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This is my Body

We call where we are staying— our place. Paul likened us to Bedouin-backpackers. He made a distinction between us and our address (2Cor 5:1). Another way this gets tricky is when we try to work out what Paul meant when he said, that when he did wrong—in his place, it wasn’t really him, but sin “living in […]

Ebola and Leprosy

Toward the end of a BBC article on the tragic story of Ebola, a video provided by Street Child quietly whispers the story of African family members who have lost loved ones. Their subtitled words and talking eyes portray the humanity behind the sterile images of suited, goggled, and masked health workers. While recalling their […]

We Have This Day

I’ve been thinking lately about inviting a guest blogger from time to time to give us a change of pace and some different perspectives to think about. So please welcome Mike Wittmer. He’s one of our regular bloggers at Our Daily Journey. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be featuring a few of his posts […]

CT and The Depression Epidemic

After the last post on “Feeling Down” I discovered that the March issue of Christianity Today magazine has a cover story called, “The Depression Epidemic.” I already had the issue but hadn’t read it yet and assumed it was something about the economy. Turns out that this issue of CT has  several articles about a […]

Feeling Down

What do we do when we’re out of sorts, on edge, not ourselves, dogged by a dark cloud of sadness, and then, on top of it all, feeling guilty for not being able to think or pray ourselves out of it? Spiritual talk that is supposed to help leaves us cold. So, with a bit […]

Mental Health (3rd of 3)

In many counselors there is safety. Proverbs 11:14 No pastor, troubled individual, or family should have to bear alone the overload of mental illness. I recently got an e-mail that captures the kind of problems that are so often misunderstood. This person wrote, “Raised in a strict Christian home, my first bout with depression in […]

Mental Health (2nd of 3)

How can anyone determine whether mental and emotional problems are rooted in spiritual or physical causes? In many counselors there is safety. Proverbs 11:14 When pastors are called upon in such crises, they can feel overwhelmed. Many realize their limitations, but feel compelled by their congregations or other leaders to act as if the Bible, […]

Mental Health (Backstory)

I appreciate those who are responding to my last post with their own honest questions about, or experience with, mental health issues. Before continuing with the second of three parts on this subject, I want to give you some of the backstory to my own interest. In a December, 06 article I wrote, “Soon after […]

Mental Health (1st of 3)

I’d like to have a conversation with you about the way followers of Christ relate to issues of mental health. Few issues create more burdens for countless individuals and families. Few problems cause more misunderstanding, or isolation than emotional and mental problems that do not go away in the face of faith and prayer… Long […]

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