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In Our Story Who Plays Us?

In November of 1947, Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States lobbied for a United Nations resolution that would divide Palestine into Jewish and Arab States. Truman later expressed his faith in the reborn state of Israel saying, “I believe it has a glorious future before it – not just [as] another […]

What Was Satan Thinking?

I knew a man who had suffered one way or another over the whole course of his life. When he was old, I remember hearing him say that, by experience he’d learned that “The Devil always overplays his hand.” Thought of his comment during this last week. Was wondering, “What was Satan thinking when he […]

What’s in that Jar of Water?

When you enter the city, you will see a man with a jar of water. Follow him to the house where he goes. Tell the owner of the house the Teacher needs a room to have a meal with his friends. He will show you a large, furnished upstairs room. Make preparations there. I wonder […]

Price Check

What’s it worth to you? I’ve been asked that a couple of times when trying to figure out if I wanted to buy someone’s old stuff at a garage sale or flea market. This time around, I’m far more uncomfortable with the question. Have been trying to work up the courage to write… “What would […]

Was I Snoring?

Sometimes I feel like I’m about to wake up. Then I go back to sleep. For instance, when I hear Jesus say to his troubled disciples, “He who has seen me has seen the Father…Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me… [the day is coming when you […]

2010 and Counting

A television journalist makes a point of saying on each of his programs how many days it has been since a previous president declared the war over in Iraq. Today…with the arrival of 2010… our world knowingly or unknowingly calls attention to the number of years since the King of kings quietly entered our world […]

Follow the Gifts…

“Follow the money,” was the memorable quote from All the President’s Men. An unnamed source suggested to Bob Woodward that the key to understanding the Watergate mystery was the money. At the end of that path were reasons to be cynical. But change the idea slightly. Refocus on “follow the gifts” … and we find […]

The Wonder of the Magi

The wonder of the magi may be worth thinking about.  The mystery surrounding them seems to be by design. For openers, why is Matthew the only one of 4 Gospel accounts that mentions them? If they came “from the east” and saw a star “in the east” why would they travel west to Bethlehem? Who […]

A Christmas Discussion During Hanukkah

Last night Jewish people began lighting candles around the world in their annual celebration of Hanukkah. This morning an article in the Dallas Morning News says that two pastors of the Episcopal denomination are expected to draw hundreds, at 10 dollars a ticket, to their discussion of whether Christ is the only way to God. […]

Peace of Mind

Some of us say we believe in God because life could not have just happened. Could never believe that this dragon fly… let alone the challenges and quiet reflection of human existence… could have happened apart from a greater personality, thought, or love…even in boundless eons of time. But thinking about the alternative—that God, in […]

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