics, can be used to say or hide just about anything we want to say or hide.

We’ve also seen what happens when words and thoughts, whether ours or God’s, are used to express the wonder of shared cares and smiles.

I say this with renewed awareness that the words of Jesus can be read as though spoken by a demon. His enemies thought so. And to this day many of us who want to be considered friends unwittingly quote him in ways that sound to our neighbors as though his enemies were right.

Lately, I’ve been trying to read the Story of the Scripture in a way that allows me to get caught up in the action of the people Jesus was rescuing and befriending— rather than getting tripped up and stuck on words that don’t seem to fit what he says he came to do.

By this I don’t mean to infer that when it comes to Jesus we should watch what he does rather than listening to what he says. I’m wondering whether it makes more sense to listen to what he says while watching what he was doing— and did— to turn tears into laughter and enemies into friends—and then see if we can find an honest-to-God way of hearing a heart of love that when not heard makes him sound like a devil.

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207 Responses to “Words and Statistics”

  1. bratimus says:

    I’m not getting where Mart is going with this, he usually post a verse for or so for more context, is that really you Mart lol little joke.

    1 Corinthians 13:1

    So would the opposite of this verse be true, these so called neighbors if they don’t have Love, would they maybe hear something demonic or devilish from there own hearts in what.

    I don’t talk much with people or neighbors, when I do it’s have a good day and a few passing words nothing from scripture. I talk to my family mostly and if my neighbors over hear that it isn’t meant for them, and this is why we should never EVEs drop.

    My walking in faith is to praise and worship God through Christ and the Holy Spirit and that is basically it.

    The Brat

  • poohpity says:

    bratimus maybe Mart wanted, as you often say, to look up the verses for yourself. ;-)

    There were many times in the life of Jesus that He was accused of being sent by demons by those who did not have a heart that was searching for God. More often than not they were the very one’s who wanted the praise and glory of their fellow man by accusing Jesus of what He was saying and doing was a result of being lead by Satan but Jesus often replied if one knows the Father then they will know me. John 10:37-38 NLT or John 8:12-59