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The Cold Dark Side of Christmas

More than a few of us know that some of the coldest, darkest times of our lives have been spent under the lights of Christmas– surrounded by the warmth of others singing Joy to the world. Recalling those moments, we might wonder why the lights, sounds, and good will of the happiest time of the […]

The Spin Zone

The FOX News Network has made a name for itself by promising to present the news “fair and balanced.” Its anchors say, “We report. You decide.” Bill O’Reilly opens his hour-long program with, “You’re in the no spin zone.” He closes with a bit of a smile and twinkle in his eye, saying, “Remember, the […]

An Admission

Dear Aaron, I hope you are doing well. I miss our conversations about life, religion, and the Chicago Cubs. Even more, I regret that we haven’t kept in touch after your move to Philadelphia. I’m writing now because time has changed my thoughts on a subject we used to disagree about, and I owe you […]

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