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The Sufficiency Debate

I appreciate so much all who have weighed in on my “Pastors and Counselors” post. It’s apparent that this is an issue that touches deep nerves of emotional pain and spiritual conviction. Since my last comment, I’ve gone back and found something that I wrote ten years ago. If you are inclined, and have time […]

Bible Translations

In the past, some have reasoned that to have a Bible that is completely reliable, we need more than perfect original manuscripts. Such persons have insisted that divine preservation must extend to every word of our Bibles. They’ve said that if we allow for any error of transmission or translation, the Scriptures cease to be […]

Jerusalem Assignment

Wasn’t able to post something on arrival last night in Jerusalem, but did get a picture of a new section of “the holy city,” at night, out of my hotel window. The 10 hour flight from Newark to Tel Aviv was long but uneventful (except that the plane’s video system wasn’t working :-). Even caught […]

The Center of the Bible

Years ago, I read that there are 31,173 verses in the Bible, and that the median verse, the verse at the absolute center of the Bible, is Psalm 118:8. The same source went on to say that “from the very middle of the Scripture we are reminded that, “It is better to trust in the […]

Bible Ah-Ha! #10

I grew up hearing that one of the strongest reasons for believing in Jesus is that He fulfilled hundreds of predictions in the Jewish Scriptures. Years later I found myself wondering where most of those prophecies were. Sometimes I found clear and compelling predictions. But more often than not, when I checked the sources for […]

Bible Ah-Ha! #9

Over time we all come across ideas that change the way we think about ourselves and one another. For me, one of those thoughts is closely connected with 12 Step programs and the Church that we’ve been thinking about together in my last couple of posts. It’s also one of those perspectives that I think […]

Bible Ah-Ha! #5

Is there one discovery about the Bible that can help us respond to the challenge of dangerous religious groups, encourage the growth of young believers, and throw light on our personal blind sides? Over the years I’ve come to believe that the one insight that speaks to all of these areas is that: All truth […]

Bible Ah-Ha! #4

If I had one chance to give one insight that has helped me better understand the Bible, I think I know what it would be. I would not emphasize that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Nor would I use my one opportunity to emphasize the importance of studying grammar, or the differences […]

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