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Tax Day

Can’t believe it. Once again have put off doing my tax filing until the last minute. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight. Death and taxes, isn’t that what they say we all have to look forward to? If that’s all we have to look forward to… Sure glad there’s more. Just remembered Peggy […]

WOC Update

Have mentioned before my conviction that the wonders and disasters of the natural world are powerful evidence of what the Bible tells us about God, the brokenness of our world, and ourselves. For openers we have, The reminder of what God made, called good, and entrusted to us (Gen 1) The physical evidence that tells […]

Israel, Gaza, and Good or Bad Faith

It has now been more than 2009 years since the birth of Jesus. The Middle East remains at the swirling center of worlds news. The descendants of Abraham and Sarah are still fighting over a small strip of land. Many of us see the rockets going into and out of Gaza as being linked, not […]

The Tough Side of Grace

Going into the Christmas holiday, I was focused on what can appear to be the scandalously generous side of grace. Found myself drawn back time and again to the priceless gift expressed in the words, “The Word (God) became flesh and lived among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only […]

Mary Did You Know?

Never got the last winter storm that was supposed to materialize today. Instead we got a lot of rain and a flood watch. The Grand River, for which our town is named (Grand Rapids, MI), has developed an ice jam and backed up to flood stage. Now the wind is kicking up and the temperature […]

The Story of Saint Nick

A friend sent me this four minute and 33 second YouTube link that seems to say something about our discussion of the last couple of days. I have never heard about Nick before. But I’ve found several links on YouTube that tell his inspiring story. He doesn’t call himself Saint Nick, but I am. Here’s […]

You Make this so Worthwhile!

Am still thinking this morning about some of the comments written to this blog yesterday. I agree so much with what SFDBWV wrote when he said, “The Bible is many things, one thing it is, is a story. Not just a story, but a story about God and man’s experiences. Apart and together…Life without others […]

Ten Million Dollars

Someone I have known for only a few days just gave me 10 million dollars. The gift seemed huge until I saw the same person give someone else 500 million. I’m posting the evidence here. This is real currency printed by The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in this current year. Actually the 10 million dollar […]

The Danger of Counselors

I have my first individual session with a marriage counselor and waste no time making my case. I say, “It’s gotten so bad my wife doesn’t even listen to me any more. I think she’s deaf or something. But she won’t do anything about it.” “Well”, the counselor says to me, “I’d like to know […]

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