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A Garden Called Desire

Most things seem to begin and end with a desire for something that will either enslave, liberate, degrade, or ennoble. Maybe that’s why our Teacher leads us into a garden called desire and shows us how to cultivate a longing for: The honor of our Father’s name The will of the Father to be done […]

Finding a Reference Point

In the crossfire of desire against desire, we live with the opposing longings of spirit and flesh. (Gal 5:17). Sometimes the choice between the two seems clear. Sometimes I get so confused that I find myself needing to go back to a reference point for what is real (rather than what I’m imagining). One of […]

A Story Called Desire

How much of life can be explained by what we long for? How much of who we are is defined by our desire? What if we spent time, together, thinking about the story that the Bible and life, as we know it, tells about what we hunger and thirst for? What wonderful and wretched things […]

Meeting Truth in Person

While reading a fairly technical book this week on Bible interpretation, I came across a statement that reminded me of the wonder of what God has given us in his Son. In a world that is struggling with difficult questions about meaning in texts, relationships, and life, a scholar by the name of Zimmerman writes, […]

Confession by Billboard

What’s going on when a church puts up a large billboard publicly acknowledging itself to be among those who have been acting like jerks? A friend sent me a link to a CNN interview about a Texas billboard that “shouts out” to passing traffic “What a Bunch of Jerks“. The billboard is accompanied by an […]

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