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The Author’s Plot and Subplots

I find it so necessary to keep in mind that the 66 books of the Bible have one all-encompassing, underlying storyline that gives perspective to all of the individual subplots, proverbs, predictions, laws, and letters. From Genesis to Revelation, the Author behind the authors tells us the most important parts of his story and ours. […]

The Two Books of God

Several years ago, an international team of astronomers claimed that images from the Hubble Space telescope give evidence of 40,000 galaxies in a window of the night sky no larger than the size of the moon. Each galaxy containing billions of stars. (source) Then I hear the prophet Isaiah say, “To whom then will you […]

News and Bible too Depressing?

I was talking to a friend the other day who talked about not reading the newspaper or listening to cable news because it is too depressing. Came away wondering whether many have a natural aversion to the Bible for the same reason? Is that why some people quote only the positive, optimistic, or “feel good” […]

Knowledge Without Wisdom Can Drive us Crazy

Knowledge without wisdom can make us naïve, foolish, or crazy. Have been thinking about this after rediscovering a book by Henry Cloud and John Townsend that is titled 12 Christian Beliefs that Can Drive you Crazy (Zondervan 1994-1995). The first false assumption that they list is “It’s selfish to have my needs met”. In a […]

Has God Said?

Satan asked the question of Eve to plant a seed of doubt in her mind. But seems to me that the same question, “Has God said?” can be asked to clarify our faith. What if, hypothetically, I were to say to you, “My car has some brake issues that my mechanic says are very dangerous. […]

What’s a Word From the Lord?

Do we agree with those who say, “Every promise in the book is mine?” If so, in what sense do we mean that? Do we read the Bible until something jumps out as being a phrase we want to claim for ourselves? If so how do we keep from claiming to have a Word from […]

20/20 on Who?

Two passages of the Bible that are often used to emphasize the importance of Scripture may be doing something more. Example One: When, after eating no food for 40 days,  Jesus resists Satan’s temptation to turn stones into bread, he quotes Moses as saying “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word […]

To Do or Not to Do

Another combination of statements that could look like a contradiction shows up in the Sermon on the Mount. First Jesus encourages his followers to “let their light shine before others” so that others can see the good that they do (Matt 5:16). But then a few statements later the Teacher begins an extended emphasis in […]

Studies in Contrast

Does the Bible contradict itself? More than a few people have written books or hosted websites to say that they lost their faith after seeing how often the Bible contradicts itself. Some have spent a lot of time compiling lists of apparent discrepancies in both Old and New Testaments. Collections of alleged Bible contradictions are […]

Let There be Light… and Darkness

Have been thinking that one way to understand the Bible is to see the way it tells the story of light and darkness. The first quoted words of the God who brought something out of nothing and order out of chaos are, “Let there be Light.” Then God divided the light from the darkness in […]

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