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The Author’s Characters

In screenwriter Robert McKee’s book, Story, he says that the question of whether plot or character is more important to a story is as old as Aristotle. He went on to say that Aristotle weighed each and concluded that story is primary, character secondary. McKee goes on to explain that this perspective on storytelling held […]

Let There be Light… and Darkness

Have been thinking that one way to understand the Bible is to see the way it tells the story of light and darkness. The first quoted words of the God who brought something out of nothing and order out of chaos are, “Let there be Light.” Then God divided the light from the darkness in […]

And on Earth Peace, Goodwill…

Over the years, the ethnic relatives of Jesus have not been the only ones to ask, “If Yeshua was the Messiah, where is the peace he was supposed to bring? The prophet Isaiah clearly predicted that in the days of the promised King, ‘They will hammer their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning […]

A Christmas Story (3 of 5)

Do you remember how hard it was, as a child, to wait for Christmas? Our parents told us to be good, as if being good as children was possible. Hopes and fears raced through our minds as time slowed to a crawl. Continued from, Freedom to Choose… Children Waiting When the king came looking for […]

A Christmas Story (1 of 5)

All over the world the story is being told. Around a campfire on the African Savannah, under the star filled skies of the Australian Outback, in the storefronts and meeting halls of Asian and American cities, gravely voices rise and fall with emotion, telling the oldest of stories, phrase by phrase, once again… as if […]

Inclusion and Exclusion

Years ago I saw a colorful poster that said: “Jesus of Nazareth requests the pleasure of your company at a dinner to be given in his honor.” The fact that the poster hung in a public place seemed so appropriate. The Jesus of the New Testament offered his friendship to everyone (John 3:16). But it’s […]

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