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Globalism, Nationalism, and the Body

Having just returned from meeting with teams of co-workers in several Asia Pacific cities, my mind is jumping ahead a few days to what soon will be happening in synagogues around the world. On Yom Kippur 2011 (October 7-8 on our calendars) Jewish celebrants will once again honor their national Day of Atonement with a […]

In Honor and Remembrance

The grave of a soldier who died in the service of his country is marked today with renewed expressions of family and friends whose hearts remain broken by their loss. In the silence, I’m reminded of the value of a person. The cumulative assets of the whole world could not equal the life of that […]

Remembering Henry

“The devil always overplays his hand.” I can still hear Henry Bosch, founder of Our Daily Bread, say those words. His eyes would brighten and a smile would come to his face as he talked about the upside of a difficult day. What Did Henry Mean? Even though Henry wasn’t a card player, I know […]

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