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What Else is God Hiding?

In our last post we saw how a proverb can help us reflect on the wisdom and ways of our God. By giving us a saying that functions like a riddle, our minds are stretched to consider more than one possibility. Yesterday we thought together about the proverb “It is the glory of God to […]

What is God Hiding?

Could it be true that the greatness of God lies not only in what he has revealed, but in what he has concealed? If so, what is he hiding? Prov 25:2 gives us what amounts to a riddle. There we read that the glory of God is to conceal a thing but that to search […]

Implications of Supporting Israel

This question is important not only for followers of Christ, but for people of all religions and points of view. Ultimately, it is not just about God’s promise to Abraham that he would bless those who blessed him, and curse those who cursed him (Gen 12:3). It also raises the question of what the Apostle […]

Still Trying to See What Matters

It seems increasingly clear that wisdom involves the ability to see what matters in the middle of confusing and conflicting information. But what keeps unnerving me is the realization that when it comes to seeing what matters, it’s so often something that cannot be seen by our natural eyes and understanding. We talked about this […]

Unexpected Answers

The Bible answers the most important questions we can ask: Where did we come from? What matters? Who can we trust? Who is God? Is he good? Who is Jesus? Why did he die? Did his life end in failure? How can we be counted among his followers? How should we treat our enemy? Where […]

Real and Good?

What is real? And what is good? Those two questions, according to Dallas Willard, professor of philosophy at The University of Southern California in Los Angeles can help us think about what is at stake for us personally in this amazing journey we call life. In an interview for an future Day of Discovery program […]

Who or What is More Biblical?

Proverbs 18:18 says, “Casting lots can end arguments and settle disputes between powerful opponents.” Another proverb says, “We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall (Prov 16:33 NLT). So is it biblical to settle an argument by drawing straws, flipping a coin, or rolling the dice? And…why is it that few […]

Counsel of the Columns

The counsel of the Bible can sound contrary to all reason—and against our best interests—while showing us the meaning of wisdom. For instance, the Apostle James says something that could sound more like mental illness than spiritual health.  He encourages his readers to “count it all joy when they fall into various kinds of trials […]

Rumors on Steroids

A few days ago, online communities lit up with pre-publication rumors about a book that is coming out by Rob Bell on the subject of heaven, hell, and the destiny of all. Overnight, a video teaser, and cover copy released by his publisher stirred up enough furor (over what Rob might say) to earn his […]

Lost You!?

Let’s talk about what’s happening in the conversation following my last couple of posts. By using the literature model of author intention, plot, subplot, character development, mood, setting, conflict, resolution etc., I’ve left some of you with the impression that I’m being disrespectful of the sacred page. That’s what I don’t want to do. I […]

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